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Iraq Sunnis cry : 2006-05-16 12:32:19   Read225
HDA : Two dozens of civil Iraqis killed by US raids, meanwhile US troops are claiming that they targeted rebels !! Since invasion US killed more than hundred thousand civilians . But US always denies, simply claiming that all killed are rebels !! ... More
HDA : Talabani is counting killed iraqis 100 are killed in a day,and 1000 per month!!But what about occupation forcec?Why Iraqis are killed more than foreign troops?Who is manipulating such operations?!!Talabani should do somethihg to stop civil war created by US AND ISRAEL. ... More
HDA :The State Department is out of her mind. BBC poll shows in more than 33 countries that terrorism is flourishing mainly due to Iraq invasion. So if US or Israel axe of evil strike Iran, then the whole world will suffer from economic and security crises. We hope that Bush even one day listens to ... More
HDA : Such policy of Al-qaeda is totally wrong. Under what reason Zawahiri talks to Pakistan is ? The people of Pakistan is the only concerned with its situation. The problem that Al-qaeda talks on international bases, without even being nominated, or elected , or even favored by Muslim nations. ... More
Porn stars tested on acting skills : 2006-04-28 11:27:13   Read438
HDA : Who is behind porno business ? Who started it ?! Who is behind the media that deal with porno business. Many moral NGO’S and institutions accuse the Zionists. There is an aim behind it. Simply to weaken morality and religion as a step to family destruction. A strong evidence here stated at ... More
Twin suicide attacks rock northern Sinai : 2006-04-27 11:29:50   Read217
H.D.A: Victims of terrorism are mostly Muslims, although suspects are also Muslims!! It is a paradox. How can Muslims be accused as terrorists meanwhile victims are mostly Muslims?! The same situation in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine. ... More
 H. D . A  : Such terrorist acts are targeting Muslims more than any body else. Who   is behind such atrocitise ?! we condemn such crimes,hoping that criminals will be revealed soon, and to be penalized according to Sharia Law i.e death penalty is the most applicable, ... More
HDA : We believe it is a Zionist war since 1948, the date of Israel creation. Recently ’Christian-Zionists ’ joined them lead by Mr.Bush who announced himself that it is a crusade war !! Bush wrote his book ’Hizgeal Vision’ where he gave full right to Israel to extend its power all over ... More
Ga. Student Indicted on Terrorism Charge : 2006-04-21 11:28:49   Read297
H.D.A: A 21 years-old college student is charged with terrorism. Simply because he is a Muslim, although a naturalized citizin!! It seems today in US, Muslims are all classified as suspects till they proove not!! The student even FBI, has nothing against him but as a Muslim, he is suspected. ... More
H.D.A: Another step to fight terrorism is to look after those who finance Islamic extremist groups. We support all efforts to fight terrorism, but we are against the concept that Islam and terrorism are related !! Terrorism has no race and no faith. It is  a world wide phenomina that needs all ... More
Cincinnati activist shot outside city hall : 2006-04-15 12:20:16   Read235
HDA : When a white man is shot, the media protests vigorously . When a black man is shot, the media writes with cold blood, not even demanding investigation, as if a dog is shot dead. Here an outstanding figure, who is a civil rights activist was shot and seriously wounded. Authorities simply said ... More
H.D.A: Now even US media admits that US military is conducting a propoganda campaign to overstate the threat to stability posed by the al Qaedah leader Zarqawi in Iraq. In fact the Republicans, the new cons, Mr.Bush have nothing to talk about to frighten Americans and convince them to vote for ... More
US readying new counterterror plan : 2006-04-05 18:22:25   Read243
H.D.A: US administration is absolutely wrong to deal with terrorism alone based on monopole policy!! When US announces that 300000 persons, organisations, and groups are black listed as suspects, is really very dangerous. Sure such list will lead to widening and flourishing of terrorism. ... More
H.D.A: As long as US new cons support Israel blindly, Strikes on Palestinians will continue. As long as Israel has superiority of arms of all kinds including Chars, Helicopters, Rockets, Nuclear arms, Neutron bombs, Chemical weapons, Biological weapons among others of more than two hundred nuclear ... More
HDA : Australia and America warned about terror attack in Indonosia against Western interests in the weekend !! We wonder why such countries do not cooperate with Indonosia on the ground. Also in Saudi Arabia. ... More
Gaza blast kills militant : 2006-04-01 18:32:04   Read257
H.D.A: Israel secred terrorism is continuing . Now Israel targeted a militant by a bomb, and where? In Gaza beside a mosque so as to creat doubt among Palestinains. US kept silent, not even a denial of such terrorist crime. For US it is only terrorism if Israelis are killed. But for Palestinians ... More
HDA : If AlQaeda says Moussaoui is untrustworthy, then why US is propagating all what he claims without any proof ?! It might be a comedy made to strengthen 11 Sept. causes in the American eyes, that Alqaeda is the only body behind 11Sept. events. ... More
H.D.A: Why US navey is staying in the region for years? Such collide shows how US navy is working in our waters. Who is wrong the navy or merchant ressel?! We appeal UN to demand US to draw all its troops and vessels from our waters. At least tension and terrorism is due to US presence in the ... More
HDA : Talabani is optimistic for release of British hostage Norman Kember. We greet all hostages released and their governments. But pessimism covers all Iraq regions , as deadly operations cause tens of dead bodies and thirty to sixty and more wounded everyday !! how Talabani is optimist ?! ... More
HDA : What a provocative pressure by Westerns. Everyday thousands dropdown Christianity in the West like Denmark, and nobody cares . Thousands of Christians die in Africa due to famine , poverty and sickness, ... More
HDA : It is very risky for UN to send force to Sudan, meanwhile AU forces are still there. Instead of supporting AU forces with the means and finance, UN wants to replace AU with UN as killing is still going on. ... More
China military buildup concerns US, Iran : 2006-03-16 19:01:01   Read232
H.D.A: The whole world is concerned about US program to develop new atomic bombs that go deep in the ground!! The whole world is concerned about US intention to carry out military bases in the space. The whole world is concerned about Iraq invasion and occupation. The whole world is concerned about ... More
H.D.A: If US did not invade Iraq, nothing would have happened in Iraq. Terrorism, killing , torture, Abuse of detainees , human rights violation , civil war, expand of terrorism widely, all happens now after US troops occupied Iraq. Those who torture and abuse lead by US troops in Abu Ghraib are ... More
HDA : What a pity for Africa ? African Union by this dicision delcares inability of African Union to solve crises in Africa, then why was it established ?! Instead of demanding finance support from UN for AU troops , ... More
Senators craft budget with $90 bln for war : 2006-03-09 19:43:42   Read239
HDA : US is allocating 90 billion US dollars from tax payers for war in Iraq and Afghanistan !! That indicates strongly Republicans are calling for war to continue . They will not leave Iraq. ... More
HDA : We deny vigorously such terrorist acts against civilians. Voilence will never solve problems, but dialogue always is the best way to settle crises. Kashmir affair must be solved through dialogue based on UN resolutions. ... More
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  • Bush seeks extra 72.4 billion dollars for Iraq, Afghanistan in 2006
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  • Pakistan on alert as two more die in religious violence
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  • Nurse on trial over 29 deaths
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  • Three killed as new cartoon protests rock Afghanistan
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  • Pentagon unveils 21st century strategy
  • Iran nuclear issue to be reported to UN Security Council
  • Afghanistan battle leaves 25 dead, six killed in more violence
  • Al-Qaeda, Iran and North Korea top threats: US intel chief
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