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Mideast stock markets nosedive : 2006-03-16 10:04:04   Read278
HDA : Such bourses are very risky. They are practically negative in achieving real development. As all participants are from the same country , those why buy and those who sell , it mean the same money is rotating from one to another. One will gain in return to another  who loses !! ... More
H.D.A: It is natural for a country living in continuous war with the invisible beside invading two countries , that its deficit widened to a colossal new high of 804.9 billion dollars in 2005!! We are afraid that US decline will be very rapid due to economic factor, if US continues its policy ... More
H.D.A: China is a friendly country with all. China has no war at all even what is termed as International war against terrorism!! It has nothing to do with China. That is why a peaceful country working in peaceful ways with peaceful relations with all around the globe, lead to gaiganstic development ... More
H.D.A: Half France universities are protesting against new employment laws. The government should make use of 1968 lesson of students protests that led to government fall. We are afraid that the other half will protest also, that will lead to complete isolation of government and even a risk of ... More
Rice arrives in Indonesia on first visit : 2006-03-14 17:12:25   Read269
H.D.A: Rice policy to focus on global “ war on terror” will fail in Muslim world. Simply because axe of Muslim affairs is Palestine! But for Rice it is Israel!! Muslims believe that Israel is a terrorist, Nazi, Zionist country, but Rice believes that the Palestinians are terrorists. Muslims all ... More
Cartoons Meant to Provoke - UP Prof : 2006-03-14 11:06:28   Read1636
HDA : Prof. Julkipli wadi of Philipines University Institute of Islamic studies confirms that cartoons are meant for provocation !! It has nothing to do with dialogue or freedom of expression. We thank deeply prof. Julkipli for his understanding of Muslims feelings and mentality . ... More
Polls: Public Worried About Gov't Secrecy : 2006-03-12 18:06:37   Read233
H.D.A: 80% of Americans are convinced that an open government is necessary for an effective democracy. But Americans views on government openness found a majority that believe Fedral Government leans more toward secrecy than oppeness. ... More
Taiwanese Protest End of Unification Group : 2006-03-12 18:03:14   Read235
H.D.A: It seems that Taiwan Government is highly manipulated by US. How can Governement abolish a committee working for Unification with China?! China is not rival of Taiwan. China is the mother of Taiwan. Today or Tomorrow Taiwan will join China .The Americans game to creat tension between the two ... More
HDA : We appreciate such attitude to solve problems peacefully through dialgoue.In fact a dispute of 22 years will not be settled in one conference or one meeting. Both sides should find a mechanisim to gurantee continual discusion and dialogue till both sides come to an agreement. ... More
HDA : This time PM Dominique de Villepin went wrong in his labour law. It seems the government is declining to its end. Students in France are the sign of things going good or bad. ... More
HDA : After decades of dictatorship by Augusto Pinochet supported by US in Chile, comes Mme Michelle Bachelet in democratic elections. Sure Mme Michelle will take her people towards freedom, ... More
H.D.A: What a surprising declaration of Foreign Minister, Secretary of State Mme Rice of United States. China who keeps good relation with all nations, who sticks to world family UN, who respects international  agreements, who achieves heighest rate of growth in the world, is looked at as a ... More
HDA : Another evidence of Western civilisation values,  a PM is accused of corruption !! Whether true or not, hoping to be untrue , it signifies that nobody is above the law, even those of high rank posts !! ... More
HDA : Here comes the Western civilisation values !! Simply with act of spying, A minister was forced to resign. Meanwhile red Indians descendants issued "Patriot Act " to spy on the whole nation !! ... More
Japan Turns Down China Proposal on Gas : 2006-03-08 18:59:26   Read267
H.D.A: We beg Japan to study China proposal, that can be amended if necessary . The most important is not the gas, but the dispute on borders. Normalisation and settlement of borders dispute is the best way for those two Asian Giants to be friends and allies, why not? After all, they are Asians, ... More
H.D.A: It is more than enough to pump 28 million barrels per day from OPEC. The shooting prices are not due to shortage of offer. It is because of tension caused by US monopole policy. Cheney is keen to strike Iran, the actual leader of US, head of new cons in White House!! ... More
H.D.A: Again another world tension due to US monopole policy. How can N.Korea negociate peacefully meanwhile US is cracking down financially on N.Korea assets!! US is not capable to solve world problems rather than complicating them. UN is the right body with all world Community hand in hand to ... More
H.D.A: With deep thanks to high court, more respect from government side to opposition is required. We need to deal with each other government and opposition in a better respected way. Civilised countries give more respect to opposition as they know that tomorrow opposition will take power in ... More
Six dead, more than 60 hurt in India blasts : 2006-03-07 19:27:27   Read223
H.D.A: Why all this terrorism in India? Why such acts in a democratic State? Why some express themselves with violence and terrorism, meanwhile freedom of expression is guaranteed. We hope those who committed such terrorist crime are not Muslims. Simply because Islam disapprove such terrorist acts. ... More
H.D.A: South Dakota (S.D.) did the best thing to protect family life and respect of human life. Abortion is only approved if mother is in danger. That law is going on since 1400 years; today S.D. approved it. In our world, free life, free sex, is not a normal life. Even Gay life is also ... More
Uzbek Opposition Chief Sentenced to Prison : 2006-03-06 19:00:05   Read268
H.D.A: It seems that East Europe democracy is still laging behind, particularly in Muslim majority Countries. Opposition is always accused in Muslim countries, rarely respected. Opposition is always considered as liars, cheaters , dishonest, smuglers, corrupted, working with the foreigners, etc.. ... More
Reports: 100 Dead in Pakistan Fighting : 2006-03-06 18:47:00   Read229
H.D.A: 100 people killed at a time after visit of George Bush. Pakistan regime today is involved in war against terror for the sake fo USA!! Why should Pakistan people die? What for? If a tribe approves Talban activities, they must be inspected. ... More
Diana Probe Finds No Evidence of Foul Play : 2006-03-06 18:35:04   Read255
H.D.A: The death of Diana the princess and her future husband Alfayed, an Egyptian millionaire, is very misterious. Although it happened in 1997, but till now no body knows how it happened? Was it an accident ? or planned death by Scotland Yard and DST of France?! ... More
HDA : What ever the motive may be, no gay is accepted within religious leaders !! All religious deny vigorously gay life. So not only religious leaders , but in principle all believers in God will never think of gay life. ... More
H.D.A: The 4 and UN with EU should force Israel to recognise Palestine in return of Israel state recognition. International borders must be within 4 June, 1967. That means all colonies to be dismantled ,and Isolating wall must be demolished. Refugees must return back home!! ... More
U.N. Food Agency Facing Shortages in Kenya : 2006-03-04 19:03:14   Read242
H.D.A: 3.5 Millions facing hunger due to prolonged drought!! just in one Country - Kenya. Where is the world community? It is not the first time in Africa to face hunger, millions die every year. Why? A rich north should think seriously of poor south. Before allocating large budget for dogs and ... More
  • China boosts military spending while warning Taiwan over
  • Italian govt rebuffs pressure on CIA kidnap case
  • Kenyan police raid media group following controversial report
  • Mubarak says warns US against hitting Iran
  • Bulgaria says in talks for 3rd US military base
  • Oxfam slams loophole for British arms exporters to Uganda
  • High court to hear case on abortion
  • US rejects new UN rights council, wants more talks
  • NYT sues Pentagon over domestic spying
  • Bosnia accuses Serbia of genocide 'hell'
  • Torture Killing of French Jew Spurs March
  • Death Penalty Trials a Painstaking Process
  • World court opens landmark Bosnian genocide case against Serbia
  • Taiwan's Chen scraps China unification body
  • Clashes as Museveni poll win rejected by Uganda opposition
  • Shell locked in bitter legal battle over pollution in Nigeria
  • Action not talk needed to bridge East-West divide: Annan
  • Somali parliament holds first session on home ground
  • S. Dakota approves bill to restrict abortions
  • Dubai company agrees to postpone US port takeover
  • Arcelor to buy 38 percent stake in China's Laiwu Steel: source
  • Russia, China officials in Iran for nuclear talks
  • South Dakota passes abortion ban
  • Mexican rescuers keep digging to find trapped miners
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