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HDA : The sick man Freud, who lived a failed family life tried to put all humanity in his dress !! If Russia after eighty years abandons Stalin, Lenin, and all theoricians of Communism, why not the world  to abandon Freud theories that go back to hundred years ago?! ... More
HDA : As China is achieving the highest growth rate in the world of 10% in first quarter, it indicates that China policy is absolutely right. Why should China revalue its currency to serve other countries . US money the dollar is suffering not less than 17% of inflation, but US refused to admit !! ... More
H.D.A: We are afraid that such call will be frozen by US as it opposed development and reforms in United Nations. It is really a pity that UN stays with its structure as it was since 40 years ago. IMF will face surely US opposition, simply because US wants to continue its monopole policy all over ... More
G7 powers to meet as oil prices take flight : 2006-04-20 17:28:50   Read250
H.D.A: G7 should meet first among themselves to discuss US monopole policy that lead to such oil prices to take flight. The whole world today is frightened with US monopole policy of force. US depassed UN since 2003 when US challenged UN and invaded Iraq.     ... More
H.D.A: Who is behind shooting up of oil prices?! It is definitely US. American monopole foreign policy is already taking the world towards destability and insecurity. US is pressing hard on oil producers, mainly Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Iran. Invading Iraq against UN will, threatening Iran is another ... More
Former Illinois governor guilty of corruption : 2006-04-18 16:27:57   Read237
H.D.A: Bush administration is found corrupted in many cases. Today the governor of lllinois is accused of fraud, rackteering, tax evasion and other charges. It goes up to 18 felony counts. This is not the last, others sure are on the list. It is a question of principles. It seems corruption is a ... More
HDA : Corruption is everywhere . No country , no nation is corruption less. Such phenomina needs political will and defined mechanisms to deal with it. But the begining is to start within the party to give the example for the nation. ... More
H.D.A: We are afraid that Lugano report is under execution. Already three million died in civil war in Congo. Now Chad, Sudan, and Iraq are under civil war. Is it true that two billion people must die according to Lugano report as economy is not enough? Those two billion must be from Africa and ... More
Chevron takes stake in giant Indian refinery : 2006-04-13 10:54:53   Read233
HDA : India respects its principles. Surely Chevron will be welcomed. WTO regulations oblige !! But what will happen if an Indian company is interested to invest in American giant company , will US accept ?! or under security reasons US will reject India, as it did with China and Dubai?! ... More
H.D.A: We hope all success for new President in Italy, Mr. Prodi . The best thing is his decision to withdraw totally from Iraq. All Italian army will leave Iraq which is a big blow for Bush and new cons. We hope others will follow namely Britain, Australia and Japan to leave Bush alone to face his ... More
HDA : Since the act happened a decade ago, since Salman Khan is a superstar, why then imprisonment for five years ?! What use India will get of his imprisonment ? His future sure will be destroyed. It is far better to charge him millions of money to serve improvement and development of gazelles ... More
Japan opens Eton-inspired elite school : 2006-04-08 16:30:55   Read416
H.D.A: It is best idea to have distinguished school for elite students to make leaders out of them. Modern life pushes students to an environment of video- games , comics, and other favorite pastimes . To pay more care to youths these days is a must. A youth can not chose between easy life of ... More
H.D.A: It is surprising and astonishing that Britain language today is independent EU. It seems that Mr. Brown, Minister of finance will not follow Blair failed policy to follow US as its dog as Mr. Gallawy said.   We belief not only industrial, but in all fields EU should have its ... More
H.D.A: Bush administration is really seeking for war. New cons hate the whole world, fanatic, regid, nazist , ready to do anthing to destroy world peace and security looking through a small hole called Israel. Israel itself is a Nazi state that expelled six million Palestinians out of their native ... More
HDA : If I were Christian, I will vote for anyone who will up hold "family values". The world today is in need of morality and family values. In fact today spirit of unisex marriage, homosexuels rights, and commercial sex everywhere through media as well as trafficking and licensing of white slavery ... More
H.D.A: UN as international body should work hand in hand with countries to be helped. Sovereignity of all countries must be respected. Sudan has no right to block UN chief visit, but he must be accompanied by Sudan delegation. Arab summit already decided that AU should take charge of control in ... More
H.D.A: We appreciate German advise to US. In fact world today is too small. Force will never solve any problem, but dialogue is the best. US needs Iran as Iran needs US. It is quite evident that US wants Iran help for Iraq crises. Also Iran wants US support for its peaceful nuclear program. ... More
Opponents welcome Thai PM's decision to quit : 2006-04-05 13:21:38   Read246
H . D . A :That is the best decision of PM in Tailand . We since  the begining did not understand the mechanism of democracy there . How can executive power challenges ... More
  H . D . A : We expressed since the begining our view. that it Is far better to  liquidate the project till  those concerned and affected by it to discuss it in friendly way with the government. Democracy obliges goveinment to listen attentively to opposing youths who know ... More
Iran Tests Second New Torpedo in Gulf : 2006-04-04 11:24:08   Read214
HDA : We congratulate Iran wishing her all success to improve its defense against expected Nazi attack by US , GB, and Israel . It seems today that the world lost control on itself. Even UN is completely paralised !! That is due to monopole policy of US/ Israel axe of evil joined recently by ... More
H.D.A: It is a must for world to approach each other with dialogue, cooperation, respect, and mutual benefits. Nuclear energy today is needed world-wide for peaceful use mainly for electricity generation. That will give a push for development everywhere as electricity is needed for housing, ... More
H.D.A: When a state naval officer tells TV about testing weapons; it means Iran have nothing to hide. Simply because it is her full right like all other countries. US announced a new project to develop atomic weapons!! Once with Britain; then with Israel. Why Israel and World Community develop ... More
HDA : Such large scale projects between East and West will reinforce spirit of peace and friendship. With more common economic projects among world Family will improve climate of dialogue and mutual respect. One of the predominant ways to improve relations among nations and even civilizations ... More
Oil steady near $66 : 2006-03-29 19:14:44   Read271
HDA : Us is the main reason behind oil price shooting up . In fact US monopole policy if continues will lead to catastrophic situation on the globe. Firstly Oil, all countries are worried about US eminent attack on Iran , a bigger oil reserve. Iraq is under occupation, which is another big oil ... More
HDA : Before Afghanistan turns to another Iraq, Atlantic Alliance should give up and pullout its troops for UN to take charge instead. UN as international Reference all will accept its presence even with UN troops as UN is not a colonizing force . ... More
HDA : We hope that Mme Merkel will gain victory in this test. Such an intelligent lady who holds the stick from the middle will live for long to serve Germany, EU, and world peace. ... More
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  • A siege on the child-porn market
  • Feds: Chat site showed live molestation
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