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PRISONERS FREE AMID DRAFT ROV : 2005-09-10 18:06:07   Read306
H.D.A: US is freeing Abu Ghraib prisoners as well as Guantanamo prisoners. All after spending years without any defined accusation. Unfortunately all were subjected to humiliation, torture, abuse, in the name of democracy and human rights!! The least duty of US is to appologize and compensate the ... More
HDA: Death penalty is not approved in Europe . They think only of criminals , but not victims. Such a man who killed many in a very fierce horrible way, to the point to force the victim to drink acid  deep down in his throat !! must be killed. US blamed Koran for death penalty and even ... More
HDA: Increase by 50% of hate  crimes is realy dangerous. We are sure the main reason behind it is the media ? The question is always asked as Le monde wrote, that the media is in the hands of few rich families. They own two to five jourmals, TV  channls etc. We hate ... More
Rights of POWs According to the Qur'an : 2005-05-01 16:51:33   Read306
HDA:  The world today is in need of how to deal with POWs. United Nations has a very detailed charter for POWs rights. Unfortunately no  country applies them, even those who claim democracy and human rights .    Rights of POWs According to the Qur’an   With recent news ... More
Rice Calls for Acceleration of Democracy : 2005-05-01 12:15:55   Read284
HAD:We appreciate Rice call for democracy acceleration across the globe. Comparing tyranny to slavery is really exact. But still slavery flourishes around the globe   particularly white slavery, that extends to pedophile !! with US main importer of white slavery from East Europe, and ... More

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