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HDA : Only one sergeant is under trial of terrorizing detainees in Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison !! The whole world knows, and even UN that torture and abuse of detainees extended from Abu Ghraib to Guantanamo to Bagram in Afghanistan passing through Europe !! ... More
Project Seeks to Pay Tribute to Slavery : 2006-05-26 12:25:14   Read290
H.D.A: 20 million Africans came to Americans as hostages, slaves badly treated in acute violation of human rights, sold as sheep and goats to Americans, not even looked at as human beings. A historical shame , UN wants to buid sites where they were treated  sites on the " Slave Roote" in Cuba, ... More
HDA : Civilians of Arab and Muslim world worth nothing , meanwhile civilians and military of Israel and the west worth too high !! In Afghanistan and Iraq civilians die everyday as well as Palestine, the world does not even count them as human beings. ... More
HDA : Finally US released the total number of detainees that goes to 759 !! The question is what accusations and crimes those detainees committed ?! We appeal US justice to have a look in their files as most of them are civilians . Violation of human rights needs trial of Rumsfeld who orodered ... More
HDA : If he was a Jew or Israelite, the whole world will detest and demand full investigation. Bust for Muslims they cost less. Where ever you go in the West , Jews and Israelites are treated as first class, meanwhile Arabs and Muslims are of second class !! All this due to the media . ... More
HDA : Lawmakers should have moved since Bush implemented this flagrant violation of Americans human rights. Tomorrow it can be used against Europeans who are the best allies of US. Meanwhile Israel spies on US itself !! New cons today spoiled and damaged seriously US image across the planet by ... More
H . D . A :    ipu IN kENYA now is discussing small arms in hands of civilians.In spite of US enthusiasim for this issue,US itself sells arms to civilians inside US in shops like orange and apple!!US constitution allows arms selling to civilians,although four Presidents were killed by ... More
US defends record before UN anti-torture body : 2006-05-08 11:14:07   Read261
HDA : US administration could not defend itself in US itself,how new cons will defend in UN!!!EU alone lives the math of more than 1000 flights over their space as well as black holes in Europe for abuse and torture of suspected detainees by CIA.Abu Ghraib in Iraq is the biggest scandal of torture ... More
HDA : We reject sending detainees before trial in US itself . Putting hundreds in prison, tortured , and abused for years , then releasing them is not fair or just. American Justice must say its word before sending the detainees to their homeland , with bad reputation of terrorism !! ... More
Feds Try to Dismiss Domestic Spying Suit : 2006-04-29 15:56:27   Read325
HDA : What Justice have US ? simply because Bush administration demanded dismiss, Justice appealed immediately !! Bush claims secrets of US will be in danger if trial continues !! Although it is a dispute between two private sector companies, Bush intervened !! How a leading democratic country such ... More
HDA : What justice in US today under new cons administration ?! Moussaoui claims that British shoe- bomber Richard Reid was to help him fly a jet into the White House on Sept. 11. But the Jury refused such claim , by claiming that there is no evidence , simply because Richard is English , and ... More
Slain Militant May Be Linked to al-Qaida : 2006-04-22 11:49:23   Read283
HDA : We are against killing without trial and justice for civilians. How can a person be killed on suspects and guessings ?! When a man or a vehicle did not stop, we shoot at tyres to hinder it from moving. Suspects must be captured and tried.  ... More
Gay Couples in Belgium Get Adoption Rights : 2006-04-21 11:26:20   Read283
H.D.A: Such a law in Belgium is a flagrant violation of children rights. It is authorised abuse of children by those gay couples. We appeal UN to take strict measures for children protection and their right to live in a proper descant family environment. ... More
H.D.A: What mentality Nepal authorities have? Civilian protesters, immediately shot dead!! That is unacceptable these days of democracy and human rights. Force is the worst to deal with, in regard to peaceful civil protesters. Nepal should adopt democratic free transperent elections as a way out ... More
HDA : Who authorized gay couples to have children? From where did they get them? How can gays adopt children ?! Surely those victims will have no future at all. They will be forced into gay life, why?! where are children rights and freedom . Such sick gay people must not be accepted in Society . ... More
Men Get 77 Months in Internet Drug Sales : 2006-04-14 11:28:35   Read269
HDA : We appreciate highly the Federal judge who tried two persons as they sold unlicensed drug by internet that lead to deaths of five teenagers !! In our small website more than one thousand advertisement of drugs mostly unlicensed, and they advertised without even permission, simply through guest ... More
HDA : It is hard to believe that only one European state admits handed over terror suspects to foreign agents !! So we request the Council of Europe to reveal other European States involved in violation of human rights by trafficking suspects so as to torture and abuse those transported suspects ... More
H.D.A: How such accidents cause too many victims up to hundreds and thousands ?! Where are the military navies that drive day and night in such waters to look for terrorists, ships, and gangs?! Djibouti as an example is full of foreign troops with their so phesticated ships, aeroplanes, and other ... More
H.D.A: What content has such degraded magazine?! What freedom of expression such magazine has?! What dialogue and goals such magazine has?! In fact the West should revise its press freedom in a way to serve human life and family values. Such magazine must be suppressed as it insults humanity in the ... More
Amnesty report fuels secret prison suspicions : 2006-04-06 13:21:22   Read254
HDA : Another proof of Eastern Europe prisons for Muslim suspects. Amnesty met three Yemenis freed from jail, who confirmed being transported to a prison in East Europe. US went there to escape from US laws and justice. But it violated human rights conventions concerning detainees. ... More
HDA : A teenager charged with killing a U.S. army medic in Afghanistan !! The teenager said he had been unfairly punished with solitary confinement . He refused to participate in the hearing and boycott the tribunal . We hope he will get fair trial, but at least there is a defined accusation. ... More
Supreme Court Avoids Combatant Challenge : 2006-04-04 18:26:54   Read306
H.D.A: Another sign of Bush counted days in office. Supreme court turned back a challenge to the Bush administration's wartime detention powers. Bush administration rejected an appeal from U.S. citizin Jose Padilla who until recently had been held as an enemy combatant without traditional legal ... More
Detainee Dies at Abu Ghraib Prison in Iraq : 2006-04-03 09:24:09   Read239
HDA : Why till now Abu Ghraib prison is under US troops control ?! Why such an old man of 62 years old is imprisoned ? What reasons lead to his death ? What is his crime to be imprisoned ? How many are still there in prison ? How many women are still there in prison, and how are they treated ? ... More
Activists fight adult porn trend : 2006-04-02 17:47:54   Read240
HDA : Activists are too late in their movement. It is true what they say, as wrecking countless marriages and wraping human sexuality due to porno business. Fedral prosecutors should take action to pursue more obscenity cases. Commercial sex is in fact inhuman as it exploits human values, and human ... More
John Paul Home to Honor Holocaust Victims : 2006-04-02 17:14:25   Read248
HDA : Why only Jews ? What about thousands of Japanese bombarded with atomic bombs in Nagazaki and Hiroshima ?! What about 50000000 died in WWII ?! What about 6000000 Palestinians today expelled from their native country by those who claim being under holocaust sixty years ago ? ... More
Kidnapped journalist ready to return home : 2006-04-01 17:54:16   Read361
H.D.A: Media here claims that she was sealed off from the world by Islamic militants who threatened to kill her if she cooperated with Americans. Such nonsense is already rejected by the journalist Jill Carrol. She said clearly that she was treated with full respect. Bush must know that she was ... More
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