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UN nuclear watchdogs win Nobel Peace Prize : 2005-10-08 07:20:57   Read338
H.D.A: Deep thanks to Sweden . Such Nobel prize served World peace and progress. Congratulations for Mr. ElBaradei and the agency (IAEA). Success in Libya, Korea, Iran should be followed by success in Israel with two hundred nuclear heads including neutron bomb! IAEA should stress on a free World ... More
Ira Chernus : 2005-10-05 15:23:04   Read274
WMD hunt ends : 2005-10-03 16:17:58   Read242
H.D.A:· Who fabricated CIA reports for WMD in Iraq?· Who gave the theses of Iraqi student in Britain to Tony Blair as proof for WMD in Iraq?· Why Bush fooled his people, and the entire world about his hidden agenda for Iraq invasion?· Why Both Bush and Blair did not resign for committing their ... More
H.D.A: US today is in violation of International treaties. US is very greed to colonize the whole World if it can. US wants to dictate its foreign monopole policy on the globe. No need for dialogue, no need for human rights, and no need for democracy as well as no need for International ... More
HDA: What About Israel WMD Mr.Bush? ... More
"Revealed: The Secrets of Israel's Nuclear Arsenal" Mordechai Vanunu worked at Dimona Nuclear Power Plant in Israel from 1976 to 1985 as a technician and learned about Israel's secret production of plutonium for nuclear weapons. In 1985 Vanunu believed it was his responsibility to inform the ... More
H.D.A: As the World today and UN is discussing WMD, its danger as well as how to have free World from WMD. World should look seriously to Israel arsenal of WMD, not only for safety of Middle East, but also for United States as the author here analysed deeply how Israel WMD can be used against US . ... More
 Military Armaments - Anti Nuclear Weapons ISRAEL ! General Informationo Israel and Weapons of Mass Destruction - Wikipedia o IAEA: Israel should end nuclear threat 6/04 o Israel's Nuclear Weapons Program ! o Israel - Nuclear Weapons (FAS) o Nuclear Weapons - Israel (FAS) ... More
 Iraq's Arsenal Dwarfed by Israel's Weapons of Mass DestructionRelease Date: February 20, 1998The Wisdom Fund, P. O. Box 2723, Arlington, VA 22202Website: -- Press Contact: Enver Masud WASHINGTON, DC -- "No other country is in the same league in military spending as the ... More
Iran's "Right" to a Nuclear Program : 2005-09-22 11:20:32   Read239
HDA: Newcons push Mr.Bush to strike Iran . Here the auother defends Iran right. So why force is always the solution for Newcons .Dialogue is the best to solve  problems. Tension and instability of the region is Israel that has the biggest WMD so how can it be the focal of stability ? ... More
H.D.A: The Zionism hidden history shows well what Israel creation is ment for. In fact there is no evel regime than that of Israel. Already Israel is threatening the whole world. Realy security and stability of the entire globe is at stake. Why? Simply because a big WMD a rsenal is already built in ... More
H.D.A: Powell in his television interview emphasised many important issues: 1) CIA and FBI fabricate reports in the way the government wants . It has nothing to do with the reality. 2) US government has its own hidden agenda that was concieved in Israel. The new cons know well what ... More
H.D.A: EU as well as US are adopting dual measures and commitments. Hypocrisy of the West is flagrant here. There is no even logic in what they do. Iran wants to use nuclear energy for peaceful energy creation, meanwhile Israel is going on since assassinaion of J.F.Kennedy  in 1963 to build ... More
Israel raids w.Bank , Kills 5 Palestinians : 2005-09-07 16:39:18   Read259
H.D.A: What is funny here is Bush repeated orders to Palestinian Authorities to dismantle immediately resistance factions as if Palestinian State is already established. If Bush is a Palestinean, he will not say this . Bush knows well that Sharon still occupy most of West Bank. Only 28% of ... More
Israel won't evacuate Mauritania mission : 2005-08-31 11:44:45   Read274
H.D.A: Israel is not a Jewish state , as majority of Jews are not accepting it. Not only that but they believe its against wholy book "TORAH". As Mauritania has diplomatic relation with Israel (third Arab Country), Israel gave herself the right to interfer in Mauritania affairs to the point that ... More
Egypt Links CTBT To Israel : 2005-08-29 11:04:57   Read238
H.D.A: Bravo Egypt. Lastly Arabs and Iranians are wakening up. How peace and security will be achieved with more than two hundred nuclear heads in Israel, including neutron bomb ?! If Bush is serious about peace, Israel must be dismanteled from WMD as Vanunu said. Without Israel signing the CTBT ... More
Netanyahu Quits Over Israeli Gaza Pullout : 2005-08-28 18:14:03   Read226
H.D.A: What a game they are playing?! Just before this decission of Pullout, Sharon was the hard liner , now the senario is Natenyahu the hard liner!!  Both are sincere for their party as well as their country. So it is expected that the senario will continue to nominate Natenyahu as PM instead ... More
Treaty against nuclear terror : 2005-04-30 15:51:00   Read289
HDA:It is a must for all countries to approve such treaty without any reserve. We think it must be extended for both terrorists as well as freedom fighters and governments. In fact WMD is a prohibited weapon. It is against human security and peace. It is dangerous as it affects all civil and ... More
HDA: Double standards is US main axe of evil of foreign policy .United Nations charter allows all countries to use uranium for peaceful perposes suche as electrical enegry .But US is posing vito against Iran, meanwhile green light is on since sixties for Israel, to use uranium for military perposes ... More

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