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War Against Iraq

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H.D.A: A slam on the face of Mr.Bush . South Korea is an independent State. Bush has no right to dictate his policy on S.Korea. When half million demonstrate against Bush in South Korea, it gives a hint to government to adopt an independent policy from US. We appreciate highly Cabinet dicession to ... More
Prominent Jordanian tribe disavows Zarqawi : 2005-11-21 16:28:01   Read360
H.D.A: Zargawi since long time should be denounced; not for Jordanian criminal acts only but for all bombing in Iraq attacking civilians. We always demand why Jordan released him twice from prison?! Zargawi today in Iraq works in harmony with US to creat civil war in Iraq. It is fatwa to kill ... More
US House votes down troop withdrawal : 2005-11-19 16:34:34   Read274
H.D.A: Voting by 403 against only three votes to reject withdrawal of 160000 troops in Iraq, shows clearly that Republicans are realy challenging the American people who voted for them. They are challenging International Institutions. They are challenging International agreements and conventions. ... More
H.D.A: John Murtha's bill demanding an immediate withdrawal of US troops there, is not only Democrats point of view. The American people are fed up of this war that reminded them of Vietnam. When polls show that only 37% are with Bush, Bush must listen and obey his people. Iraq War is not an ... More
Cheney Scolds War Critics as 'Dishonest' : 2005-11-17 16:19:58   Read270
H.D.A: Cheney is a big lier. He is the miestro of new cons in the White House. He even manipulates the President George Bush. Cheney is one of mastermind personalities who planned Iraqi war. Wolvotz, Ramesfeld, Perl , Forum, Faith, and the rest of the gang engaged US in a war with falsified ... More
Bubba blasts war : 2005-11-17 15:43:56   Read244
H.D.A: Now Clinton ex US President declared that Iraq war is a big mistake. Although new cons recycled his declarations of 1998, Clinton finds today situation is different. New Cons expected Iraq people to throw flowers under feet of US troops the day they invaded Iraq!! New Cons thought that ... More
U.S. Businessman Charged in Iraq Scheme : 2005-11-17 13:21:28   Read327
HDA :  Bush administration confesses now of corruption through his forces in millions of dollars. But the problem with new cons they announce about one businessman only, the same as troops victims always one or two killed per day but tens and hundreds of resistance and Iraqi ... More
HDA : Democracy on the American Way !! Colonization with 153000 troops, with civil war planned by CIA and Mossad . More over a clandestine Baghdad prison with Sunnis under torture by Shiites was discovered !! That is Mossad – CIA plan to deepen hate among Iraqis to push them for ... More
HDA : After US abuse of detainees, now comes the role of Iraqi Government . Prime Minister himself Ibrahim Jaafari said there are 173 Iraqi detainees who are badly fed and tortured in Ministry of Interior prisons !! US forces found also 167 Sunnis detainees underground without any charges ... More
HDA : Now US at least have one Iraqi instead of Zarquawi to be the architect of the insurgency (resistance). That is Ibrahim al- Duri !! But we demend here : Does US believe that by capturing al - Duri or Zarquawi the resistance in Iraq will stop ?! US does not feel the sin of colonizing Iraq ... More
HDA : Bush insists to deny that he misled American people about Iraq war !! "The truth is that investigations of the intelligence on Iraq have concluded that only one person manipulated evidence and misled the world- and that person was Saddam Hussein".   ... More
H.D.A: The right decision but late and even too late, as British and US spoiled Iraq from dictatorship to colonization!! As if Iraqi people are still minors who need to take care of!!   We hope US will follow Britain at least once!! “There is not one Iraqi that wants the troops (to) remain ... More
H.D.A: US is not serious about Iraq stability, freedom, and democracy. US lead today by new cons press hard according to their plans to devide Iraq and creat civil war. New Cons already said it clearly that they will continue their military bases construction in Iraq, and use them against ... More
H.D.A: A very strange President!! He insists that invading troops of Iraq should stay for freedom and democracy of Iraq!! It seems that Iraq President has no ground among his people. US brought him as Carzaiy of Afghanistan, and he can not continue without their presence. He follows US demands. US ... More
Rice on surprise visit to Iraq : 2005-11-12 13:15:47   Read251
HDA : Rice praised the commitment of Iraqis to build their democratic future !!  Realy American way of implimenting democracy is unique in today free world. Invasion, occupation, building military bases, killing of hundred thousand civilians, degraded servcies and lak of water and electricity ... More
Embattled Bush defends case for Iraq war : 2005-11-12 13:06:10   Read257
HDA : Claiming that Bush manipulated the intelligence and mislead the American people to go to war is today what all nations all over the world say. ... More
Suicide bombers kill 37 in Iraq : 2005-11-12 12:37:09   Read250
HDA: US is the most to be blamed. Either to guarantee peace and security , or US should leave Iraq immediately . US is occupying Iraq officially that means everything happening there is uder US responsibility. –Till when Iraqis will die ?! till when Iraqs will suffer from degraded ... More
Top Bush aide defends Iraq intelligence : 2005-11-11 08:23:56   Read249
HDA : A new con named Stephen Hadley national security advisor for Mr. Bush defends intelligence about weapons of mass destruction of Iraq. Such advisor wants to fool the whole world forgetting the proverb: you lie once, people will beleive, you lie twice, some will believe, you lie thrice you ... More
Five U.S. soldiers charged with abuse : 2005-11-08 04:09:18   Read258
H.D.A: Again US is trying to manipulate public opinion in US and the World. Just five soldiers who abused Iraqi detainees!! Just by beating them!! First Remark: Soldiers are always under orders of their officers, so the high rank officers must be charged. Second Remark: Who said that abuse is ... More
H.D.A: Since Feb.2002, Bush was telling lies about Iraq- Qaeda ties, and He knows about it. New Cons also know all, not only that but they invented the senario: WMD, Iraq- Alqaeda ties- Uranium from Niger- all to cheat and decieve American people to carry out their own agenda to invade Iraq. Bush ... More
H.D.A: Such operation of Steel Curtain is not the last. It will continue in another name tomorrow. As long as Occupation forces stay there, as long as Military bases are under construction, as long as hidden agenda that were concieved in Israel, as long as Mossad continues killing Iraqi Scientists, ... More
H.D.A: We agree fully with ex- Ambassador that Iraq war fuelled terror. It is normal that extremism leads to extremism. US was proud of bombarding Iraq and before Afghanistan with all types of new developed arms. In fact Afghanistan and Iraq were laboratories of experience for all US new arms ... More
H.D.A: It is more than clear that Bush and New Cons mislead the Congress and American people about real motives of Iraqi War. Dick Cheney must resign and judged in court, not his office manager. Because anything done by the office manager was with full knowledge of Mr. Cheney . Iraq War is a trap ... More
25 killed as bomb rips through Iraqi market : 2005-10-30 12:28:59   Read276
H.D.A: Such criminal act in a shiite village carried by extrmist Sunni to spark sectarian war!! is the daily disc played by the Americans. If we go back to hidden agenda that were concieved in Israel, in addition to US plan since 1992 by dividing Iraq into three sectarian regions defined by Latitude ... More
H.D.A: Again democracy in US is fading out. A police state is in power of New Cons who work against US interests. The Mother of slain soldier in Iraq is in jail! Why ? Because she did not take permission for demonstration against Bush policy in Iraq!! The same as law in Yemen Republic, no ... More
H.D.A: Nothing is legal in all steps taken after invasion. America is fooling Arabs of claimed democracy. The same fooling for an Independent Palestinean State. The reason is clear to us, since New Cons are taking full control of US foreign policy. It is very sad and shocking that only American ... More
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