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H.D.A: Why not? US should seek negociations with North Korea. The language of force and threat will never solve the problem. US must look at other countries with full respect in regard to independence and souvereignity . US must demand pardon from NKorea, Iran, and Iraq, ... More
H.D.A.: We think force will never solve . disputes. But dialogue and negotiations will give better results. More than two decades, the country is living civil war between government and rebels. The nation must be consulted in referedom about disputed issues to settle once and for all the crises in ... More
H.D.A.: Castro on the contrary is one of non-aligned countries pillars. He stood firm against US policy is spite of being few kilometers from USA. Independence , ... More
H.D.A.: With dialogue and negotiation Iran dispute can be settled . But with force and threats of axe of evil nothing will be attained . We wonder why Israel is above law ? Why Iran is not allowed civil nuclear energy ? Why Israel is the only country in Middle East with WMD? ... More
World powers differing over Iran : 2006-09-13 14:23:51   Read267
H.D.A.: In fact world is not differing, it is US that differs from the world . US under Israel pressure and new cons in White House want sanctions against Iran, and even war !! Why ? ... More
Analysis: Afghan violence creeps to Kabul : 2006-09-10 13:28:41   Read355
H.D.A.: Afghanistan suffers from wars since decades. From the French , to the Russians, to the Americans . Afghanistan has never lived like others a period of freedom, human rights, and democracy . Afghans are very poor, lacking every thing : ... More
Uganda sees local justice as key to peace : 2006-09-09 18:21:27   Read343
H.D.A: Two decades of violence is more than enough. Crises and disputes will not be solved by force. Negociations are more civilized way to get your rights. Surely local justice will be the key for peace. We hope all Africa adopt dialogue rather than force to settle their differences. ... More
Government attacks intensify in Darfur : 2006-09-08 13:13:49   Read301
H.D.A.: What about attacks intensifying in Palestine ? The West expresses too much sympathy for Darfur, but no sympathy at all for Palestine .    Ministers captured, 20 Parliamentarians kidnapped , teens below 18 imprisoned, hundreds of women jailed, all committed by Israel and ... More
H.D.A.: We appreciate good relations between neighboring countries in a way to reinforce cooperation in economic and human resources fields. But to agree on killing Taliban and others, that is an American target to spread civil war among friendly countries . ... More
H.D.A.: US policy unfortunately is based on force and strike, more worse invading other countries. Today US provokes North Korea in a very rude manner. US forgets that all countries are independent, and colonialism is ended. ... More
H.D.A.: So Israel got international assurances over an arms embargo on Hezbollah , in return to lift blockade against Lebanon. But what about arming Lebanon army to enable it to face Israel attacks as well as airspace violation by Israel ?! ... More
H.D.A.: Till when Israel will be above law ?! UN and the world is begging Israel to lift blockade of Lebanon by air and sea !! Why not a UN resolution to force Israel to lift up embargo against Lebanon . It is a big insult against Lebanon independence and sovereignty . ... More
H.D.A: The question is not only to put soldiers along borders of Israel. It is a matter of artillery and military means for air, sea, and land. Lebanon army must be well equipped to stop any Israel violation of Lebanon territories. Israel must be immediately intercepted by air, sea, and land. Till ... More
H.D.A: In principle Muslims and Arabs troops should be the leaders in US troops in Muslim and Arab countries . They know better the mentality and the environment. So it is appreciable for Turkey, ... More
Sudan's Offensive Comes at Key Time : 2006-09-05 14:44:48   Read401
H.D.A.: It is out of the question of UN troops in Sudan- Darfur without approval of Sudan authorities. It will be very risky and against UN charter to interfere in independent countries affairs. US in fact is supporting rebellions keen to destabilize Sudan, as US failed in the south , ... More
Japan's Abe: China wrong not to talk : 2006-09-04 18:26:29   Read354
H.D.A: We believe those neighboring Asian giants should always stick to dialogue to settle all disputes . Both should look present and future sake not the past. All passive memories of the past should be overturned as EU did after two world wars: WWI, WWII. ... More
H.D.A: Why should force be the choice to settle affairs? We are sure that dialogue which started in Malaysia between opposed sides, should continue. Dialogue will end with peaceful settlement, if both sides are tolerant. But with force, both will be loosers . ... More
Obama urges peacekeeping in Darfur : 2006-09-04 14:17:34   Read375
H.D.A.: A very strange position of US Sen. Barack Obama, D-111, following his visit to Sudan's Darfur region, saying : It is urgent that a United Nations peacekeeping force to be sent there !! We demand Mr.Barack Obama, why he did not visit Palestine ? Why not UN forces there to stop atrocities ... More
Sudan VP vows resistance to UN peacekeepers : 2006-09-03 17:07:53   Read312
H.D.A.: What a strange attitude, UN will send by force its troops to Darfur, without Sudan government approval . That is Bush decision, not UN. After calming the South, US wants to heat the West , and further the East to destroy Sudan. But nations will is far stronger than invaders. ... More
H.D.A.: It is normal for NKorea to develop its defense powers . There is nothing wrong . Exactly the same , why should US develop its attacking facilities , not for defense ? Why Bush announced a new war coming against Fascism ? ... More
H.D.A.: For US it is normal to test, develop, and produce weapons , as it is the right of its disciple Israel. But for others like NKorea, Cuba, Venezuela , Iran , and Arab World, they are not allowed even to think about it. US / Israel threaten the World: ... More
Indonesia offers troops to U.N. force : 2006-09-02 12:35:44   Read233
H.D.A.: Israel put a condition on UN forces that no country should be included in UN forces unless it recognizes Israel !! So Malaysia, Indonesia, and other similar countries have no right to participate in UN forces !! ... More
H.D.A: How such O.K. will be applied?! By force or with coordination of Sudan Government. UN O.K.s in the globe are mostly liquidated or negociated with concerned governments. ... More
H.D.A: With deep thanks to donors, what guarantee for future attacks and destruction of all to be rebuilt? Israel looks at Lebanon as an open colony,   to strike at any time, more over to interfere in Lebanon domestic   affairs, even formation of government!! ... More
H.D.A: Such friendly gests must be encouraged. Children are the most important generation that must grow up away from passive history of WWI,WWII. World should look to future prospects with optimism spreading culture of dialogue, friendship, and common interests. ... More
U.N. threatens to suspend aidin Sri Lanka : 2006-08-31 18:46:48   Read280
H.D.A: Unless UN has a way out for crises settlement that both sides accept, it has no sense to suspend aid. It will complicate the situation. Instead UN should propose a resolution or friendly dialogue between both sides with promising future financial aid for both sides when they come to an ... More
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