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HDA : Only now because elections are coming , Bush started to think about New Orleans. Bush is in need as well as his party for votes of Black Americans . But New Orleans people have no confidence in Republicans not only due to Katrina catastrophe , ... More
H.D.A: 1.6 Billion dollars advertising and public relation is too much. In fact it was spent in a way to manipulate public opinion in favor of government policy. Bush already spent money on media in Iraq to promote his policy there. Even inside US, Bush imprisoned a journalist not on his line; ... More
H.D.A: The disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff is well related to Bush. That is why he dared to bribe administration. So Bush and new cons are not far from corruption in addition to their record of deceiving Americans about Iraq war motives, violating Geneva Convention of human rights, spying on ... More
HDA : Another evidence against Bush and new cons. They were warned by New Orleans catastrophe but unfortunately Bush didn't take any precautions . ... More
HDA : US empire is spreading everywhere. US is seeking military bases everywhere. All under pretext of fighting terror against the invisible!! Cold war is coming back in a stronger way. ... More
HDA : Another witness form CIA this time accuses U.S. administration of cherry-picking intelligence on Iraq to justify decision it had already reached to go to war !! ... More
Bush Says Spy Work Helped Stop 2002 Attack : 2006-02-10 18:07:01   Read257
H.D.A: Since spying on Americans helped stop 2002 attack, then what Bush says is that Americans were behind criminal act of 2002!! Is it possible or Bush is lying? How Americans work against their country? Who are the suspects behind 2002 criminal act?Why suspects were not sent to trial?What ... More
Bush says US, allies thwarted terrorist plot : 2006-02-10 17:42:15   Read231
H.D.A: Such criminal act since 2002, why was it not announced since that time ? Is Bush fooling his nation by exploiting such acts for coming elections? But since 2002, did Bush find any new plan for terrorists in America? or he will find such plans near elections time? Bush and new cons are playing ... More
H.D.A: It is a normal demand. If both countries want to talk peace and bilateral relation, US must drop sanctions as it is an enimity initiative. In fact U.S. is fond of sanctions, the same with Cuba, and tomorrow against Iran. Such sanctions may cover Venezuela and Chilie, in near future, why not?! ... More
HDA : It seems that Repbublicans will force Americans to support them next elections. The whole nation is under threat of International world war against terrorism !! There is no way out for Americans to be safe adn secured unless they vote for Republicans . ... More
Empire Builders : 2006-02-06 18:54:34   Read272
HDA : The Christian Science Monitor since June 2005 gave a good picture about Empire builders: the New conservatives. Each one of those with detailed background. ... More
HDA : Although it is the world’s largest hydroelectric power project , it will be completed in may this year, nine months ahead of schedule. It is a big threat for US as it is the largest, and to be completed nine months ahead !! ... More
HDA : Again another provocation for China. US considers China as the country with the greatest potential to challenge the United States military !! In fact China challenges US in economic growth development to about triple !! ... More
HDA : Rumesfeld is a rude man describing President Chavez as Hitler !! Chavez is an honest man who likes his country . He is an independent man looking for his country interests not US. ... More
Bush 'toning down Asia criticism' : 2006-02-01 19:11:18   Read333
H.D.A: Who nominated Bush as boss of the world? He always gives lessons to teach us in all continents! He criticises China and India for their fantastic growth. He threatened India to cancel the civil bilateral nuclear treaty if India does not vote against Iran. He brought his fleets near China ... More
H.D.A: Bush failed in four year policy, how can he succeed in 19 years plan? Bush forgot that he will leave his post soon, where world affairs in his abscence will be quite good. No tension, no wars, no destability, and no monopole policy. ... More
Zimbabwe at risk of being barred from IMF : 2006-01-29 18:40:06   Read349
H.D.A: What a solution for African countries poverty and unemployment as well as corruption , democracy and human rights. IMF will drop down Zimbabwe from the list. That means more death, more poverty, more corruption etc.. ... More
Europe pays tribute to Holocaust victims : 2006-01-29 18:27:45   Read234
H.D.A: Why only to remind Nazi six million Jews victims? What about 20 million Russians? What about 20 million Europeans? What about Japanese bombarded with atomic bombs? What about Nazim practiced today against Palestinians and Iraqis? ... More
Venezuela's Chavez warns US over spy case : 2006-01-28 17:29:02   Read249
HDA : If Bush is openly defending his policy of spying on American people , it is sure that Bush spys on all people against his policy especialy foreigners , considered as enemies.   ... More
H.D.A: Bush knows very well that American people are fed up of Iraq war, fed up of his lies, fed up of his violation of American constitution. So Bush is afraid of his people. Bush wants to spy on Americans because they have no more confidence in him. So he wants to listen to what they say because ... More
H.D.A: American policy of looking for and constructing military bases everywhere, reminds people of cold war that ended in eightees. Such military bases will cause tensions, like those in Iraq, Afghanistan, East Europe, Western Europe, etc.. ... More
US judge orders release of detainees' names : 2006-01-24 18:38:24   Read376
H.D.A: We thank deeply federal judge who made final ruling on Monday for the Pentagon to release the names of detainees at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. We hope Federal American Justice will take charge of trial of all detainees captured by US troops, CIA , FBI, and other security services. All in ... More
US urges China to use global clout wisely : 2006-01-24 18:14:14   Read379
H.D.A: China is not an American coloney!! China today gives the best example for international relations, economic development, stability and security. If there is an unwise country, it is U.S. Bush claims God talks through him. God ordered him to invade Afghanistan. God ordered him to invade ... More
H.D.A: ”Fraudulent and bastardly government of George Bush"  Castro said. He is absolutely right. Fraud is already admitted by Abramoff; and bastardly what U.S. troops did  with prisoners in Abu-Ghraib  and Guantanamo. ... More
H.D.A: Who said that Canadians seemingly ready to hand a limited mandate to the Conservatives?!! It is time all over the World for Conservatives and Socialists in the sense that  people are fed up of ruling systems that deny God , to the point that they want to impose evolution theory for ... More
H.D.A: So corruption goes up to President Bush himself. Jack Abramoff who pleaded guilty to fraud charges this month; has at least five photos with the President. But Bush denies any relation and as usual he keeps lying to his people. "Mr. Abramoff admitted being involved in ontrageous wrongdoing." ... More
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