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Spain Puts Al Qaeda Suspects on Trial : 2005-09-19 12:22:55   Read284
HDA: Thanks to Spanish Judicial Power. Thanks again for announcement publicly for trial. Thanks again for transparency of procedures of Spanish Court. We appreciate such trial to know are they realy accused or innocent, such suspected Queda fefllows. All will be known of those suspected Muslim ... More
SEARCH ON FOR FERRY BOMBERS : 2005-09-05 11:06:21   Read331
H.D.A: In fact killing civilians is not allowed in Islam . Even if the enemy does. Islamic Principles of human rights even in war must be respected. We deny firmly targetting civilians regardless to their race or religion. But both sides should respect civil life. In Manila we came to know that ... More
Osama Probably Nowhere Near London Attacks : 2005-07-13 16:57:48   Read320
HDA : We already expressed our grief condolences to families of victims. But irrespective of who is behind it, should be punished. We believe such criminal acts are due to wrong way of thinking . Something has relation with the mind. That is why Yemen prefered dialogue to change the minds of those ... More
HDA: If the boy was a Muslim , the media will give the story another dimension. But the question is from where the boy got the gun? Daily News April 29, 2005 (NORWAY) 15-year-old boy arrested in fatal Sunset Park shooting A 15-year-old Brooklyn boy was arrested early Friday in the fatal shooting ... More

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