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German tourists missing in Yemen
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Date : 2005-12-28 18:27:24                      Reader : 350

We were invited to Germany for 22 days visit by Eibert foundation. We enjoyed the visit that was very rich in its information about German Democratic structure, way of life, and deep in history German Civilisation.

We discussed among others tourism to Yemen. We came to know that Germans spend about 40 billion DM per year in tourism. We requested at least 2% of such large some. The answer was Germans like to go to Yemen, but unfortunately each time an act of kidnapping occurs they change their opinion!!

So what will happen today when Germans themselves are kidnapped?!

This question is adressed to Ministers of tourism, of interior, of exterior, and surely PM head of the government!!

CNN.Com 28/12/2005
German tourists missing in Yemen
BERLIN, Germany (AP) -- Five German tourists have gone missing in Yemen, the Foreign Ministry says.
It was unclear when the five, who have been in Yemen since December 24, disappeared, ministry spokesman Martin Jaeger said on Wednesday.
It was also unclear if they had been kidnapped.
The five, who were all members of one family, were traveling as part of an organized trip to Yemen when their vehicle "was delayed," Jaeger said.
The tour operator reported them missing, he said.
"The foreign office is in contact with all the relevant authorities and is trying to find out where this family could be," Jaeger said.
"We will make every effort to bring this family to safety as quickly as possible."
The ministry had set up a crisis unit to try to track the family down, he said.
Tribesmen occasionally kidnap Westerners in Yemen, often to try to force concessions from the government.
The hostages are usually released unharmed, but several were killed in 2000 when security forces carried out a botched raid to free them.

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