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Galloway ousts Oona King : 2005-05-08 12:48:52   Read262
HDA: Galloway was dismissed from Labour Party due to his position against war in Iraq , against following US as a dog , also for independent policy from US. So he gained elections just for his views away from Blair indecent fabricated Iraq WMD!! Also it shows British awakening against Blair ... More
HDA: We also stand firm with the Pope VS. Abortion and Euthanasia. Abortion is only accepted if mother heath and life is threatened . All other cases before spirit is blown in feutous i.e. within four months of age is possible depending on the case and circumstances and the situation , with onekey ... More
'SORRY' BUSH'S BLOC-BUSTER TRIP : 2005-05-08 12:26:31   Read245
HDA: All these celebrations of WWII, what about Germany and Japan? These people are victims of the fashist regimes . Even  who participated in those attrocities are no longer alive, why the blame continues to new generations? But a question for Mr.Bush: Do you think it was right to bombard ... More
Norway 'world leader' in drug related crime : 2005-05-08 12:06:16   Read261
HDA: DRUG is one of the most dangerous phenomina of our time. It needs severe fighting in a peaceful way . But why it spreads in rich countries as well as poor ones? What is the motive behind it ? Has it any relation with lack of sprituality ? Is it  due to despair and lack of confidence in ... More
Suicide bombs claim dozens more in Iraq : 2005-05-08 11:51:25   Read264
HDA :United States Likude hidden agenda , of new cons dictated by Israel started to give fruit. Although US is occuping Iraq with 150000 military forces , it left the country in a pool of blood. This time Iraqi blood alone. This is for creating a civil war between sheeittes and Sunnites. With ... More
Labour MPs urge Blair to quit : 2005-05-08 11:41:22   Read293
HDA :It is not surprising that labour MPs demand Blair to quit as soon as possible. Blair is a lier in the eyes of British people. He brought a thesis of Iraqi student as a proof for WMD in Iraq !! Blair Party lost already sixty seats in parliament .For us: Blair is a partner with Bush for all ... More
Japan to pull troops from Iraq by Dec. 14 : 2005-05-08 10:31:21   Read249
HDA :Thanks a lot to Japan, Italy, and Poland to pull out from Iraq by end of 2005, beginning of 2006. The Iraqi transitional government is formed under American occupation of more than 150000 army forces. So election and elected government are all unacceptable. We think pull out of foreign forces ... More
ANALYSIS / THE UNITED STATES : 2005-05-08 10:11:33   Read1708
H D A:US foreign policy caused a mess in United States . All coming to US, either students, academic delegations , business men . etc… all are under suspension, and badly treated in airports, also difficulty in obtaining entry visa . All lead to degradation in tourism, foreign investment, fall of ... More
UN Urges Action on Afghan Slayings : 2005-05-07 18:47:39   Read268
HDA :Women rape. Women slaying. Women, trafficking. Women slavery . Women Killing. Women beating, Women Unrespected. Etc,… All such acts are shameful for human race, laws must be reinforced. Laws must be developed, laws with new vision to stop such crimes denied by all nations , all civilizations ... More
China, Japan need dialogue : 2005-05-07 18:10:07   Read1460
HDA:What Chinese President said is absolutely right. Dialogue is the best way to resolve the two friendly countries differences. Japan Primer Minister believes the same. Both should put in mind that the new generation in both countries has nothing to do with the past sixty years. The only thing to ... More
Abortion Debate Terminated : 2005-05-07 13:32:11   Read268
HDA: Abortion debate is always open for all, as long as there are men and women. In cases it is acceptable , in others it is rejected. One important authorized case when woman health or life is threatened. Also if irreversible damage to the fetus were detected, before four months of fetus age , or ... More
EU finally gets tough on Turkey : 2005-05-07 12:54:35   Read381
HDA : EU is always tough on Turkey. Endless demands from Turkey, and with fulfifment of each demand; a new one is demanded . The best way is to give Turkey a list of all demands, so that Turkey once and for all fulfils all to be integrated in EU. Turkey must guarantee religious freedom . Turkey must ... More
Danger as the dollar drops : 2005-05-04 18:01:31   Read458
Herald Tribion International April 5,2005 Danger as the dollar drops The recent rally in the U.S. dollar notwithstanding, the greenback has nowhere to go but down. But the Bush administration is betting that foreign investors will continue to invest huge sums in the depreciating currency. ... More
Radical Islamic Group Growing in Asia : 2005-05-03 12:10:59   Read1309
HDA: Muslims with all their rolours, must be respected all over the world as long as they stick to Laws, dialogue, and peaceful ways to communicate with others. This is true for all human beings, all religions, all ideologies. What the people choose in a democratic way must be respected by all ... More
HDA:After sixty years of  Nazi crime, which is denied by all humanity ; Sharon is still practicing it  on Palestine people. Settlers already described Sharon as Hitler Just because he wants them to withdraw from occupied Gaza strip!! Palestineans were forced to leave their native land ... More
A groundbreaking sentence in Spain : 2005-05-03 11:51:45   Read291
HDA: Grimes against humanity continues. Here in Spain, Pinochet crimes in Argeutina were incredible very far from human nature.International Criminal court should act urgently to stop such attrocities in future . Political opponents carried by helocopters to be thrown naked into the occen as fish- ... More
Torture victims’ tales of horror : 2005-05-02 12:18:31   Read315
HDA: Such criminal acts against women and men that take place nearly everywhere , as each state has its Marcos!! WHY? When UN will find a way out to stop such attrocities on the globe? Today Africa, South America ,and Asia, also US why not , you find people suffering in prisons.We think the pope ... More
HDA: Le Pen is the last to gain in France .Right and Left stood firmly against him in Presidential Elections. Today more will stand in favour of EU constitution as Le Pen is in opposite side refusing EU consititution .   The Star (Malysia) 1/5/2005    French celebrate May Day with ... More
French referendum : 2005-05-02 11:58:23   Read242
HDA : We hope all success for referendum. Because EU unity is very important for stability of the globe. EU is the instrument with which tensions as WWI and WWII , will be avoided for ever. Of course EU today is a basic element for equilibrium and reinforcement of United Nations , and world order in ... More
Taiwan president urges China to talk : 2005-05-02 11:52:19   Read240
HDA : Once again Taiwan is a part of China . It can be integrated in the same way as Hong Kong. The opposition to unity is manipnlated by US. So America should learn from Britain, in the field of diplomacy rather than force .   Financial Times (New York) 1/5/2005   Taiwan ... More
The “Dollar” Crisis, and Us : 2005-05-01 17:00:49   Read409
HDA: Prediction of dollar fall , already with 17% inflation, continues. The Euro is well resisting so that world is in its way to adopt it instead of the dollar . Please see the file Euro/ Dollar   The “Dollar” Crisis, and Us By Loren Goldner Incredible as it may sound, ever since the ... More
Rights of POWs According to the Qur'an : 2005-05-01 16:51:33   Read306
HDA:  The world today is in need of how to deal with POWs. United Nations has a very detailed charter for POWs rights. Unfortunately no  country applies them, even those who claim democracy and human rights .    Rights of POWs According to the Qur’an   With recent news ... More
Reading ‘An End to Evil’ : 2005-05-01 16:31:21   Read676
HDA: Again "End to Evil " another aspect , to be added to the file which is considerd as  manifesto of declared WW III. Manifesto of declared WW III micah | January 7, 2004 A world at peace; a world governed by law; a world in which all peoples are free to find their own destinies: That ... More
Annual graduation debauchery looms : 2005-05-01 16:12:13   Read214
HDA: We realy need to live with our differencies . What Norway consider as celebration for teens from thirteen to nineteen years old, boys and girls together to have more than ten days of free life including free sex, and going nacked in the streets!! Our civilisation can not accept or even ... More
Chalabi on cabinet endorsed by Iraqi MPs : 2005-05-01 15:51:43   Read285
HDA: After three months of election under American occupation, US dictated its policy by imposing chalabi, for oil ministry !! Seven seats still vaccant , US is looking for sunnite who will approve occupation as a condition for the seat . Chalabi will guaratee, the oil quantity US wants, with the ... More
Official Norwegian visit to North Korea : 2005-05-01 12:52:44   Read236
HDA: Norway can play a positive role in North Korea -America tension. But all depends on US. Does US  prefere dialogue or force? Does US insist to calssify North Korea as axe of evil ? Is American Adminstration sincere in disarmament to free whole world from WMD? Finaly will US ... More
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