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War Against Iraq

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Kidnappings Forecast to Rise in Iraq : 2006-04-03 09:36:15   Read288
HDA : Not only kidnapping, but also Iraqis causalities . Everyday Iraqis are killed up to hundred thousand and more. The question is : who is responsible of deterioration of security in Iraq ?! It is US troops. It is their duty to keep the country safe. ... More
Rice, Straw in Iraq to break deadlock : 2006-04-02 17:06:55   Read268
HDA : First it was private visit for her friend Straw in his town as he paid a visit to Rice town in US. Now they left for Iraq their colony to give orders to those in power to form a unity government !! Yesterday they carried out elections on sectarian bases, and now they want to halt a slide to ... More
Iraq Shi'ites urge PM to quit : 2006-04-01 17:48:20   Read260
H.D.A: Now one of American pillars have to leave power that is Ibrahim al-jaafari the prime minister. But America and newsmedia insist to classify Iraqis as Shiites and Sunnis; and demand at the same time Iraqi national government!! We hope US in future to carry out elections based on sectarianism ... More
Iraq Accuses U.S. of Damaging Ancient City : 2006-03-31 10:08:01   Read1432
HDA : US is destroying ancient city. The government requested US troops to withdraw from the 5000 year old archaeology site. But the Americans already set up their camp in Kish, new Hillah about 60 miles south of Baghdad. ... More
Bush to Iraqis: Time to Get a Government : 2006-03-30 10:53:27   Read273
HDA : About three months passed and no government formed in Iraq. Bush as if talking to class students , he is frustrated that Iraqis have so far failed to form a unity government. What a paradox : Bush invaded Iraq. Bush devided Iraq since 1992 by latitudes 32, 36 . ... More
HDA : Under what clause in the constitution Bush interfers in Iraq affairs ? The only reason is that US has 160000 troops colonizing Iraq. Then where is Iraq sovreignity and independence ?! Without immediate leave of US troops situation will go deep in degradation towards civil war controlled and ... More
Bush was not set on going to war: White House : 2006-03-28 10:55:24   Read283
HDA : New York Times report is true . Bush is lying. He was really determined to invade Iraq by late January 2003, and even before. His Rice said : we will attack Iraq whether it has WMD or not. ... More
HDA : Those two PMS + PI Mr.Bush are out of their minds . Who accepts in 21st century to be colonized ?! How democracy and human rights go with occupation as those guys claim ?! ... More
HDA :Rice says something to AFP. Bush says something else to REUTERS. The first gave hope to withdraw within a year, meanwhile Bush wants his troops to stay in Iraq in service of Israel agenda even after 2009!! ... More
US troop drawdown in Iraq : 2006-03-27 11:36:10   Read257
HDA : We doubt too much Rice declaration. It is only to calm American people who became against Iraq war to the extent of 65% Rice says: a significant drawdown of US troops is entirely probable within a year !! ... More
US envoy urges crackdown on Iraq militias : 2006-03-26 18:03:53   Read253
H.D.A: US Ambassador in Iraq is among those who wrote a letter to Bill Clinton to strike and invade Iraq since 1998!! A new con among pro Israeli gang has full intension to destroy Iraq since 1998. What can be expected from such Ambassador?! He executes hidden agenda that were concievd in Israel as ... More
H.D.A: Victimes of Nazi Bush increase in Iraq. We decided from now on to calculate victims of Iraq dead and wounded in comparison to US troops wounded and died!! We will prove to the world that Bush will leave Iraq only when Americans die more than Iraqis. But sure Bush will stay more with more ... More
Kurds celebrate New Year with hopes for peace : 2006-03-22 16:09:50   Read317
HDA : It seems that US is pushing hard for sectarian policy in Iraq to the extent that it propagates on satelite all celebrations particularly religious ones of all sects and factions in a way to show haw they are different . ... More
HDA : That war torn country is because of you Mr.Bush. Iraq before invasion was far better than now .At least no terrorism was there except that of dictatorship !! But today Iraq is the origin of terrorism as well as of resistance against occupation . ... More
Bush Asks U.S. to Look Past Iraq Bloodshed : 2006-03-21 18:45:11   Read244
H.D.A : Bush appealed to Americans to look beyond the bloodshed in Iraq!! And see signs of progress!! Really what a president ? and what a logic? If bloodshed is in US troops, Bush will not stay even one day more. But because bloodshed is in Iraqi people, that is his aim, he will stay till thousands ... More
26 killed as Iraq enters fourth year of war : 2006-03-21 10:52:43   Read274
HDA : The crazy Bush is optimist about Iraq, at the time Iraqis are killed every day !! His optimisim is based on two arguments : Iraqis are killed more than Americans , and civil war is starting to take large scale . ... More
H.D.A: We predict failure of Mr. Bush in Iraq as well as in United States. Such a Nazi president proud of colonising another country. Such a crazy president believing that he is carrying a preventive war against terrorism, meanwhile he is encouraging terrorism!! ... More
H.D.A: If they are only 15 civilians killed by US troops, we will express our deep gratitude to US. But the problem is that hundred thousand civilians are killed since US invasion of Iraq. Regardless to who killed them, US is the first to be blamed as all is happening in its presence with 160000 ... More
Bush heads to Midwest to defend Iraq strategy : 2006-03-20 17:41:48   Read227
H.D.A: What Bush will say? How can he defend lies? Bush has nothing to say except lies. But people if they believed him once, will not continue to listen to a liar more than twice. Bush first lied about Iraq War motives. Then he lied about his stay in Iraq under pretext of implementing democracy . ... More
H.D.A: It is the third anniversary of US. Led invasion amid deadlock over the formation of a national government, rampant lawlessness and increasing threats of all-out civil war!! All indicates complete failure of US policy towards Iraq. Civil war is mainly planned by US/Israel even before ... More
H.D.A: 75% of American in this poll, carried by USATODAY/CNN/Gallup, say the impact of invasion of Iraq is negative!! Not only Americans are hurt by Iraq war, but also more than one milliar Muslims are deeply hurted. In the time of freedom and democracy today Muslim world is subjected to invasion ... More
H.D.A: Rumsfeld has a Nazi nature. After Abu.Ghraib Nazism, together with Guantanamo, and Begram, it is more than enough to put Rumsfeld behind bars after trial in front of ICC or International Justice Court in Lahaye!! Hundreds are killed and wounded everyday in Iraq!! Others are abused and ... More
H.D.A: On the eve of third anniversary of Iraq war, thousands protest today in Europe. The reason that US protesters are few, because they are mislead by manipulated Media in US controlled and owned by new cons and Pro-Israeli groups. If Americans see Abu.Ghraib abuse and torture, they will not ... More
H.D.A: It seems US as well as all Western news agencies, with all Legeslative authorities in US and Britain are keeping quite as if they are happy about civil war in Iraq. They receive the news as if those who die in Iraq are not human beings!! Why UN is keeping quite? Why all leave US to do what ... More
Bush: US must resist temptation to leave Iraq : 2006-03-18 18:58:48   Read223
H.D.A: Mr.Bush is a very peculiar man. To whom is he talking ? what does he mean by US to resist temptation to leave Iraq. When US citizens of more than 60% prefer that US troops leave Iraq, then who is resisting tempting? Of course not US , but new cons who insist and resist to stay in Iraq till ... More
US outlines Iraq handover aim : 2006-03-18 15:44:57   Read248
H.D.A: We deny and reject vigorously the dirty inhuman conspiracy of axe of evil US /Israel. They intend to handover 75% of the country by this summer to Iraqi forces!! This is mainly to push forward civil war that Iraqis kill Iraqis. The Iraqi forces are built and trained by US/Israel the axe of ... More
  • US-Iraqi forces find few rebels in air assault operation
  • Two thirds of Americans dislike Bush's handling of Iraq: poll
  • Tehran willing to talk with US about Iraq
  • Iraq-US forces launch high-profile joint assault
  • Miss. Base Sends Troops to Iraq in Style
  • 80 bodies found in Baghdad heighten sectarian fears
  • Bush defends Iraq policy
  • Police find 15 strangled bodies in Baghdad
  • Bush extends Iran sanctions, ties it to Iraq bombs
  • Iraq's president warns of civil war after bombings
  • UK, US to start handing security to Iraqis: Reid
  • Iraq bloodshed kills 62, threatens to ignite communal violence
  • US hostage found dead as Bush admits Iraq dangers
  • Iraqi officials investigate missing security firm employees
  • Bodies found garrotted in Iraq
  • Peace activist hostages in Iraq plead for help
  • 11 Killed in Violence Across Iraq
  • U.S. Takes Steps to Reduce Shiite Domination in Iraqi Military
  • Rights Group Says Iraq Torture Continues
  • US military in Iraq denies troop withdrawal plan
  • Blair under fire for evoking God in Iraq war decision
  • Iraqi parliament to meet soon amid rising violence
  • Foreign troops could quit Iraq early 2007
  • Sectarian tension flares in Iraq after Shiite killings
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