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Garbage gourmets on the streets of New York : 2006-01-28 19:47:24   Read231
H.D.A: Who believes that Americans will eat from garbage? What is surprising is that it happens in main second city of U.S. that is New York , outside a Manhattan supermarket. What a paradox? The richest country have some people who eat from garbage and perhaps sleep in the streets. ... More
H.D.A: Bill Gates today gives the best example of generosity, and donation. He spends millions and billions to fight illness and save humanity. No one can compete with him in Charity and Human support . Realy we want new generations to know about his career, his job, and above all his illimited ... More
H.D.A: We support fully Pope Benedict XVI fight for social justice. It is impossible to find North very rich with South very poor. Impossible  to find fifty millions diying every year due to hunger and illness!! It is impossible to find 2 billion people with less 1-2 dollar per day with ... More
H.D.A: A new scandal of Mr. Bush administration . All American people know that Bush was very slow to act against Katrina, simply because majority there are  black  in New Orleans. The Republic Party was basicly formed for White Americans only. ... More
H.D.A: China today is one of the best countries for investment. China achieved the heighest rate of growth all over the world. China is a peaceful country that looks to reinforce economic relations with the world without exception. Investors should look seriously for verse vers a invistment ... More
World Social Forum Begins in Venezuela : 2006-01-25 18:44:29   Read254
H.D.A: Deep thanks to Venezuela. Deep thanks to President Hugo Chavez. Deep thanks to activists marching through Capital streets against war in Iraq!! We realy express our gratitude to all 80000 participants in this forum in Venezuela. We appreciate Candido Gil, a 57 year-old member of Brazil's ... More
Pope to publish first encyclical : 2006-01-25 17:42:38   Read240
H.D.A: We welcome warmly Pope Benedict XVI first encyclical that will dwell on selfless love and eroticism. We also like that the Church publish once again the 14 encyclicals of Pope John Paul II. If the Roman Catholic are 1.2 billions all over the world, we the Muslims another 1.2 billions agree ... More
H.D.A: Closing 14 plants in North America, and firing 25000 to 30000 out of their jobs, is a clear mark that US is declining in its economy . Ford took this decision to staunch crippling losses in its  auto operations. The problem for US is that foreign debt of 3 trillion dollars + about 500 ... More
H.D.A: Before Pentagon new review of US defense strategy to add thousands of troops skilled in fighting terrorists and insurgents; Pentagon should review terrorism itself. US is making a big mistake by mixing terrorism with resistance. US is mixing State terror with self defense. ... More
Japan crime case challenges ties : 2006-01-23 15:36:21   Read357
H.D.A: It seems that Sharon, the small god of Bush who declared in 1956 that Palestinian Women are slaves of Israel, and they do what ever they want with those slaves; was well understood by Bush to treat women as slaves for U.S. troops in Japan, Iraq, Korea, Vietnam, and else where even Latine ... More
Sex, Please—We're Young and Chinese : 2006-01-22 17:42:42   Read320
H.D.A: " I express freedom through sex" says Lili, unapologetically. " It is my life, and  I can do what I want". So freedom is the bedroom  a novel concept in China! Today in China 70% of Beijing residents sat they had sex before marriage . 50000 fond of adult toys!! 70% are ... More
Millions Sought in HIV Infections Case : 2006-01-22 17:13:14   Read281
H.D.A: In fact  infecting hundreds of children intentionally in Lybia, penalty should be death for those involved , including the Palestinian doctor and the five Bulgarian nurses. So 12 Million U$D in compensation of each chid is not much.USdemanded 100 million dollars per person in ... More
Explosions Hit Gas Pipelines in Russia : 2006-01-22 16:10:27   Read251
H.D.A: We condem vigorously such criminal acts, even if Chechnya's separatist rebels are behind it. But at the same time we demand always why Russia gave Lituania, Ladvia, and Stonia independence, meanwhile Chechan was not given even autonome governance?! Is it because the three are mainly ... More
Italian Minister: World Must Confront Iran : 2006-01-21 17:02:34   Read256
H.D.A: Italy foreign Minister Gianfranco Fini said: Iran nuclear program is testing the resolve of the International Community and the world needs a unified approach to the escalating diplomatic standoff. The International Community must have a defined, very precise, very united strategy!! ... More
Md. Judge Strikes Down Gay-Marriage Ban : 2006-01-21 16:48:08   Read352
H.D.A: What a Judge and What Justice?!! Simply one Judge a man of moods, strikes down within a miniute a 33 year- old state law against gay marriage Friday, declaring it violates the Maryland Constitution's guarantee of equal rights. We feel pity for U.S. It is terrifying such rapid decline in ... More
Rebel with a cause in Saudi : 2006-01-20 19:59:38   Read348
HDA : Such aspect of Western civilization is a negative one . Jeans, boots , leather vests , and bandanas is not the model we want from the West . The poor guy studied in French Catholic school in Lebanon, ... More
HDA : Even in developed countries , corruption is there. Even U.N. still you find corruption . Then where to go ? In U.S. when Visited Washington D.C. as Minister of Trade in 1994, ... More
HDA : Why democratic election process in Africa and Arab States lead to protesting and violence ? We feel that is due to lack of institutions and seperation of powers, also Judicial power is very far from being independent . ... More
Vatican Paper Hits 'Intelligent Design' : 2006-01-19 17:25:14   Read232
HDA : We deny vigorously that Darwinism is a scientific theory . Simply because people do not agree upon it. We are in favor of creation principle as communists are for Darwinism !! Also secular people are in favor of Darwinism. ... More
Oregon assisted suicide law upheld : 2006-01-18 18:13:32   Read260
H.D.A: Just on the contrary this time we are with Mr.Bush . Suicide in fact is prohibited by law under any circumstances. It is strictly forbidden. Basicly human beings should face their destiny by patience, work, and optimism, simply beacuse no body knows about the future. Oneday in a hospital ... More
33 child porn suspects arrested in Spain : 2006-01-18 18:04:46   Read342
H.D.A: Teachers, businessmen,bankers, sports monitors of children, a doctor, and a priest. All are involved in child porno!!Those criminels are easy to follow through internet,if you contact them as a client. Interpole should follow those gangs so dangerous for societies and  children in ... More
H.D.A: In fact we appreciate highly independent policy of Russia and China. It is normal that each country follows its interests. If US interest is in Israel; Russia, China, EU, interests are in equilebrium with Muslim World. Bush has no mind at all when he favors Israel on the expense ... More
California Executes Oldest Inmate : 2006-01-17 17:31:28   Read364
H.D.A: After 23 years in prison, after being 76 year old,being blind, diabetic and wheelchair bound man was executed today in California!! What cruelity new cons have? Where are human rights? How can such a man comitte a crime of killing three people?! Why was he left in prison since 1982?! ... More
H.D.A: Who is more civilised Iran or the West?! CNN is allowed in Iran to work freely with their channel. Meanwhile ALMANAR is not allowed in US and EU!! That is freedom of media and press. US have multichannels telling lies eveyday, promoting zionist extremist ideas, but for the West it is freedom ... More
Castro hails China trade and slams US embargo : 2006-01-16 18:12:43   Read238
H.D.A: What a shame for US! A four decade trade embargo against Cuba!! In spite of too many resolutions of General Assambly of United Nations calling US to lift embargo against Cuba, US refused. Castro today is a symbol of carriageous poor small country resisting for more than forty years, ... More
Suspects in homeless beatings surrender : 2006-01-16 16:17:47   Read245
H.D.A: It is a very dangerous phenomina. That teens attack old people without reason and beat them until death . This sadism needs attentive study. How teens in democratic society favor violence?! No doubt that family protection needs more care from Mr.Bush! Teens became violent perhaps due to Bush ... More
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