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War Against Iraq

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Blair believes God will judge him on Iraq war : 2006-03-04 17:33:57   Read251
H.D.A: Sure God will judge Tony Blair for his war against Iraq; that is in doom day. But what about judgement here on Earth before death? We hope that International Criminal Court will take charge to trial Mr. Blair. Every day an Iraqi dies in Iraq, Blair takes responsibility with criminal Bush. ... More
Turkey says US troops must stay in Iraq : 2006-03-02 19:01:08   Read224
H.D.A: With full respect to Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey, we disagree with him. Why should colonisation forces stay in Iraq? Why did they invade Iraq? What are the reasons behind invasion? why they challenged Untied Nations and marginalised it? Why Iraqis are killed everyday more than ... More
At least 21 killed in Iraq rebel attacks : 2006-03-02 17:34:18   Read281
H.D.A: Again and Again bloodshed is getting more in Iraq!! Who is behind it? US troops of 165000 are hiding leaving the theatre for Iraqis against Iraqis to kill each other. This concept of Mossad and CIA , axe of evil should not continue for long!! Iraqi people must unite to free their country from ... More
Car bombs kill 7 in Baghdad : 2006-03-01 18:06:31   Read202
H.D.A: UN should draw authorisation of US to occupy Iraq. The country now is living in blood. Every day causalities and death all in its way for civil war? Who is responsible? It is US. What US troops are doing there? Both axe of evil US /Israel are carrying out terrorist crimes against Iraqi ... More
H.D.A: If those killed are Americans , then the whole world will take notice. US will withdraw immediately. Since killed people are Iraqis, US troops do not bother. But what is their job, then? US claims that it is staying in Iraq till peace is achieved. But unfortunately day after day more Iraqis ... More
Iraq lifts curfew after week of violence : 2006-02-27 15:55:47   Read372
H.D.A: The question is who was behind this violence? who put the explosives in the dom, as well as burning more than hundred mosques? who has keen interest for civil war in Iraq? The answer is clear, it is CIA/Mossad axe of evil. ... More
Iraq violence clouds US exit strategy : 2006-02-26 18:11:01   Read239
H.D.A: On the contrary, all Iraq violence comes from US troops. Without immediate leave of US troops Iraq will never feel safe or secured. It is clear to all Iraq nation that CIA and Mossad are behind insurgency targeting Iraqis and Iraqi wholy places namely tombes and mosques!! ... More
H.D.A: The NYT claims that recent violence demonstrated the power that the many militias in Iraq have to draw the country into a full-scale civil war. But our point of view is totally different. Recent violence demonstrated the role of CIA and Mossad in Iraq. ... More
H.D.A: We appreciate highly Japan Government decision to withdraw its troops from Iraq in two phases on April and June this year. Japan is a friendly country that respects UN and World Community. Japan should have a seat in Security Council, as it is one of the leading financiers of UN and secondly ... More
HDA : Who did it ? Who attacked the dome of one of Shiite Islam’s holiest shrines ? No on will dare to do such crime unless he wants civil war in Iraq ? ... More
Shrine attack stokes Iraq sectarian tension : 2006-02-22 18:43:03   Read274
H.D.A: Who is behind it? Is it Mossad? or Zarquawi? or CIA? All are suspected behind such criminal acts among Iraqis. Their aim is clear since they invaded Iraq. They want to creat civil war!! Any strike against US troops or its allies, is surely carried by Iraqi resistance. But such atorcities ... More
Iraq angrily rejects US sectarian warning : 2006-02-21 18:05:27   Read234
H.D.A: The game is well played. Each time US wants to warn Iran, It criticises Iraq Government. The idea of reversing the situation in Iraq by dominant Sunni through alliance between Kurds and Sunni will put the regime up side down. Today Sunni feel sectarian flagrant practice of Iraq Government. ... More
U.S. Envoy Warns Iraq Over Sectarian Govt : 2006-02-20 18:59:15   Read231
H.D.A: Who can believe it? US will not invest its resources in institutions run by sectarians!! Realy new cons are cons!! They invaded Iraq for hidden agenda that were concieved in Israel interpreted by Tiery Meyssan the French thinker . Also elections carried under eyes of 160000 US troops based on ... More
H.D.A: US support for democracy must be unconditional. What is required is transparency, descency, with all means to eliminate cheating and manipulation. US should not worry if the successor is anti- American . With dialogue all can be solved away from dictatorship, injustice, corruption, and ... More
Iraq probes police ’death squad’ : 2006-02-17 11:35:18   Read273
HDA : A very dangerous accusation, if true , that Ministry of Interior have death squads targeting Sunnis !! We believe when US blames Iraqi Government on this issue, it means that they should form death squads to kill Sunnis !! The US / Israel axe of evil target is to creat civil war among Iraqis. ... More
HDA : Down with USA . What freedom are they fighting for in Iraq ? What human rights are they believing ? Those red Indians need to be taught human rights. Their army is really Nazist. Who believes that after 60years of holocaust, it comes back again today. ... More
Iraqi PM Condemns Latest Abu Ghraib Photos : 2006-02-16 19:35:27   Read344
H.D.A: What a pro American PM of Iraq? He protests against those who published the photos, not those who did such Nazi abuse of Iraqi detainees!! Pro American PM of Iraq claims that those who did it were already punished!! We wonder if this PM is for America or for Iraq. ... More
New Abu Ghraib images disgust Iraq : 2006-02-16 17:43:01   Read224
H.D.A: The World witness today war crimes of Mr. Bush and new cons of Abu Ghraib. Australia itself that showed the new Nazi images of Holocaust in Iraq, supports U.S. till now with troops in Iraq!! ... More
H.D.A: Who is behind such criminal act? Iraq today is suffering from insecurity even children under U.S. colonization . U.S. troops are the first to be blamed. UN charter indicates clearly that any colonized country, it is the responsiblity of occupying forces for people security as well ... More
Iraqi Shiites select Jaafari as PM : 2006-02-13 18:17:33   Read461
H.D.A: It is very regrettable to have elections in Iraq based on sectarianism. This is the axe of evil policy US / Israel. Iraq must be governed by Iraqis irrespect of their sect or region. Iraq must be one nation. It is very dangerous for dividing Iraqis into communities. We hope Iraqi will adopt ... More
HDA : Hidden agenda that were conceived in Israel are going on in Iraq. It is the first country in the world with elections bases on sectarianism . We hope US future elections to be based on same criteria that is catholic, ... More
Official: U.S. to Free Iraqi Detainees : 2006-02-09 18:02:50   Read241
H.D.A: US is fooling the Iraqi people as well as the whole world. On one hand U.S. says an elected independent government in Iraq runs all affairs of Iraq; on the other hand, still prisons are under U.S. troops control. No Iraqi is allowed to enter even the Iraqi President himself. Why should US ... More
HDA : It is not surprising at all that US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales approves monitoring Americans phone calls and email messages. It is a part of US "war on terror". ... More
HDA : Now US troops are only observers !! Shiites and Sunnis are daily killed and targeted, who is behind it ?! The Israeli hidden agenda is to creat civil war among Iraqis meanwhile US troops just watch !! The new cons want full destruction of Iraq by imposing sectarian regime to reinforce ... More
HDA : Tripling spending in Iraq means US will not leave.  So the invasion and occupation of Iraq will continue till sttlement of revolt and resistance then US will jump to anothor neighbouring country !! ... More
U.S. Forces to Release 50 Iraqi Detainees : 2006-02-05 18:56:59   Read275
HDA : Why should the Americans keep prisoners on their own ? Why not all prisoners to be under Iraqi government that Bush always admires ?! Why should Iraqi women be kept under American control in prison ?! ... More
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