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War Against Iraq

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Gunmen kill 11 Iraqi students : 2006-06-06 12:35:52   Read259
  H . D . A :  How can a developed country matches with the most powerful country ? Surely US will gain more than Buazil. Simply because US has all means to keep up with its needs rather than countries like Brazil . We advise Brazil to  go in agreements with US not alone but as a ... More
H.D.A.: As long as foreign troops are troops are there in Iraq civil war will continue . It has nothing to do with key security ministers .Every body knows that Moussad and CIA are pushing for civil war in Iraq . They manipulate most of the operations targeting civilians in holy places to serve ... More
H . D . A :   Here it is a mess ! Russians are Iraq friends .Russians are against- Iraq invasion!! Then who kidnapped them and killed one of the Embassy ?! We are sure that Mousad and CIA are manipulating so many operations in Iraq so as to mix the cards . Axe of evil US / Israel Planned ... More
Al-Zarqawi urges Sunnis to take on Shiites : 2006-06-02 16:40:22   Read256
HDA : No body knows why the Americans leave Zarqawi till today ciralating free in Iraq. It seems that Zarqawi and U.S. are in good harmony working both for civil war in Iraq. We wonder why was Zarqawi released from prison in Jordan , and visited Afghanistan , then settled in Iraq even before ... More
Bombs and shootings claim 53 lives in Iraq : 2006-06-01 11:27:34   Read228
HDA : Again 53 victims in Iraq, with triple at least wounded. Unfortunately no body from foreign troops !! Who is responsible ?! Those who invaded Iraq and colonized it are fully responsible, as the whole world knows that before invasion nothing was there is Iraq. ... More
Dozens killed in string of Iraq bombings : 2006-05-31 10:36:28   Read314
H.D.A : Within a day 60 civil Iraqis are killed with too poor British journalists. Till when world will stand still in regard to Iraq atrocities ?! Till when bloodshed will continue in Iraq ?! For Bush it is alqaedah and the terrorists . For us it is US invasion of Iraq . What is the position of UN, ... More
Iran Set Up for Big Gains in Iraq : 2006-05-30 10:46:50   Read257
HDA : US is trying to persuade Iran so as to get a compromise that will lead to free hand of US in the region, together with normalization with Israel , in return of free hand of Iran in Iraq on condition Iran reinforces sectarian policy in the whole region !! ... More
Iraq violence takes 26 lives : 2006-05-29 14:00:06   Read226
HDA : Bloodshed continues in Iraq. Who is responsible ?! It is US of course as nothing was there before invasion. Today foreign troops who colonized Iraq have full responsibility for every thing happening there. As long as Iraqi civil victims are more than foreign troops victims , US will stay in ... More
H . D .  A :    Anothor scandal of US troops in Iraq.24 Iraqi civilians were killed by US troops in town of Haditha in November without any reason. US troops want to cover- up such scandal !! where is US justice ?! At least Bush should appologize , and compensate their families. ... More
No quick troop reduction in Iraq, allies warn : 2006-05-28 12:11:28   Read324
HDA : Recognizing mistakes without rectification is pure mockery. Those guys are fooling their nations. The best way to force them to leave Iraq is to multiply Iraqi resistance and target more foreign troops in Iraq. Only then the two nations will awake up . ... More
Blair visit highlights Bush’s Iraq woes : 2006-05-28 12:07:37   Read254
HDA : It was wiser for both liers to resign with respect to scandals of Iraq that is still bleeding till today . They deceived their people, and cheated world community by claiming WMD in Iraq. When they found nothing , they said they invaded Iraq to implement democracy . In a third interpretation, ... More
HDA : Western media follow US policy by classifying Iraqis on sectarian and regional bases . They dream of dividing Iraq into cantoons , and as a result creat a civil war among Iraqis meanwhile foreign troops stay safe in Iraq extracting its oil wealth. All Iraqis are been to keep their oil wealth ... More
HDA : What  an advice ? He invaded Iraq with Iraqi student thesis as proof of WMD in Iraq !! He put Iraq in bloodshed with his deciple Bush !! He devided Iraq into cantoons !! He pushed Iraq in civil war where tens die every day !! Blair wants world to forget Iraq invasion although thousands of ... More
HDA : Only two dozens of Iraqis murdered by Marines last year !! who believe such lies ?! There are more than one hundred thousand civilians killed in Iraq in three years, due to presence of Marines and under their eyes. We doubt most of criminal manipulated insurgences among civilians . ... More
HDA : We hope that Iraq will be free and independent . But foreign troops, if they leave in 2007, will they take their six giant military bases with them ?! As long as US troops stay in Iraq, bloodshed will continue due to US policy itself of civil war as per hidden agenda !! that were conceived in ... More
HDA : But what about US troops and occupation of Iraq ? What about six gaint military bases under construction in Iraq ? What about legal duty of resistance against foreign forces in Iraq ? Maliki must distinguish between legal resistance against occupation forces and terrorism that targets Iraqis. ... More
HDA : More than 25 killed in Iraq in one day under eyes of occupying troops !! What is strange here is that security is the duty of colonizing forces, more over Iraqis are killed more than foreign troops !! US is always talking about civil war across the country , but never tell about who is behind ... More
Forty killed in day of Iraq carnage : 2006-05-15 18:58:29   Read242
HDA : Forty Iraqis dead in a day, without a single soldier of occupying forces , why ?! Which is priority ? to kick out colonization troops or to kill each other as Iraqi ?! We are sure that foreign troops playa major role in manipulated operations to reinforce civil war. ... More
HDA : Bush just now come to know that Iraq militias are the main challenge to peace !! But who created them ?! Were they existing before Iraq invasion ?! Why only Iraqis are dying every day ?! Who is responsible for security of Iraqis ?! What is US troops job there ?! ... More
Karbala bombing, sectarian killings rock Iraq : 2006-05-09 11:21:05   Read256
HDA : Again Iraq is pushed towards civil war.Who is behind such criminal act?!!Who benefit more from such crime?!!It is not the first time to target holy places!!!As long as American troops ,CIA,FBI,and Moussad are there,they can manipulate such crimes to reinforce civil war. ... More
HDA : Again andther evidence of detest of British troops in South Iraq.The game of Sheeite against Sunni and vice versa is over.All Iraqi peaple are for independance of their country.The calm South for purpose of oil is terminated.Bush and Blair should think seriously of Iraqis will as well as their ... More
HDA : It is enough for British and Americans to stay three years in Iraq. Now even the South of Iraq is fed up with foreign troops.Sunni and Sheeite all are against occupation.It is advisable for both to leave Iraq immediately. ... More
Seven killed, seven kidnapped in Iraq : 2006-05-07 11:24:16   Read248
HDA : Iraq is living in bloodshed,and Bush is optimistic!! more than 100000 civilians are killed in Iraq,and tripple are wounded and new cons are preparing for another war against Iran intending to depass UN for the second time!!All in contradiction to Americans interests and serving others agenda. ... More
Dozens killed in Iraq as parliament meets : 2006-05-04 12:30:18   Read233
HDA : Again Iraqis are killed, Americans with no victims !! It is really astonishing to find a country occupied by foreigners , and the citizens go to kill each other !! US succeeded with Britain and Israel to manipulated and formulate Iraqi society for civil war. This will give occupying forces ... More
HDA : Now US started to go in the right track. It is a must for US to negociate with Iraq Resistance not Zarqawi, to come to an agreement for full withdrawal of US troops, as well as abolishing the six giant military bases in Iraq. ... More
NEW YORK ANTI-WAR PROTESTS : 2006-04-30 18:51:31   Read304
HDA : It is enough for Bush and new cons to challenge and defy American will . Demonstrators in tens of thousands marched in the streets of New York to call for immediate withdrawal from Iraq of US troops. Isn’t that enough ? Bush policy in polls shows only 30%  in favor, isn’t it enough ? ... More
  • Six killed; 12 bodies found tortured in Iraq
  • US rhetoric on Iran resembles pre-Iraq war rumblings
  • Al-Qaida Leader: U.S. 'Broken' in Iraq
  • Dozens killed as Iraqi forces battle rebels in restive city
  • Officials: U.S. hopes to pull 30,000 troops
  • Sister of Iraq's Sunni vice president shot dead
  • Australian PM apologises for Iraq body bungle
  • Rice, Rumsfeld confident of unity government in Iraq
  • US stresses new Iraq government’s duty to fight insurgents
  • Seven car bombs rock Baghdad as US steps up pressure
  • CIA warned Bush of no WMD in Iraq
  • New Iraq premier gets one month to form government
  • Iraq contractor pleads guilty to fraud, US says
  • Insurgents mount bold attacks in Baghdad, Ramadi
  • Iraq's political crisis deepens
  • Iraqi interior minister admits 'death squads' exist
  • Attacks test Iraq's Shiites
  • Iraq PM's future on the line amid anniversary bloodshed
  • Iraqi Shiites to meet on Jaafari
  • Mubarak warns civil war started in Iraq
  • German inquiry to probe Iraq war, CIA links
  • Saddam dismisses evidence amid trial acrimony
  • Saddam returns to court, slams Interior Ministry
  • "Troops Home" Call Echoes Across U.S. Lisa Soderlindh
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