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U.S. rejects Iran inspection offer : 2006-04-30 18:31:43   Read213
HDA : Why US rejects inspection offer ? If Iran has something to hide , it will not accept inspection. Meanwhile Israel rejects inspection of its reactor in Dimona because it has a big arsenal of WMD!! Not only that but also chemical and biological weapons !! More over neutron bombs also and two ... More
Sudanese government accepts Darfur peace deal : 2006-04-30 18:05:05   Read234
HDA : Now who is for peace ? and who is for war ? Sudanese government took position of peace by accepting the deal, what about the rebels ? Who is behind them ? Who is manipulating the scene ?! Although they are all Muslims in Darfur, the West mobilized by the Church moved against Sudan under claim ... More
HDA : We think that they did the right thing. Even WTO today 80% of its policy is decided by US alone . So what South will get from North. Globalism itself is a very dangerous ideology . It makes the rich more richer, and the poor more poorer !! ... More
HDA : China is looking for investment from continent to continent , and from country to country seeking oil exploration. Meanwhile US is going from continent to continent , and from country to country looking for military bases !! ... More
HDA : Israel defies UN for more than 60 resolutions . Israel refuses to sign nuclear treaty. Israel is threatening all the Middle East having 200 nuclear heads, neutron bombs, chemical weapons, and biological weapons. Israel defies world community in outlining Israel borders challenging UN ... More
HDA : Not only China, but also Germany and Russia are keen for peaceful solution of Iran crises through dialogue . Even Britain Minister of foreign affairs insisted on peaceful dialogue, but force is out of the question. It seems the whole world look for dialogue except axe of evil US / Israel ... More
NATO talks clouded by Iran deadline : 2006-04-27 11:07:57   Read220
H.D.A: This NATO must be dissolved as its counterpart WARSAW was dismantled. Today there must be only UN as reference to settle world crises. United States must stop dictating its policy on others. All world interests must be respected . But above all world peace and security . Hypocrisy and double ... More
Purported Bin Laden Tape : 2006-04-26 11:42:33   Read208
H. D . A  : Bin laden is not authorized to talk on behalf of Muslims. Bin laden is not elected by Muslims . Bin Laden did not consult Muslims . Bin Laden is not specialised in Islamic studies. Bin Laden Lacks Knowledge in Sharia as well as politics . Bin Laden wants to die as quickly as ... More
H.D.A: In fact the most benefitial country from China growth is United States. China is the biggest market for US. The last demand was 80 Beoing aeroplanes with multi billon of dollars, in addition to another fleet of 70 aeroplanes. ... More
Russia, US divided on Iran after Moscow talks : 2006-04-20 17:01:29   Read207
H.D.A: It is normal that world views are different. The world is not US alone!! Through negociations in peaceful atmosphere with mutual respect and taking care of interests of all, sure a compromise will be sorted out in favor of world peace and secuirty. US must understand that new cons who ... More
H.D.A: We deny vigorously the term 'Islamist ' to crime of kidnapping. It was more precise to say 11 accused but not Islamists as Islam and Islamist is totally different. Islam has nothing to do with terrorism or kidnapping . So why Western media always relates Islam to any crime carried by an Arab ... More
H.D.A : We do not approve sending troops to solve problems. Only if they are under UN initiative and full control . World peace and security will not be guaranteed by individual efforts. UN must settle crises all over the world. It is a questron of principle . When US went alone to Iraq without UN ... More
  H.D.A  : It is understood even before meeting that international  talks will not come to a conclusion. Simply because US carry Israel interests regardless to world interests, peace and security . If US interests come first, others also have their own interests that come first. Axe ... More
Six dead, dozens wounded in Tel Aviv blast : 2006-04-17 18:00:18   Read189
H.D.A: Now Bush, EU,UN,and G8 will protest vigorously against Palestinian Resistance!! But when Israel bombarded Palestine many times killing and destroying civilians no one protested or denied Israel terrorism. Palestine government proposed bilateral agreement of non-violence to be respected by ... More
HDA : Such scenario of missing gap and missing fossil is an old story that dated to Darwin argument. Today the question is not a fossil. It is rather bigger than a gap. Today it is either the Creator for believers, or the nature for non believors.It is not acceptable the gap story at all ... More
US sees more Afghan violence as NATO expands : 2006-04-03 17:50:06   Read216
H.D.A: US is looking for wars not peace. Who gave US authority to look after the whole world in regard to democracy and fighting terrorism?! US infact is accused of terrorism in Iraq, and supports terrorism of Israel!! We believe UN peace forces can take charge of Afghanistan and Iraq with ... More
HDA : Western policy of devide and rule that worked in the past, comes now stronger after Iraq invasion. Ethnic problem will extend from Iraq to Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Iran , Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Yemen and nearly all Muslim countries. US and Israel axe of evil planned already such agenda , that ... More
HDA : We disagree with Dalai Lama. The problem is not Osama . It concerns sources of terrorism mainly injustice, poverty, unemployment, dictatorship , lack of democracy, freedom , as well as human rights violation. ... More
Rice meets Muslim leaders : 2006-04-01 17:40:29   Read186
H.D.A: It is good to dialogue with Muslims. But it will be far better to meet American Muslims and carry out fruitful dialogue. The most important Mme Rice is the great difference between Islam and terrorism. In Iraq also there was no reason at all to invade it. To understand Muslims, Rice must ... More
H.D.A: It is as easy as anybody might think. Just a simple clear appology from Danish PM to Muslim world will settle the affair and close the file. We wish all success for EU policy chief. We think the best way for nations to approach each other, is mutual respect particularly faiths and religions. ... More
Japan, North Korea resume dialogue : 2005-11-03 11:03:45   Read195
H.D.A: As long as there is continueous dialogue between the two countries, relations will come to normalised situatioin one day. Japan should give the same support as it gave to South Korea as compensation for past years of colonization. Also North Korea should respond positively to the eight ... More
To Mr. Bush & Congress &American People : 2005-10-26 14:01:43   Read908
Rabbi Moshe Fredman Lives in Austria. His mother tongue is German; but he speaks English fluently as well as Hebrew.In dialoque with Dr. Abdulwali Alshamiry, chief editter of Magazine: “Coultured Arab – Egypt.”Alshamiry: Tell me starting with Palestin occupation ending with demolition ... More
H.D.A: We visited China three to four times. It is a big continent !! China today is not that of the past. Even Communism of today accepts dialogue and foreign investment. China is open for trade with all countries. China is achieving the heighest development rate. DALIA is  big example of ... More
H.D.A: Normalising relations is a must, not only between Japan and NKorea, but also with all Asian countries. The World today is so small. Wars and tensions will not serve peace and security . Dialgoue and mutual investments and economic cooperation for the interest of all, will bring together all ... More
AN INTERVEW WITH YUSUF ISLAM ( CAT STEVENS) : 2005-10-05 15:17:05   Read211
H.D.A: Due to United States refusal entry of CAT STEVENS under pretext of terrorisim, we publish this interview that goes back to 1981.The history of Cat Stevens affirms the mess, confusion, and misunderstanding of American Administration for terrorism. By the way the whole world knows that cat ... More
Stark warning on ports and airports : 2005-09-29 18:43:45   Read240
H.D.A: Why Turky should open its ports and airports to Chpriot traffic?! EU should think of Island unification first. Droping down Turkish side is not wise at all. Either both to have same rights, or both should be deprived until unity is achieved there. After all anything can be negociated ... More
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