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HDA: The question is not how you build it ? rather than how to protect it ? The whole world is surprised by the way WTC was collapsed. Here in this vedio you feel, other factors  helped in its complete fall, not only the aeroplanes. When you see American movie in 1994, two American officers ... More
HDA: Pardon of Newsweek is accepted, Pardon of US administration will be accepted . But Assisstant Secretary of Defense Lawrence Di Rita is impolite and rude . His claim is absolutely nonsense that the detainees themslves may have been tearing out pages for some unknown reason. What we see of ... More
US rejects German bid for UNSC seat: report : 2005-05-21 13:34:39   Read261
HDA: Why US is against German permanent seat in Security Council ?  Is it because Germany position is different  form US particularly in Iraq ? We think it is a reason for Germany to have the seat, Why ? Because we want all aspects,all points of view , with world  panorama of ... More
NEW BID TO FREE SPY : 2005-05-21 12:55:06   Read218
HDA: Why should Israel spy on United States ? Is Pollard the only one? What about those captured by security the day of 9/11 with their cameras, money , and arms? Should US spy on Israel to counter act their actions against US? Does US deserve as reward  Israel spies, although more tham Two ... More
Harman gets six months in Abu Ghraib scandal : 2005-05-21 08:44:59   Read241
HDA: Again another woman victim of Iraq attrocities . She is the third to be  accused !! That is severe discrimination against women . Ramesfeld , in the top, those generals, on second row, all are well informad about AbuGhareb altrocities. They approved all . Ramesfeld deelared in front ... More
Senate OKs tougher rules on abortions : 2005-05-21 08:35:55   Read268
HDA: We appreciate US states that  adopted laws against abortion for human sake. The question is why abortion? Is the mother have risk to die ? This is the only case allowed for abortion ? Another may be forced rape on condition that abortion takes place so early within 120 days . As to ... More
The 'Lebanonization' of Iraq : 2005-05-19 19:02:50   Read231
HDA: Not only  Shiite and Kurds suffered under Saddam, but also Sunnite . Bush and Blair said the main reason behind invading Iraq was"WMD" .They did not find, so the new reason was Saddam Dictatorship !! How can Sunnite be happy with a dictator!! Sunnite were deprived from all like ... More
Sweden donates more than the US : 2005-05-19 16:51:07   Read363
HDA:  Who believes that Sweden donation is more than twice US amount . First  we express gratitude and deep thanks to such generous  counrty . They gave from  their money  tax to Asians on human bases . United States has the media , that  gives you the feeling US is ... More
Iraq remains unstable : 2005-05-18 18:34:53   Read225
HDA: As Danish predict Iraq unstable situation will continue for years!! Why  foreign troops stay in Iraq then? Why Danish are among the first troops with America? The question for Danish Friends , why US invaded Iraq? Is it becaues of WMD? Nothing was there.  The most ... More
HDA: Every day a new puzzle appears in 9/11 criminal act events . Here a widow confirms preknowledge of US administration , and they let it to happen so as to carry out  their master plan (PNAC) as well as " End to Evil " their  manifesto for WWIII. We ask here one simple question: where ... More
HDA: We support fully the draft resolution presented to UN security council to be 25 members instead of fifteen , with four permanent seats for the mentioned above . The only problem is China opposing Japan that can be settled through friendly dialogue between the two countries . We beg China to be ... More
86 : 2005-05-18 16:25:05   Read208
HDA: East Germany-West Germany, South Yemen-North Yemen, South Vietnam-NorthVietnam, etc. They lived bloody historical life. But after unity they become quite, solid, fraternel ,developed,living in peace with love. Why Korea North and South are still devided? The main reason is the existance ... More
Native Women Murdered in Guatemala : 2005-05-18 13:35:18   Read379
HDA: Women  again unprotected, this time in Guatemala! One thousand three hundred  in three years, why? Where are International , regional institutions, and NGO's defending women  rights ? Now  they are killed  without any reason, just  because they are  ... More
Pictures of Destruction and Civilian Victims : 2005-05-18 11:01:55   Read923
HDA: When you see Mr. Robert Fisk correspondent of Newsweek photo galary, you will be fully convinced why Iraq resistance continues and become  more violent, away from in surgents deeds. Resistance is the best and right way according to UN charter against occupation . Houston Chronicle (United ... More
Who is violating religious freedom? : 2005-05-18 09:59:02   Read252
HDA: US always talkes about human rights. US talkes always about religious freedom in Arab World . US  always issue annual report about human rights . But when we see what is happening in Guatenamo ,  and what happens in Abu Ghareeb, we do not feel surprised to this article ... More
HDA: A new look at insurgents in Iraq . Who is behind them ?  As for as we know  , one of the hidden agenda of US in Iraq is to break it down into cantoons by creating civil war among Iraqi people . Readers should judge the following article. The Provocateur State: Is the CIA Behind the ... More
Same-sex marriage ban stalled in Senate : 2005-05-17 12:44:44   Read242
HDA: We appreciate US states that go up to more than fifteen states to ban same sex marriage.  It is against nature. We should take animals as model, being without  brain, but wiser than homosexuels. Houston Chronicle (US) 16/5/2005 Same-sex marriage ban stalled in ... More
China demands broad consensus in UN reform : 2005-05-17 12:06:07   Read242
HDA: We request China to support Kofi Annan proposed program for reform of United Nation. We think it is essential so as to acheive stability and equilibrium on the globe. US is opposing any reforms in United Nations,  although it criticises UN for not performing in the proper way. Of course ... More
Africa Calls for Debts’ Cancellation : 2005-05-17 11:20:13   Read280
HDA: With two billion people under poverty of less than one dollar to two per day . With fifty million people dying every year. With most dying in Africa , G 8, WB, IMF must come to an agreement to settle once and for all , the debts of Africa. Rich countries already profited from colonization plus ... More
Holy mess: US mag blames Imran : 2005-05-16 16:38:56   Read262
 HDA:Since Newsweek published the news on 9/5 edition confirming that US interrogators at Guantanmo Prison placed the Quran on toilet and even flushed one !! Such criminal acts of illetrate, ignorant , US invetigators in prisons, are the worst of American people. If we put in ... More
HDA: Rice is very happy  today . New cons are more happy. Bush does not know what to do . The hidden  agenda in Iraq namely Israel security , oil, dividing Iraq into cantoons. Not only that but also civil war to be created through out Iraq based on factions, religious, regional ... More
New horrors of Web fiend : 2005-05-16 11:29:46   Read333
HDA: Women again. Such a story for web site  implies action towards web sites of insulting women, to abuse them by force for sake of money .Human beings are the most valuable on earth. Why today human beings are treated as commodities? Women in particular? Such a man should be tortured in the ... More
U.S. Is Warning North Koreans on Nuclear Test : 2005-05-16 10:51:29   Read234
HDA: Annan is warning US about Iran . US is warning North Korea.North Korea is warning Japan . Japan is warning China. China is warning Taiwan , etc....... Where the world is going to ? Since Bush and Blair attacked Afghanistan and Iraq without United Nations Approval, the world is now underfire. ... More
Bad girls : 2005-05-16 10:25:45   Read429
HDA: Another sign of USA down fall : family destruction. One thousand nine hundred girls between seven and fifteen became bad girls in 2002 only. How many are they today ? All feel unsecured , need to have an arm to protect themselves, where Bush is taking American people? To hell as instructed by ... More
Canada-U.S. goodwill slipping: poll : 2005-05-16 09:04:12   Read262
HDA: The Canadians are US neighbours. They know better than any other country about US. The poll revealed only 53% of Canadians consider US as closest friend and ally , down from 60% in 2002. But the Canadians are not alone . All over the world credibility of US is going down except British ... More
South American, Arab leaders end summit : 2005-05-16 08:58:56   Read267
HDA: It is enough for 12 South American Leaders with 22 Arab Leaders to urge Israel to abandon Palestinian territory away from US vito . Also enough to insist that free trade must benefit the world’s poor away from “ITO” International Trade Organisation so as to press hard on this issue ... More
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