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Bush Warns Syria, Iran : 2005-10-09 13:47:08   Read236
H.D.A: Bush is shallow minded man. Bush believes that no loody exists on Earth except him and Alqueda. In fact as British Amhassador said in Rome that Bush is the most propagandist for Alqueda!! Bush is neglecting more than Milliar Muslims on the globe. Bush is neglecting United Nations. Bush is ... More
H.D.A: A set back for Bush and New Cons. A step forward by Senate for human rights reinforcement in US. In fact New Cons are fond of those theoritions of torture and abuse. New Cons are gathering together in power all pro zionists and Nazists as well to burry once and for all US of liberty and human ... More
Bush : Americans with me on Iraq : 2005-10-03 17:09:52   Read259
H.D.A:1- Why Bush does not understand that Iraqi people are against occupation?2- Why Bush has no confidence in United Nations to take place instead of occupying forces?3- Why Bush always mixes between resistance and terrorism?4- Why Bush does not admit that Iraq war is for Israel?5- Why Bush ... More
Bush : No WMD, but Iraq war worth the fight : 2005-10-03 16:20:18   Read259
H.D.A:· Mr. Bush felt like the journalist, he would find WMD in Iraq!! That means he invaded Iraq just based on his feelings !!· Bush says UN thought Iraq had weapons also !!,Why Bush did not give enough time to UN missision in Iraq for WMD inspection?Why Bush gave only 60 days for UN meanwhile US ... More
WHY CHARLES AVOIDS AMERICA : 2005-10-03 15:37:10   Read241
WHY CHARLES AVOIDS AMERICA By : Ewen MacAskill The Guardian LONDON   PRINCE CHARLES. Who welcomed George Bush to Britain Wednesday night, has not been to the US for the last six years on the advice of the British Foreign Office. According to source familiar with the negotiations . It ... More
Too Many Smoking Guns to Ignore : 2005-09-26 08:45:28   Read366
H.D.A: Bill and Kathleen Christison confirm here that new cons in part of their intention in promoting war against Iraq is to guarantee Israel security!! Of course on the expense of American lifes and billions of tax payers. Those who oppose Iraq war are anti- Semite . More over opposers will trot ... More
HDA : Bush nomination of CHERTOFF as second secretary of the Department of home security!! Qualifications: Israeli Roots. ... More
The Neoconservative Plan : 2005-09-22 12:25:47   Read305
 The Neoconservative Plan Sources:The Sunday HeraldSeptember 15, 2002Title: "Bush Planned Iraq 'regime change' before becoming President"Author: Neil MackayHarper's MagazineOctober 2002Title: "Dick Cheney's Song of America"Author: David Armstrong ... More
59 American Ex-Diplomats Oppose Bolton : 2005-09-21 17:18:58   Read249
HDA: Botton is against United  Nations,unless it follows American Interests !! Here 59 diplomats protest against his nomination without positive response. Mr.Bush nominations are dictated by newcons who have priority US policy for Israel !! J.F.Kennedy was assassinated, because among other ... More
Cheney Defends Bush Appointments : 2005-09-20 18:27:33   Read349
HDA: The reader here will easily find who guide who ? The US president is vice president in reality. Cheney here shows Mr.Bush the guidelines to go forward with newcons agendas even against US interests!! ... More
America's Real Religion The Book Now Online : 2005-09-20 18:21:07   Read361
Viewed best with NETSCAPE 3.0 or higherAmerica's Real Religion The Book Now OnlinePlease See Announcement Below and Essaysby Gene GarmanAll rights reserved.Copyright © 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003Gene Garman Reuben Weatherford, attorney, Kansas City, Missouri: "An excellent ... More
Cheney Backs End of Filibustering : 2005-09-19 12:43:26   Read251
HDA: It was not enough for Cheney to manipulate the President with the help of newcons. He went too far to change Senate rules to block Democrats. What the American people will do ? To stay calm until the collapse of USA? We hope not. ... More
Vatican anti-prostitution drive : 2005-06-26 12:57:38   Read296
HDA : The world needs from timeto time such declarations from the Pope toreminal them of life cause and purpose. We are here to worship God for happiness here and after death where real life starts there eternaly meanwhile this life is temporary like somebody living with visa residence for some ... More
HDA: Again false alert for white house and US Capitol ! a small aeroplane entered airspace by mistake . When will security service carry out its job away from false alerts ? Their budget is now doubled, their means are sophisticated , then for what reason, they frighten the higher authorities ? Is ... More
HDA: The language of force is not acceptable from US. Classification of states as axe of evil , is not acceptable either.Dialogue is the best . As to Security Council , it needs first to be reformed according to Anan Initiative with UN as a whole . If US is sincere for WMD disarmament , It ... More
HDA: It is very funny to find the strongest, well armed , more advanced technologicaly , with largest security services that cost more than thirty Billion dollars / year, still their president and vice president are subjected to rumors and false warnings. More surprising 9/11 criminal act, that ... More

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