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US 'outsourced' torture: probe : 2006-01-24 18:04:23   Read238
H.D.A: So it is confirmed that U.S. flew detainees to European countries with the purpose of torture and abuse!! More worse is that European governments probably knew about it. That is the Head of European investigation declaring openly and frankly!! We believe if it is true, it signifies without ... More
HDA : Thanks to British government with the exception of Mr.Blair . Britain believes the CIA’s reported secret transfer of terrorism suspects to foreign countries for interrogation is illegal !! ... More
HDA : Again protesting against Bush continues . This time Civil Liberties Groups are challenging Bush about legality of his domestic eavesdropping program and demanding its immediate suspension. ... More
Poll: Most See Significant Racial Progress : 2006-01-15 17:04:20   Read388
H.D.A: Martin Luther king was a hero of the civil rights movement. National holiday on his honor that took effect in 1986 after a lengthy campaign in Congress. 75% say there has been significant progress on achieving King's dream. But still an expected fight next year over reauthorization of the ... More
Poll finds U.S. split over eavesdropping : 2006-01-11 18:30:27   Read237
H.D.A: The media in U.S. unfortunately is not free. The new cons have strong influence on media either through power  or through money. Another strong argument is that new cons are frightening American people through the media in a way as if an enemy is comming to kill them all. ... More
H.D.A: Defense Department study on the lifesaving benefits of body armor worn by US troops serving in Iraq, should not only cover Americans. Iraqi soldiers must be also protected as well as Iraqi civilians who died  in thousands without even being counted by US troops!! ... More
Merkel: Gitmo Must Not Exist Indefinitely : 2006-01-08 15:54:48   Read352
H.D.A: We appreciate highly German Chancellor Angela Merkel that Gitmo must not exist indefinitely. In fact Gitmo is blacklisted vis a vis human rights. It is incredible to keep detainees there for years without accusation. ... More
H.D.A: James Comey, teh deputy Attorney General of Untied States in 1994, already refused at that time to back aspects of the program of US domestic spying!! But again Bush still defend new cons program to spy on US citizins!! ... More
Ex-Envoy Says Britain Used Coerced Intel : 2006-01-01 20:34:53   Read371
H.D.A: A new scandal of human rights violation! This time in Britain!! Craig Murray who was removed as Ambassador to Uzbekistan has published governmental documents proving that Britain knowingly received intelligence extracted under torture from prisoners in Uzbekistan!! ... More
Key Elections Ahead Around the World : 2006-01-01 20:28:22   Read341
H.D.A: Iraq elections is unique. It is not like others. It is based on sectarian policy that will lead surely to fragmenting the  country into pieces, if not a civil war. The new year as mentioned will be one of bitterness, bloodshed, and disappointment, if American troops stay in Iraq, with ... More
HDA : What so ever the reasons are, Ayman Nur should not go to prison. How can a presidency candidate approved, participated in elections of new democracy emerging in Egypt to be imprisoned ?! The high committee accepted his file, examined it thoroughly, authorized him and even nominated ... More
Uganda Children on the Run From Rebel Army : 2005-12-24 11:25:16   Read268
HDA : Another terrorist movement "chez les autres " that kidnap children to force them into military servitude that calls itself : the Lord’s Resistance Army !! Kidnapping kids as young as 13 who were trying to enlist him into a conflict in which at least 25000 children have been abducted, by U.N. ... More
Russian Parliament Approves Curbs on NGOs : 2005-12-23 17:35:49   Read274
HDA : Congratulation for Russian Parliament that approved  imposition strict curbs on non-goverenmental organizations. In fact it is essential for sovereignty . NGO’s must apply for Liscence with transparent finance, clear approved programs by the State , and above all no intervention in ... More
50 arrested as Weah backers demonstrate : 2005-12-13 16:34:44   Read243
H.D.A: It is enough to have two civil wars in Liberia. UN did the best by the polls that ended two successive wars, followed by a transitions monitored by the United Nations. So again a dispute between the two candidates for Presidency . Each one claims he is victorious. The ex President claims ... More
HDA: With deep thanks to Mr.Putin for his kind visit to Grozny Chechen capital we believe that Russian policy towards Chechen needs revision. Ladvia , Stonia, and Litwania , all got not only self determination rule but absolute independence . Why Chechen is not treated on the same ground ?! or even ... More
H.D.A: Africa and Arab World will not proceed at all if they still consider opposition as traitors. It is very surprising that whenever an opposition leader starts to get ground , immediately he is degraded by the State!! So in case of Uganda, the opposition leader is accused of treason, terrorism, ... More
HDA : Africa will not move forward till those in power respect their people and listen to them , especialy when majority says no, such as referendum made lately in Kenya. More over how a President nominates a government without consulting parties in colition with his party . Colition means ... More
HDA : President of the Federal law Enforcement, Mr. Art Gordon gave full support to the Florida air marshals calling them heroic !! Because they killed an innocent man who ran off the American Airlines jet !! If he realy carries a bomb, why did he run off the plane ?! The officer why did he shoot ... More
Rice: No guarantees on abuse : 2005-12-09 19:11:29   Read332
HDA : Who is who in the White House?It is very clear now that Dick Cheney and his gang of new conservatives are controlling White House . It is very surprising to hear Rice insisting on abuse and torture of detainees. What is Nazim then ? Why Geneva conventions then ? There is no world legal concept ... More
HDA : Another crime of Bush and new cons . The Nazi spirit of Mr.Cheney , Rumsfeld, Wolvotz, Perl, Faith , Forum , and others find enjoyment in torturing and abusing detainees. They went too far in violation of Geneva Convention. They mocked International Community in refusing even UN delegation ... More
HDA : Kenneth Boyd in principle will be killed at 200 on Friday by lethal injection . He is number 1000 since Supreme court reinstater capital punishment in 1976. Well over 3000 people are carrently on death row in US prisons . We in fact approve capital punishment for those who do it against ... More
HDA : CIA , as we said before , is a government inside the government . CIA depassed US regalations and also EU values of human rights . It was not enough for CIA to violate Geneva conventions , CIA violated airspace and airports of EU with more than 300 flights ! EU accused CIA by transport , ... More
US to hold 1,000th execution : 2005-11-30 10:12:08   Read266
HDA : Death Penalty since reinstated by Supereme court in 1976, US would hold 1000th execution . A Gallup poll last month showed 64% of Americans favored the death pealty down from 80% in 1994 !! We believe after 11 sept . Criminal acts, sure the poll will show higher rate. In our constitution since ... More
HDA : US right to protect itself against terrorists does not mean the right to torture and abuse suspected detainees. US must respect Geneva Convenations for human rights . US must allow UN delegations as well as human rights organisations to visit all prisoners and talk to them. US should respect ... More
EU to query US ’secret prisons’ : 2005-11-23 12:01:09   Read244
HDA : Civilised Europe, declared through European investigater Swiss Senator Dick  Marty that all Europe agree with Americans that they must fight terrorism ..... but this fight has to be fought by legal means !! That is the difference between civilised and cowboys. Those who bombarded ... More
HDA : Republicans must think of US and not their party and administration interest. Here UN team was not allowed free access to detainees in Guantanamo !!  Then what is left for Republicans to claim human rights ?! US civilisation was based on democracy and human rights. Today US is torturing ... More
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  • Detainees Win $2.5M N.J. Abuse Settlement
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