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H.D.A: Liberal Democratic Party in a poll want their leader Charles Kennedy to step down following his admission of Alcoholism . 65% wanted a new leader, with only 27% want Kennedy to stay. ... More
Oil prices jump on supply concerns : 2006-01-07 19:21:05   Read227
H.D.A: Crude oil will continue rising due to US policy. US is occupying a major OPEC source Iraq. US is threatening another source Iran. US is teasing and provokating a third oil source Saudi Arabia. US is carrying out a war in Middle East under pretext of terrorism. ... More
HDA : The German theatre company draws attention to one of handicaps of modern world. We all talk about freedom and human rights particularly of Women and children . But unfortunately such brothels welcomes victims from all over the world who are forced to work in such brothels, for food need . ... More
HDA : Authorities should take firm measures against old as well as new buildings in Mecca, particularly high towers to guarantee safely and well construction specifications . It seems that owners take care of outside appearance , neglecting safety conditions inside their buildings . ... More
HDA : A new scandal that concerns a Republican in a multi-million dollar fraud that will lift the lid from one of the most explosive Washington scandals in decades. So what Mr.Bush thinks ? and how he will face the scandal ? ... More
H.D.A: US –India agreement for civil unclear cooperation, has the objective to isolate India from its Asian environment. Such agreement was far better to be with Asians and Pakistan in particular. ... More
H.D.A: The proverb saying: no smoke without fire applies strongly here. Why former interior minister Ghazi Kannan, for 20 years Syria’s intelligence chief in Lebanon, committed suicide? Why Khaddam announced the reasons for his resignation in June and his break with the regime?! ... More
H.D.A: We wish all success for Austeria to revive Europe main themes namely: Constitution, enlargement, and budget. We believe that referendum of constitution is a little bit early. EU should go together without constitution till all members feel the objectivity and advantages of this unity in a way ... More
H.D.A: Russia is changing. Russia is going slowly but firmly towards democracy and human rights. It is not easy to change a system of 70 years of firm maxism to open free democratic process. But also Russia is not America. Russia is not the West. Russia will go on its way keeping its heritage and ... More
Four U.S. Marines Charged in Philippines : 2005-12-27 18:32:03   Read263
H.D.A: U.S. marines are raping everywhere. In peace and war. In Iraq they raped detainees women and men. In Philippines under contract of training peacefully, they raped women!! What is funny here is that one raped a woman by force while his fellow marines cheered him on to the beat of loud music!! ... More
Division of Korea : 2005-12-27 18:07:54   Read245
H.D.A: In this same day of 1945, Korea was devided into North and South after WWII. Also Germany until late in the nineties. But why Germany is united and Korea not?! If Koreans are free to decide we are sure that they will be united. Yemen Republic is an example that was devided into North and ... More
H.D.A: Record no. of 4809 children admitted to accident and emergency units for the effects of drinking alcohol in 2004-2005 with arise of 15% since Tony Blair came to power in 1997!! Also adults admitted to hospital for drink - related conditions,up 30%from 35470 in 96/97 to 46299 in ... More
H.D.A: In World of fierce wild globalism,people need to organize themselves in groups of big alliance so as to face crises together, and their voice will be listened. OPEC and Russia must cooperate to organise themselves as they have common targets concerning oil marketing. Also to discuss ... More
HDA : Great China today is playing a key role in World Peace. Efforts made to gather both Asian countries : Japan and NKorea to settle in a friendly peaceful way their differences, is a miracle. We hope that NKorea will do more effort for abduction to pave the way for normalizing relations between ... More
HDA : We appreciate Latin Patriach Michel Sabbah saying: God created you not to fear or to kill each other but to love each other, to build and to cooperate together !! Also Pope Benedict XVI saying : The holy land was thirsting for peace and urged political leaders to create life rather ... More
Uzbekistan Urged to Honor Judicial Rules : 2005-12-24 11:16:56   Read231
HDA : UN top human rights officials called on Friday Uzbek government to respect international judicial standards, citing reports that more defendants had been sent to prison in connection with a May uprising in the country . Irregularities, inadequate defanse and lack of of evidence in the ... More
Blair to be knighted by Queen after he quits : 2005-12-22 10:38:06   Read477
HDA : We protest vigorously that Blair be awarded. How the Queen will give Garter knighthood ?! Blair deceived British people about motives of Iraq invasion claiming that Iraq possess WMD ! Blair took a master degree theses of an Iraqi student as a proof of Iraq WMD !! Blair after two years of ... More
H.D.A: If Rumsfeld doubts Osama control, we doubt war on terrorism!! How can Iraq invasion be interpretted as war on terrorism?! How Human Rights Geneva Conventions being violated under pretext war on terror? How Iran is looked at as axe of evil and Israel a State of peace? Who have WMD Israel or ... More
Hundreds gather for Williams' funeral : 2005-12-21 12:33:52   Read354
HDA : Again another American killed by injection. The reason is that he killed intentionally 7-Eleven clerk and three motel owners. Although he terminated his life by writing good things and regretted his past,the only way to save him as per our constitution is that the relatives of victims announce ... More
H.D.A: Just 200 million already paid. The fund will be operative by March. How can such limited fund face desistors only of past year where hundreds of thousands were killed and millions were left homeless?! How can such limited fund face world wide famine that causes 50 million deaths every year ... More
H.D.A: Most of our European friends can not be shocked that this kind of thing takes place!! Powell said. Rice also said rendition was a decades. old instrument used by the United States when local governments could not detain or prosecute a suspect, and traditional extradition was not an option. In ... More
HDA : Although a powerful political statement by the congress forbidding "cruel , inhuman or degrading " treatment of detainees , there is no guarantee torture won’t be used !! Bush agreed and dropped his opposition to ban , meanwhile Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said : we simply want to ... More
HDA : 70 people sent to hospital for treatment, 900 people had been detained !! In fact demonstrators against WTO meetings and anti-globalism are increasing in number , why ?! Underdeveloped and poor countries find them selves deprived from all . Their agriculture proudest are highly restricted ... More
HDA : Orhan Ponuk 53, denigrating , the Turkish national identity in remark, published in a Swiss Magazine concerning the American massacres during WWI . Is not the only one who claims that 1.5 million of their kinsmen died in a genocide orchestrated by OHoman Empire between 1915 and 1917, in the ... More
HDA :   It is not polite at all for Eritrea to expel UN team. It is advisable to negotiate with UN about demarcation problems as per agreement signed by both sides. After 80000 lives lost in war of 1998-2000, it is enough for both sides to follow diplomatic negotiations. Force will ... More
H.D.A: New Cons pushed US to invade Iraq. Now through conservative Hudson Institute wants to push US against China. Why such evil studies in US? They never accept any country to achieve progress better than US?! Is it a guilt for China to realize development triple that of US?! Is it a mistake for ... More
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