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HDA : Right and left in Israeli government , decided to challenge world community. The government took a decision to continue wall construction to cut deep into the West Bank in order to take in two large Jewish settlement blocks !! and the whole world keeps scilent !! Although it is against UN ... More
Hamas, Fatah leaders seek to quell tensions : 2006-04-23 16:53:07   Read258
H.D.A: Both are wrong Abbas as well as Meshael. Both need to be one body with all other factions. All must face together under one national government, Israel fierce attack to eliminate Palestine State. Abbas should consult with Interior Minister instead of immediate cancellation. Also Meshael ... More
Hamas denies storing weapons in Jordan : 2006-04-19 18:26:46   Read240
H.D.A: Jordan is not authorized by US to recieve Palestine foreign minister, so the story was told of hidden weapons in the past. We think if it is true Jordan must be proud to support Palestine Resistance against Israel occupation. It is not a guilt, it is a duty to support Palestine liberation. ... More
H.D.A: We believe Palestinians will unify their efforts for interest of Palestine as all parties of Israel work as one body for interest of Israel!! We are sure that any misunderstanding will be settled within the framework of untiy to achieve their goal of Independent Palestine State. ... More
UN limits Hamas gov’t contacts : 2006-04-15 11:56:52   Read257
HDA : Even UN follows US in its monopole policy , after EU. Why all this hysteria against an elected democratic government? Hamas offered concrete proposals for eternal piece: Simultaneous recognition of both states based on UN resolution of 4 June, 1967 borders. ... More
Rise of Hamas concerns brewers : 2006-04-14 11:20:34   Read1220
HDA : Hamas will not ban alcohol to non- Muslims, but of course for Muslims, Hamas might ban alcohol as well as gambling . But imposing restrictions on women is not true . Within a multi-faith nation, the Government will give equal chances among different faiths. ... More
HDA : Although Abu Mazen , the moderate, is still with full power as Palestine President, US, EU, WB, IMF, G8 among others boy rot Palestine and even Israel refused to give him Palestine money of fees and taxes !! Israel today dominates the whole world, even more stronger than UN Palestine ... More
H.D.A: Isolation of Palestinian government elected by the people will never succeed. In the whole world governments hold firm their position, if the people are with them. Abroad pressure will lead to the contrary. The people will stick more to their government. We feel pity for Western hypocrisy to ... More
Cash has run out, but Hamas chief optimistic : 2006-04-10 16:51:50   Read241
H.D.A: Western countries made a long push for free and fair elections. Not only that but also promissed financial aid for vote outcome irrespective who gains the elections!! Now when Hamas gained, the West changed its mind and declared financial war against Palestine government!! ... More
H.D.A: When Palestinian government offers a bilateral agreement for non-violence to be respected by both Israel and Palestine, the zionists refused. They prefer war and terror. What a paradox is that Paletinians are under pressure to renounce violence, but Israel no!! Today and yesterday Israel ... More
HDA : It is more than blackmail. EU can not dare to take any action against terrorist Israel . How can EU demand recognition of Israel without regonition of Palestine. Israel rejects 60 resolutions of UN.Israel refused to sign IAEA treaty for peaceful nuclear use. Israel threatened to kill PM of ... More
H.D.A: The attack comes amid mounting tensions with the new Hamas- driven Palestinian government!! But what did Hamas do?! Hamas called for bilateral recognition of both states Palestine and Israel based on UN resolution of International borders of 4th June, 1967. Hamas also announced publicly that ... More
EU suspends funding to Palestinian Authority : 2006-04-07 15:10:15   Read249
H.D.A: EU follows US in suspending aid to Hamas!! EU knows well that Palestinians have no hand at all in holocaust. As the German journalist siad: The Europeans made the crime, and the Arabs are paying the poice!! Abu Mazen the President still in office. He is moderate in EU and US eyes. Then why ... More
We'll study any Israeli talks offer: Hamas PM : 2006-04-06 11:28:43   Read297
HDA : After such proposals and the letter to Kofi Annan by Foreign minister , who is the terrorist Israel or Palestinians ?! Of course due to superiority of Israel with its WMD, chemical , and biological weapons as Vanunu uncovered two hundred nuclear heads with neutron bombs, Israel will always ... More
Palestinian Tells UN His People Want Peace : 2006-04-05 19:32:58   Read247
H.D.A: After this letter to UN Secretary General Kofi Anan that Palestinians want peace by Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hamas Government ,no execuse for UN not to go ahead to apply its resolution of two states to live in peace side by side based on 4th june 1967 borders. ... More
H.D.A: US/ Israel axe of evil can not isolate Hamas. That is the logic of democracy . When Palestinian people voted for Hamas, it was according to its program! Palestinians spent ten years of dialogue and recognition of Israel, but nothing was obtained for Palestinians. On the contrary, they lost ... More
Hamas PM orders gunmen off streets : 2006-04-01 18:09:12   Read238
H.D.A: When we come to violence , who is stonger? Israel or Palestinians. Language of force is far away from Palestinians strategy. It is Israel that threatens not only Palestinians but the whole Middle East including Iran. Palestinians resist occupation with traditional arms including stones and ... More
HDA : When Europe fought against Nazi occupation, they carried out so many suicide operations to free their countries. It is commonly approved all over the world including Japan, that resistance against occupation with suicide bombing is largely accepted . ... More
U.S., Canada close door on Hamas : 2006-03-30 17:08:10   Read265
HDA : US is understood as new cons proIsraelis are controlling fully White House, but Canada why ?!! EU was main observer in Palestine elections as well as Jimmy Carter of US. Closing door means on Palestine people not only Hamas. Canada as democratic country must respect Palestinians choice . ... More
Abbas Swears in Hamas Cabinet Ministers : 2006-03-30 10:43:38   Read256
HDA : When you see all Israeli parties haring the same view for their country by demanding Jerusalem as their capital, colonies to continue in Palestine lands, wall to be completed, you feel all look for war and not fore peace. ... More
US bans contacts with Hamas-led government : 2006-03-29 18:51:14   Read244
HDA : US today is an Israeli State. New Cons are governing US to serve Israel agenda and work on an anti-American policy against US interest. But what about the rest ? The Four including Russia already opened dialogue with Hamas. United Nation is independent. ... More
HDA : Hamas since victory in elections till today is adopting dialogue policy . Hamas accepted even recognition of Israel on condition that Israel recognizes the Palestinian State. ... More
Olmert sees talks with US on Israel's borders : 2006-03-26 17:54:28   Read253
H.D.A: Demanding four years to determine final borders of Israel is not serious. More worse that Israel rejects UN resolution for 4th June, 1967 as final borders for both Palestine and Israel. So colonies must be dismantled, the wall to be demolished, and four million Palestinians must return home. ... More
H.D.A : It is not a question of aid. It is a question of justice. Hamas as well as all Palestinians demand bilateral simultaneous recognition of both states: Israel and Palestine. International borders are those approved by world community of 4th June, 1967. Also return of expelled four million ... More
Hamas reiterates refusal to recognize Israel : 2006-03-22 16:42:58   Read254
H.D.A: To seek peace, both states must be recognised. Israel must recognise Palestine State simultaneously with Palestinian recognition of Israeli State!! Also international borders must be immediately outlined by those of 4th June, 1967 approved by world community as Mr.Carter said. Return of four ... More
Israel opens Gaza crossing to ease shortages : 2006-03-20 18:08:10   Read261
H.D.A: Nazis are always the same. Zionists of terrorist Israel closed the main goods crossing till Palestinians suffered from lack of wheat and wheat flower!! Without international port in Gaza to recieve ships and goods by sea, Palestinians will be always under threat. Without independence of ... More
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