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Israel and Zionism

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H.D.A: Such a game played by both Likud and Labour Party towards Arabs is Continuing without end. One strikes the other denies, then the other strikes the first approves. Through history of Zionists in Israel since1948, a common target is killed as much Palestineans, take as much Palestine Land, ... More
Rice in Israel to revive peace process : 2005-11-14 16:35:03   Read288
H.D.A: Rice claimed peace warned Palestinean Authority to dismantle resistance factions and deprive Hamas to participate in forth comming elections. Such conditions worked out in Prokings Zionist Institute in US, where they seak for civil war among Palestineans, with no state at all!! Rice talks ... More
H.D.A: Israel terrorist defense Minister has dismissed Palestine Leadership as a partner of peace!! We believe that Sharon Staff is not for peace, it is for war. So it is not surprising. What is more funny the terrorist defense Minister declared that he does not think that a Palestinian State will ... More
H.D.A: The problem is not Hamas. The real issue is Palestinean rights, including their independent state. Sharon knows well that he is occupying all Palestinean lands, allocating only 28% for them out of which 51% are colonies!! If the wall continues, ALQODOS undelivered, four million refugees to ... More
H.D.A: How can an Israeli with his game theory in Economics will avoid war and solve conflict of Palestine? Such a man living in a terrorist state that owns more than two hundred nuclear heads including neutron bomb; is not a man of peace. Stockholm Nobel Prise for Baradec for WMD desmanteling ... More
H.D.A: Only now supreme court in Israel ruled that Israel army must stop using Palestinean civilians as ' human shields' in operations against suspected Palestinean militants. That means all along Israel history, civilians were forced as shield for Israel army!! Why US did not protest in name of ... More
Israel Education System : 2005-10-03 17:16:07   Read280
Israel Education System Mr. Bush Administration always focuses on our education system; demanding changes and transformations on many issues. Bush fanatic fundametalist extrcmist gang including Wolvetz Ramesfield, Faith, Perl, among others who look always with zionist eyes regardless to United ... More
The Israelization of America : 2005-09-28 15:24:31   Read277
The Israelization of America by James Brooks US officials recently announced the somewhat jarring news that Israeli security forces will be training American soldiers in the techniques of urban warfare. Apparently Israel's illegal thirty-five year occupation of Palestine has enabled it to ... More
Media Full Control Jew Watch : 2005-09-27 16:27:36   Read361
Media Full Control Jew Watch Keeping a Close Watch on Jewish Communities & Organizations Worldwide Top: Jewish Controlled Press· Current Event Lies and Spin · Your TV News Networks · Your Local Newspaper · Your Favorite News Magazines · Your Favorite Publishing Houses · Jewish Film ... More
Against The Law To Criticize Israel? : 2005-09-26 16:27:07   Read237
H.D.A: Anti Semitism is anti- zionism. That is new cons and Bush policy concept. That is pruposely made to stop any criticism against Israel. But Arabs are Semites!! History needs to be rewritten with Bush and new cons concepts!! ... More
US Aid to Israel : 2005-09-25 07:47:50   Read357
H.D.A: As long as US feeds Israel with three billion dollars every year, mainly military assisstance, there will be no way out for peace in the region. Why should tax payers in US feed such disobedient country? Why should US stand alone with Vito against world will for the sake of Israel? Why ... More
Making the World Safe for Sharon’s Israel : 2005-09-22 11:23:45   Read275
HDA: Another American Positive point of view . We hope Bush and his minister of foreign affairs will take sush argument into consideration , away from anti-semitism. ... More
Sharon Seeks Disarmament of Militants : 2005-09-19 18:24:29   Read260
H.D.A: The terrorist Sharon seeks from UN and Europe to press for the disarming of Palestinean Resistance Factions and the abolition of their covenant- Israel destruction!! It is very funny Sharon argument to put the situation vise versa. Who is destructing the other? Who is occupying the land of ... More
H.D.A: What relation has Hamas with criminal act of 9/11? What relation has resistance to do with terrorism? What UN charter says for occupied countries and their right to struggle against occupation of their homeland? Mr. Bush should respect deomcracy and its results. Bush must know that it is ... More

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