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Women Raped in Running Train Near Bhopal
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Date : 2006-01-02 16:07:41                      Reader : 357
 Arabnews 23/12/2005
Women Raped in Running Train Near Bhopal
Syed Pervez Bari
BHOPAL – While new Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan was receiving accolades on his home turf for being propelled to the seat of power and the police force was engaged in his security, criminals had the temerity to put to shreds the law and order situation. These criminals not only raped a woman in a running train last night but also threw out three passengers from a compartment of the train .
According to the police, a group of armed men allegedly attacked the Lucknow- bound Pushpak Express coming from Bomby and threw three passengers out of the train before raping a woman near Vidisha, 60 km from Bhopal . Around eight to ten persons armed with knives and sharp- edged weapons who boarded the train in Bhopal , went on a looting spree and beat up passengers in the general compartment when the train approached Vidisha around midnight.
The accused threw the passengers out of the train when they offered resistance , sources said adding that the three- Akhilesh, Ajay and Sanjay – were admitted to a hospital in Jhansi, where their condition was stated to be critical . The gang members also dragged a woman into the toilet and raped her, they said adding that the attackers pulled the chain near Lalitpur station and fled.

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