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Millions of Mormons Fete Founder's Birth : 2005-12-23 17:13:15   Read1601
HDA : No Prophets at all after Jesus and Mohamed , peace up upon them , But Jesus will come back , all of us are waiting for his return !! Both Muslims and Christeans will follow him . But Jews do not even recegnize his first coming . They accuse his mother saint Marry peace be upon her as ... More
H.D.A: We believe that Mr. Turabi should retire. A man of his age and history did more than enough in politics. He should give way to new generations to carry the mission. Mr. Turabi already said what he thinks, did all in life from government to opposition. His party should look for successor in ... More
HDA : We wish all saccess for conservative leader Stephen Harper to be Prime minister . His initiative to restore the traditional definition of marriage between one man and one woman via a free vote in the House of Commous will gain majority of members. In fact law for gay marriage came in act ... More
H.D.A: The Sunday Times as well as American media are making propaganda for Al- qaeda. There is a hidden theme behind it. More than Milliar Muslim on the Globe are burried alive. The West wants to generalize Al-qaeda concept as if it represents Islam and Muslims . We doubt all terrorist ... More
Sikh, Muslim Inaugurate India Hindu Temple : 2005-11-07 04:24:45   Read247
H.D.A: What a nice co-habitation among religions in India?! It is fantastic. It is an example of tolerance . Although more than seventy million Muslims live there, the democracy was too wide to contain all . No extremism, and no fanatism , but peace and dialogue. That is exactly what I saw also in ... More
H.D.A: 67 Roman Catholic Priests over the last 65 years involved in sex abuse, even if true, is not much. Such data shows how pure priests are. What happened is human weak nature. But how much abuse of children takes place outside churchs?! Humanity today is encouraging traffic of children and women ... More
Vatican says firm 'no' to married priests : 2005-10-24 02:01:19   Read277
H.D.A: This is a point of difference between Muslims and Vatican. In fact through dialogue with the Father Michel Loulon in France in 1985 he rejected the idea of marriage of religious people as priests . He considers that such priests should give sacrifice of their human desired for worship of God. ... More
Los Angeles Catholic diocese releases records : 2005-10-13 13:26:28   Read269
H.D.A: With full respect to Catholics, human beings are not angles. They are submitted to commit mistakes. In all religions, in all nations, religious and non religious are subjected to sin. But religious people should give the best example compared to ordinary people. That is why a religious man ... More
Devis warrington- Fry : 2005-10-03 17:35:02   Read298
H.D.A: The best to talk about Islam are those who embraced Islam. Why? because  they know the mentality of the west, where they live .The purpose here is not to convert Christians and Jews and others to Islam. The Qura'an states in many verses that till doom day the world will stick to its ... More
S. African AIDS Expert Urges Circumcision : 2005-09-25 17:16:37   Read264
H.D.A: WHO and UNAIDS welcomed results of the study released at a conference in Brasil in July that 51 members uncircumcised contracted HIV, the AIDS virus , while only 18 members of circumicised group had gotten the disease!! South African Government as prevention distributed one million of ... More
H.D.A: We believe irresponsible accusation of the Vatican is realy a big mistake. The Vatican policy is based on fighting criminals and war crimes. It is unbelievable that Vatican will hide a criminal demanded for Justice. The local Church authorities did their best, to find out such claim is ... More
BBc News :A Pope with uncompromising views : 2005-09-19 12:55:46   Read370
HAD: Four millon catholic in funeral of John Paul II signify that people are still religious !! We as Muslims feel that what we share in common is more than our differencies . The new Pope will continue dialogue for better relation with Muslims, we are also keen for better understanding of each ... More
H.D.A: In fact it is a very significant movement by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to make Pilgrimage as first head of state of his country. For us it is considered a positive initiative that indicates firmly divorce of Russia with communism. We hope one day he pays a visit to Vatican for ... More
Converted Westerns : 2005-09-10 09:49:11   Read840
H.D.A: The best to talk about Islam are those who embraced Islam. Why? becausethey know the mentality of the west, where they live .The purpose here is not to convert Christians and Jews and others to Islam. The Qura'an states in many verses that till doom day the world will stick to its religions. ... More
US pledge on Koran 'desecration' : 2005-05-14 11:25:50   Read341
HDA: Desecration of all wholy books must be stopped . Although, US formed a committee  for investigation, still the big crime  under consideration is:printing false copy of Koran that US must hold and forbid such criminal act. It is uncaccepted in the name of free expression to ... More

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