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H.D.A: President Abbas is fully right. All must respect Palestinian democratic choice!! Israel today talks too much about Abbas tolerance and moderate attitude as to extremist Hamas!! We want to ask here: IF Abbas is preferable to Israelites, why they did not work with him sincerely?! ... More
Hamas Wants Off Terror List : 2006-02-16 19:28:28   Read246
H.D.A: As Hamas is elected in democratic way it must be respected. Palestine nation choice must also be respected. The people of Palestine can not be all terrorist. Chosing Hamas is a message for the world to know that Hamas is not terrorist. So US should remove Hamas from terrorist list in respect ... More
H.D.A: How Israelis shoot before even checking the suspected person? How did they dare to shoot a man carrying toy gun? How did they dare to shoot at a mentally disabled man? ... More
H.D.A: The question here is not the money. It is more important than that. It is a Shiite Sunni cooperation that worries U.S. more than money. Hisbollah and Hamas give the best example today for Muslim Unity Shiites and Sunnis. We hope Iraqis will get the message as axe of evil Israel/ new cons ... More
H.D.A: If Sharon is a man of peace, If hidden history of zionism, If sacred terror of Israel, If Irgun,Shtern and Hagana, are all based on terror, Hamas is based on justified peace. Hamas government simply serves Palestine goals for an independent State on all 1967 lands, including Jerusalem, and ... More
H.D.A: In all democracies in the world, the Parliament outlines the policy of the State. So Hamas government must submit its program to the Parliament for approval. When the Parliament approves the program, it must be respected even by the President Abbas. The ceiling for all disputes between the ... More
Hamas says US must respect vote : 2006-02-14 18:45:35   Read247
H.D.A: It is very annoying and worrying the interference of US and Israel in Palestinian affairs, looking to destabilize Hamas governments. It is enough for what happened in Algeria. Two hundred thousand killed in civil war after topple of democratic results where Islamists gained elections. US in ... More
H.D.A: This is the best answer based on logic and justice. If Israel wants an end to struggle, Israel must withdraw from all territories of the 1967, 4th June borders. Also if Israel wants end of violence , an agreement must be signed by both sides for a certain period. Hamas here is moderate ... More
Official: Hamas Won't Recognize Israel : 2006-02-06 19:18:21   Read250
HDA : Hamas is fully right. The proof is Palestine people voting for Hamas according to its program. To those who oppose Hamas policy , to those in Israel who refuse ,to those in US who object,  ... More
H.D.A: It is unwise at all that Abbas and Egypt put conditions for the Islamist movement to form the next government. Such conditions are demanded by Israel setting a renunciation of violence and the recognition of Israel!! ... More
Hamas rejects Bush's call to disarm : 2006-02-01 18:17:25   Read251
H.D.A: Bush wants resistance factions to disarm. Meanwhile Israel is still occupying Palestine lands. Israel is well armed even nuclear, chemical, and biological arms are in large quantities in Israel, the biggest unique arsenal of WMD in the Middle East. ... More
World powers tell Hamas to change or lose aid : 2006-01-31 16:25:28   Read248
H.D.A: World powers are keen to secure Israel, but never Palestinian people. Threatening Palestinians with cutting aid, or recognise Israel is a very stupid logic. Who is in need to be recognised? Who is in need of his stolen lands? Who is occupying the lands of the other? Who have the means to ... More
H.D.A: Who should wipe the blood of its hands? Irgun, Shtern, and Hagana, who forced four million Palestinians to leave their country? Or Sharon who used to kill women and children in 1956? Who should wipe the blood of its hands? Those who killed UN representative Bernadotte ? Or those who exploded ... More
H.D.A: Why all powers are worried about Hamas? Clinton gave an example with Irland struggle against England. The world till today have resisting movements to free their lands. We do not know why all sympathy for Israelite and no mercy at all for Palestinians. When an Israeli is wounded powers ... More
H.D.A: Hamas is ready for dialogue . Then what is the problem? The quarter prejudged Hamas with American trade mark " terrorist". In fact Hamas and all Palestinian factions resist to free their occupied lands!! ... More
H.D.A: U.S by cutting aid to Palestinian people, will lead to detest of U.S by the people. Palestinians choice must be respected . Bush already insulted President Abbas and Fateh by humiliating them by Sharon and Israelis. ... More
Bush warns US may cut aid to Palestinians : 2006-01-28 19:23:44   Read223
H.D.A: So Bush threatens Palestine people, and wants to penalise the whole nation. Why did they vote for Hamas?! The Palestinian nation has dignity and fond of their sovereignity and freedom. Such acts of Bush administration will end U.S. as a big looser in Palestine affairs. ... More
H.D.A: Israel should remember Irgun, Shtern, and Hagana to know better about terrorism. Who is armed well Hamas or Israel? Who has WMD+ Chemical and biological weapons? Who has  a military fleet of chars, aircrafts , rockets, and bombs? Hamas arms can not be compared to Israel arsenal of WMD. ... More
H.D.A: Hamas shoad emounce violence, what about Israel? If both sides will stick to non-violence agreement of one year as trial, it can be made. As to Israel acceptance, it depends on Palestine acceptance. First Israel should define its borders, and its exact population. If all zionists are ... More
H.D.A: Why the British are in a hurry? They are worried about Israel the terrorist state more than Palestinian state. Before recognition Israel must define its borders as well as its population .Such initiative will give a clear picture whether Israel wants peace or war .If all the lands of 1967 ... More
H.D.A : Regardless to majority or minority all Palestine Panorama should participate in governing their country. All should share the duty of establishment of Palestinian State. Hamas can nominate other factions of Palestine political parties to govern either with them, or alone. But no major ... More
H.D.A: Who said that there is threat among Palestinians? All work for the same goal to realize Palestinian State. The same as all zionists working for their Israeli State. There might be differencies in the means to achieve the goal, but they have one unified vision for the 1967 lands to establish ... More
H.D.A : The American interference in Palestine elections is too heavy in a way that US wants to manipulate the results in favor of some factions against others. U.S. has the habit to intervene in other countries elections as happened in Afghanistan and Iraq to the point that results were not ... More
H.D.A: What peacemaking to be frozen? Al-barghouthy today from prison declared that power and resistance will go together until the Palestinian State is established on all Palestine lands of 1967!! including Jerusalem, and refugees return and release of prisonners. So Fateh, Hammas, and all ... More
HDA : It is really regrettable . Military forces basically are for defending the country against enemies. They are the guards to keep every thing as per constitution and laws. They are committed to respect and serve any faction or party that gains elections. ... More
H.D.A: Israel terrorism continues. Zionists want to block Palestinian elections. Israel wants to dictate who should vote and who should not!! Who should enter Parliament and who should not. Even the cabinet and head of state must get approval before being elected!! This is axe of evil type of ... More
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  • Palestinian election campaign begins despite doubts
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  • Palestinian attack kills four in northern Israel
  • Israel Launches Airstrikes Against Hamas
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