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H.D.A: We appreciate highly US district Judge James Robertson resignation. After 11 years in Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, he resigned over Bush's domestic spying authorization.   In fact new cons went too far to make US a police state. They not only violated US constitution. But ... More
Bush: Secret wiretaps won't stop : 2005-12-21 17:27:33   Read1390
HDA : Bush is Nazi against human rights. He tortured detainees in Abu Ghraib as well as Guantanamo , but he refuses to admit . Rumesfeld confessed , but Bush no . Cheney the mastermind of new cons devies all, although they refuse to allow UN delegation to visit prisoners in Guantanamo. Iraq scandal ... More
Cheney May Be Tiebreaker on Budget Cuts : 2005-12-20 18:09:27   Read301
H.D.A: Who is who in US? Cheney is more powerful even than the President. A cut of $40 billions of budget by House of Senate is under vote. Why only Cheney to convince the House and not Bush?!   New Cons are controlling fully the White House and in many cases challenged even the Congress. So ... More
Bush vows to pursue controversial spy program : 2005-12-20 17:58:00   Read275
H.D.A: Again Bush is challenging the Congress and House of representatives, vowed to extend an unprecedented spy effort targeting US citizens with suspected ties to Alqaeda and denied that the program was illegal or an abuse of his power!! ... More
Bush says he authorized use of wiretaps : 2005-12-18 11:44:25   Read262
HDA : What Bush is doing, I believe , is illegal . Demacratic Senator Russ Feinglod said. A prominent US senator in the president's Republican party, Judiciary Committee chief Arlen Specter, said he would launch an investigation into the matter. Bush had authorized the use of wiretaps on US and ... More
Bush calls Iran's president 'odd guy' : 2005-12-17 17:54:28   Read244
H.D.A: Bush forgot that he himself is an odd guy!!He claimed that God ordered him to invade Afghanistan. Also God ordered him to invade Iraq!! God talks with him from time to time!! Bush reads the Bible everyday interpretted to him by Sharon!! In fact Sharon is God of Mr. Bush. Sharon through new ... More
H.D.A: New Cons transfered US into a police state. New York Times said Bush signed a secret presidential order after the sept . 11,2005, attacks to allow the National Security Agency to track the international telephone calls and emails of hundreds of people without the court approval normally ... More
Patriot Act blocked in US Senate : 2005-12-17 16:36:48   Read275
H.D.A: Finaly US senators demanding increased protection of civil liberties, defied President Bush on Friday by blocking renewal of the USA Patriot Act, a center piece of his war on terrorism. We believe that the quarrel is not between Republic and Democrates. It is in fact between new cons in ... More
H.D.A: Bush himself is axe of evil together with Sharon. Israel proves strongly to be a nuclear power with more than 200 nuclear heads including neutron bombs. Israel WMD is threating Middle East region as well as Europe. We doubt Bush claim that Iran is using a civilian nuclear program to hide a ... More
H.D.A: Still Mr. Bush keeps to cheat and decieve his people and the world. 'In an age of terrorism and weapons of mass destruction, if we wait for threats to fully materialize, we will have waited too long. " Bush said. The question is who have WMD? It is the axe of evil Israel and US. Bush ... More
UN General Assembly Resolution 3379 : 2005-12-12 17:41:42   Read352
H.D.A: In November 10, 1975 UN General Assembly voted by 72 to 35 (with 32 abstentions), equated Zionism with racism. Just fifteen years later George Bush the father, under pressure, the UN passed the resolution 4686 on December 16,1991, revoked resolution 3379 with vote of 111 to 25 (with 13 ... More
HDA: Day after Day it becomes more clear and evident that US can not solve any problem alone. US must cooperate with UN to settle all world crises, as US in absolute failure to solve anything but on the contrary US complicates problems. Iran , Iraq , Korea , Afghanistan, and Palestine, all need to ... More
Climate change: UN talks go down to the wire : 2005-12-09 19:31:54   Read1431
HDA: If the United States says No, that will not stop us moving forward. French Environment Minister said . The US nearly destroyed Kyoto Protocol by abandoning it , although the deal was eventually saved and took effect in February 2005. US is odd as always refusing in spite of universal ... More
H.D.A: Kidnapping a German just because he is of Arab origin from Macedonia in Dec. 31,2003 flown directly by CIA for interrogation in Afghanistan is flagrant violation of human rights!! Masri a Lebanese descent went to US to present his case but he was denied entry!! Rice simply told Merkel that ... More
H.D.A: Bush and new cons refuse to ratify Kyoto protocol under claim that China and India will not be affected. That is why Canada proposed negociation starting 1992 convention so that all should participate US, India, and China. But still Bush and new cons refuse!! Although US municipal, state, ... More
H.D.A: Bush national Security advisor confirms new cons Nazism in White House. Bush himself is seeking compromise to exempt CIA from a proposed ban on torture and inhumane treatment of prisoners!! ... More
US seeks to defuse CIA prisons uproar : 2005-12-05 18:48:42   Read296
H.D.A: Poor USA thinks that problem of terrorism has the same concept in Europe. New Cons want all nations to follow as dogs. This is clear in their manifesto written by Perle.   Hadley, a new con servative in Fox News said “ Rice will say look, we are all threatened by terror”!! But is ... More
Bush defends detainees policy : 2005-12-04 11:15:26   Read259
HDA : Bush follows Cheney as his dog. Bush also lobbied against a congressional drive to outlaw torture !! Bush is lying to his people by claiming Iraq war as war on terrorism that threatens Aemrica . In fact Bush is carrying out End to Evil plan of new cons as prescribed by hidden agenda that were ... More
HDA : A witness from inside testifies that Cheney is vice president for torture !! The proof is that Cheney has lobbied against any legislation to prohibit detainees torture and abuse . Cheney is a Nazist with all his gang of new conservatives. On one hand they condemn Hitler as we do, but on ... More
HDA : John Bolton is a new con  pro-Israelite urges UN to fight corruption concerning oil-food program!! in spite of US  main cause of corruption. Fleet of US was beseiging Iraq, inspecting all ships coming and going out of Iraq, so US is the first accused of corruption. Bolton ... More
Black Sea pipelines look to bypass straits : 2005-11-30 10:23:39   Read342
HDA: Such a pipeline was one of the main hidden agenda of war in Afghanistan . Companies lost 700 million U$D at least in last winter due to bad weather and two weeks time through Bosphorus and Dardanelles straits. Several billions are allocated, after settling political and environment fears, to ... More
Global warming talks eye U.S. : 2005-11-30 10:16:31   Read368
HDA: US is the main country causing pollution of world climate . At the sometime US refuses to sign Kyoto Protocol against global warming !! Although 189 countries talks call US among other poor countries , to adopt schemes to fight climate change beyond 2012, US unfortunately is still an odd. ... More
Sharon names new party 'Forward' : 2005-11-29 18:49:57   Read389
H.D.A: Sharon wants to march forward!! Sharon a strong man of peace!! Sharon is a blood sucker known to all!! Road map is on paper only. Israel state is widely opposed by Jews like Great Rabin Moshe Fredman and lead of Natory Carta, with many leading Jews, including Albert einshtine. ... More
Iran President: Charge Bush for War Crimes : 2005-11-27 17:41:17   Read295
H.D.A: We agree fully on trial of George Bush  for using nuclear weapons against innocent people, who have used uranium ordinance in Iraq as President Ahmad inejad said. More over for using depleated uranium in Afghanistan!! for violating human rights in Abu-Ghraib and Guantanamo. Bush and ... More
H.D.A: Bush monopole policy is in complete failure inside and outside US. Refering to North Korea and Iran, Bush is a lier. He is not at all telling the truth. Why those countries are axe of evil, just for peaceful application of nuclear energy according to International Nuclear Agency?! In ... More
Bush, softly, stands firm on Iraq policy : 2005-11-21 17:06:57   Read273
H.D.A: Still , Bush misleading the Americans by saying: ' leaving Iraq now would only embolden insurgents.' In fact the opposite is true. This Nazist spirit of new cons in White House will lead to encouragement and support of terrorism. Iraq resistance will continue. As to insurgents of ... More
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