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H.D.A.: In spite of more than 60% of Americans against Iraq war, Bush dismissed talk of US withdrawal from Iraq !! The question is for whom Bush is working ?! What agenda White House follows ?! Bush today is challenging the American people , going with Israeli agenda , brought by new cons, that were ... More
Bush in Baghdad for talks with Iraqi PM : 2006-06-13 18:32:53   Read285
H.D.A: What stability in Iraq that enabled Bush to stay five hours only. Bush settled Iraq crises towards freedom and democracy in the American wary. Colonizing the country, building the military bases, encouraging civil war, killing Iraqis by dozens and hundreds of wounded except US ... More
 H . D . A : Bolton presence in UN is a very very very grave mistake . Bolton is a new con who works for Israel rather than US, who wished one day destruction of UN building !! Bolton like all new cons in White House as expressed in their manifesto for WWIII End of Evil  that there is no ... More
Republicans dodge disaster with House win : 2006-06-08 11:51:35   Read279
H . D .A : Either under media effect, or manipulated  results the Republicans gained the seat. How can a Republican gain elections these days in US ? How can a Republican gain elections where the one occupying the seat is in prison due to bribe relation, and he is a republican also. ... More
H . D . A : House of representatives approved fifty billion dollars more for next year to support Bush war in Iraq and Afghanistan !! So US confirms its rude policy of monopole depassing UN in  Iraq in particular . Then why US calls the world for solidarity against terrorism , meanwhile US ... More
China says US : 2006-06-07 11:18:33   Read238
H . D .A :    US is not only rude but also snobbish !! In fact those who live in glass ( like US) should not throw stones at others. US criminal register is of today only consists of  a) Lying to Americans and the word of Iraq war motives . b) Violating human rights by its ... More
Lieberman faces showdown over Iraq : 2006-06-06 13:16:00   Read282
 H . D .A : Lieberman a famous JEW, who served Israel more than United States. Just by a simple declaration against Abdulrahman AL- Amoudy, immediately CIA and FBI services captured AL-Amoudy  and prepared a big file with more than ten accusations that lead Al-Amoudy to prison for ... More
HDA : The problem of the problems is that US is excuting agenda of others, namely Israel . US people have no problem with Iran . Americans know very well that Iran has no WMD, and Iran does not threat US peace. Americans know that their government is manipulated by new cons who are also manipulated ... More
HDA : Bush is lying to Americans and the world . Bush is a blood sucker manipulated by new cons to enlarge the scope of war. Bush is threatening to strike Iran. Bush is supporting terrorist Zionists to go alone in their monopole policy defying UN resolutions as well as the four of road map. Olmert ... More
Jordan's King Meets With Vice President : 2006-05-30 11:15:07   Read261
HDA : Jordan should take into consideration that Cheney is the master mind of new cons in White House . He is loyal to Israel exploiting all US means to achieve Israel goals on the expense of American and Arab interests . No peace is expected under new cons rule. ... More
HDA : After more than 60% of Americans are against Iraq war, why Bush insists to challenge his people ?! He lied by claiming WMD in Iraq, then claimed imposing democracy , then claimed fighting terrorism, then claimed Alqaeda . Iraq laison, then claimed fighting terrorists in Iraq , better than ... More
HDA : The world knows very well how those guys lied to their people and the world about Iraq invasion. They even challenged UN ! Now they want to carry out the same senario against Iran !! No body believes those liers. Their popularity in their own countries is becoming lower and lower. ... More
US embassy in Japan warns of possible threat : 2006-05-24 17:32:36   Read284
HDA : It is always US who warns of terrorist acts all over the world. What is strange that most of the warnings become true , as the case of Saudi Arabia !! A day US embassy in China warned of terrorist Alqaeda to bombard an hotel !! But Chinese authorities immediately denied the act, and nothing ... More
Excerpts From AP Interview With Khalilzad : 2006-05-22 11:29:01   Read307
HDA : Khalilzad is an American by loyality to US, but not by origin. This guy played a dangerous role with new cons to support Iraq invasion even before 11Sept. criminal acts. He claimed among others that Iraq has WMD threatening Israel , America friend in Middle East . So such a lier who believes ... More
FBI raids House of Representatives office : 2006-05-21 12:20:26   Read283
HDA : What a shame for new cons ?! What a scandal for Mr.Bush ?!FBI searches offices of Representatives?! Who is who in US !! Why Bush is violating US constitution and depasses all laws and regulations ?! Where is US legal Justice ?! Is it still independent ?! Why Democratic Rep. ... More
HDA : US / Israel axe of evil dream of civil war in Palestine as it is in Iraq, all to serve the Great Middle East plan. Palestinians are more inteligent than Israelis . If right and left in Israel together with religious parties all work hand in hand to serve their country , Palestinians must do ... More
Rove Blames Iraq War for Low Bush Numbers : 2006-05-16 12:43:37   Read1465
HDA : Rove comes after Fokoyama to blame Iraq war new cons who brought down Bush numbers !! We expect the end of Republicans from the scene soon, as they sacrificed American youths as well as American money of tax payers, for interests of others against US interests !! ... More
HDA : Bush follows whatever Cheney says, even Iraq invasion under pretext of WMD !! Now Bush confirms claim of Cheney that spying on tens of millions of Americans is necessary to target Al-Qaeda !! Also Iraq war is for targeting terrorism mainly Al-qaeda !! depassing UN, ... More
HDA : Cheney the actual president , and head of new cons working for Israel more than US, is an odd person. He defended before torture and abuse of suspected detainees in Iraq and Guantanamo bay . Then he used since 11sept. drama, to intercept phone calls even against Americans without authorization ... More
HDA : Tens of millions of Americans are recorded in a spying process against their phone calls abroad i.e. outside United States . It is the worst scandal of new cons in flagrant violation of US constitution. ... More
Embattled Bush pleads for patience with Iraq : 2007-01-24 13:12:48   Read212
H.D.A.: Bush claimed plans that have a beginning without an end. Bush doesn't know when he will achieve victory . Bush doesn't know when his troops will leave Iraq. Bush withdrew 20000 troops, then he decided in third plan to ... More
HDA : Breather in fact is for US to think seriously of its position towards Iran.US must think of Middle East security under threat of Israel WMD arsenal.Selectivity policy will not yield peace.On the contrary ,it will lead  to more tension in the region.Without reconcidering its monopole ... More
H . D . A : Another sign of sharp decline of US .Newborn survival rate is among the lowest rate as that of Latvia. !!!Although US is the super power of today, it comes in the bottom of the list in the field of economy. Many American thinkers believe that fall of US is not so far. It will be due to ... More
CIA nominee faces fight over eavesdropping : 2006-05-10 11:25:51   Read338
H . D . A : CIA nominee is not only facing fight over eavesdropping, but also rejection by lawmakers as he is military to practice his job on civilians. Bush in fact is forming a police state away from traditional democratic regime. New cons went too far in violating US constitution by spying on ... More
(CIA) director Goss stuns with resignation : 2006-05-08 10:59:51   Read1221
HDA : CIA,FBI,and all US security services failed not only in Iraq but also in stopping or hindering 11 Sept. criminal sad dramatic events.Since that day they needed to be reformed with all headquarters to be trialed.Also USpolicy towards terrorism need justification. ... More
HDA : US has the power and the means to convince the rebels by hook or crook to sign the peace deal .If US fails , than civil war will continue as in Iraq till Sudam is fragmented into four of five cantoons as Iraq. We disapprove US monopole policy in Muslim world based on sectarianism to push our ... More
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