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H.D.A: We admire U.S. anti-war activist Mme Cindy Sheehan calling President George Bush a 'terrorist' during Social Forum in Caracas. Sheehan lost her son in Iraq war which is not for U.S.interest. Iraq war is carried out for Israel. So why should Americans involve themselves in a war that lead ... More
Experts: 'Decapitation' May Not End Terror : 2006-01-22 17:20:59   Read251
H.D.A: 170 bullets in Abu Jihad body by Israeli assassins in his study!! When we read Israel sacred terrorism we do not feel surprised. When we read about Zionism, we understand those barbarian terrorists. But we do not understand relation between killing Palestinians and killing Pakistani under ... More
Rove: GOP to Use Terror As Campaign Issue : 2006-01-21 13:16:48   Read258
HDA : It is a very dangerous game U.S. is playing !! White House Advisor Karl Rove vowed Friday to make the war on terrorism a central campaign issue in November !! We believe such a game must come to an end. ... More
Oklahoma bombing witness leaves prison : 2006-01-21 13:03:50   Read377
HDA : Such terrorist act, why should the key witness leave prison ? Michael Fortier is a witness to the 1995 plot to bomb the Oklahoma city federal building !! Sure this plot is not planned by Muslims , ... More
HDA : When this cinema will end ? A declared world war by US against terrorism without naming any country . What a war is it ? It is a war against the invisible. Alqaeda today has no state , no location, and US is bombarding everywhere. ... More
HDA : Again another operation this time in Tel Aviv. Terrorism is practiced on both sides, for Palestinians it is resistance , for Israel it is self defense . The result is the same . ... More
HDA : Now Human Rights watch (HRW) is accusing US. The US – Led war on terror , which has led to charges of torture and inhumane treatment of detainees , is fuelling erosion of human rights across the globe !! ... More
Afghans Protest Pakistan After Bombing : 2006-01-19 17:35:26   Read343
HDA : Such irresponsible suicide bombing is a criminal act particularly against civilians . Who did it ? No body claimed the act till now. We feel the dangerous consequencies of such acts as Akhtor Mohammed said: ... More
HDA : Such a crime to kidnap a child five years old is really frightening !! We request Blair to uncover the criminals behind it ? Is it Alqaeda ? Are they Muslims ? Are they extremist ? From which religion ? ... More
H.D.A: We are sure Padilla will defend himself well in civil court . Justice is more practiced here than in military courts. We are sure that Padilla is innocent. The only crime is being converted to Islam. This is more than enough for new cons to accuse him as terrorist. ... More
Pope Says Terrorism Is 'Moral Perversion' : 2006-01-10 17:52:56   Read253
The Pope condemned terrorism as moral perversion. The Pope also demanded religions freedom around the globe. Forgivenness and reconciliation will bring peace in armed conflicts around the World. Wealthy countries must do more for the World's poor . ... More
Australia, Canada Shut Embassies in Jordan : 2006-01-09 12:28:13   Read304
H.D.A: It is very surprising when England, Australia, and Canada shut their Embassies meanwhile US keeps its doors open!! What information the Europeans got that US does not know about?! On what bases the British warned Britons visiting Jordan that " terrorists may be in the final stage of planning ... More
Analysis: Mideast Peace Efforts Threatened : 2006-01-05 19:27:05   Read275
H.D.A: Who said that Middle East peace making efforts into turmoil?! Is Sharon a man of peace? or a man of war?! Sharon declared since long time that ALQODOS is their eternal capital, and four million Palestinians should not return to their homeland. Sharon on the contrary plans for one million new ... More
Judge Rejects Gov't Claims on Detainees : 2006-01-05 19:22:00   Read290
H.D.A: A fedral judge came a step close to focring the government to reveal the names of hundreds of Guatanamo Bay detainees by rejecting its contention that identifying them would violate their privacy. We thank deeply US District Judge Jed. S. Rakoff and his rulling against the government. US ... More
H.D.A: Bush is a big dictator . Bush not only violates human rights, but also American constitution. Lying to his people, deceiving his nation for motives of Iraqi war is enough to put him in Jail. He also manipulated FBI and CIA to issue falsified reports in favor of new cons aims and purposes. ... More
H.D.A: Minorities in Islam are the first to be protected, to feel free in their spiritual life as well as their daily life . Such criminal acts are not acceptable in Islam. We deny vigorously such acts requesting the Indonsian government to find out the criminals, and to take firm measures so that ... More
H.D.A: We agreefuly with Pope Benedict when he urged humanity to unite against terrorism poverty, and environmental blight. Also Pope call for a new world order to correct economic imbalancies. We believe such issues are under light and under dispute. The best way to settle such issues will be ... More
Muslims condemn terror : 2005-12-22 19:08:34   Read316
H.D.A: We feel surprised that Muslims are the least to denounce terrorism!! The writer forgot that Muslims are the most victims of terror. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Yemen, Marroco, Tunesia, Pakistan, Turky, Libanon, Syria, Quator, Algoria, Bangladesh, Iraq, Palestine, Iran among others suffer of ... More
Armies alone will not defeat global terrorism : 2005-12-22 11:01:24   Read359
HDA : Terrorism acts went up from 179 in 2002, to 268 in 2003, and 339 in 2004!! We agree fully with the article in reference to soil of terrorism that exists in places of poverty , conflict, external intervention and historical hatred , which are part of today’s international reality . Terror in ... More
H.D.A: We appreciate European initiative for checking terrorist list in UN. United States in fact is mixing all together. UN must not take it for granted the names presented by US for those considered as terrorists, unless US presents clear evidence confirming its claim. ... More
HDA : Afghanistan war was mainly for caspian oil wealth . Azerbaijan today is the starting point for TWO western -backed multi-billion- dollar pipelines that will for the first time carry Gaspian oil and gas directly to western marbets bypassing Russia-through Georgia and Turkey- starting next year ... More
HDA: When Israel targets, civilians and kills Palestineans including political leaders , it is in fact a big crime against humanity , but unfortunately no body talks . But when Israelis are killed , US , EU, UN, WB, IMF, and other world institutions revolt against killing civilians as a ... More
H.D.A: It is clear that Netherlands since 1970 was not hit with terrorist attacks; and we hope not to be attacked in future. It is a friendly country that supports freedom and democracy world wide as we have in Yemen Republic. Netherlands supports Yemen through EU and alone like Germany in all ... More
H.D.A: US concept of terrorism is far away from EU. No body in EU believes that Iraq invasion is for fighting terrorism!! No body in EU accepts treating suspects by torture and abuse without even defined accusations. No body in EU approves violation of Geneva Conventions of human rights. No body ... More
HDA : Mr. Blair is in a mess. He purposely mixed cards altogether. The question is not to give police more access to telephone and internet records , the problem is how you see Terrorism ? How Mr. Blair  defines terrorism ?! Palestinean resistance for Israel is terrorism, meanwhile Nazi evil ... More
HDA : Such extremeist way of thinking is far away from Islam. If US, England, Italy , and Australia are ivolved in Iraq occuption, they need to be fought there in Iraq by Iraqi people. That is the defference between resistance and terrorism carried world wide without reason. But who is behind such ... More
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