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War Against Iraq

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H.D.A: Bush already said Israel is his first priority not America in flagrant violation of JFK policy without instructions from Olmert and Mousad Bush will stay in Iraq to finish Israel agenda there. ... More
H.D.A: Although American nation polls show more than 65% against Iraqi war, although Congress man Lieberman lost his seat due to his blind support of Iraq war, Bush still declares he will stay in Iraq, not only that, ... More
H.D.A: It is without doubt the responsibility and commitment of US troops. That is in fact Mousad. CIA,FBI, and US troops hidden agenda to reinforce civil war in Iraq. ... More
Troop reinforcements arrive in Baghdad : 2006-08-09 14:44:56   Read234
H.D.A: What a paradox?! US who worked hard for civil war in Iraq together with Mousad and CIA, is sending , more troops to Iraq so as to reinforce civil war, and finish building the six giant military bases there!! ... More
Hagel opposes sending more troops to Baghdad : 2006-08-09 13:22:20   Read280
H.D.A: "It was irresponsible and wrong to send more US troops to Baghdad" that is what Hagel said. In CBS show " Face the Nation " Hagel said pouring more US troops into Baghdad would not reverse the rising tide of sectarian killing there!!" ... More
H.D.A.: Again Nazi Bush is the main cause of new 50 Iraqi civilians killed today !! What needs thinking is the puzzle of US troops that are always safe !! History taught us that nations unite when they are invaded, ... More
Gunmen kidnap 25 at Baghdad company : 2006-08-01 17:22:43   Read257
H.D.A: Security of civilians in Iraq is far away from being achieved. All Iraqis today suffer severely from in security . The main reason is occupation of US troops, who protect well themselves , ... More
U.S. airstrike kills 2 militants in Iraq : 2006-07-31 09:09:00   Read346
H.D.A.: US manipulates most of operations against civilians in Iraq with the help of Moussad . Alqaeda is a pretext, as it was Al-Zarqawi, now we do not who , as situation is becoming worse !! ... More
H.D.A: Shiekh Hakim is absolutely right. US has no role to play in Iraq except civil war and building of military bases, with exploiting oil weath of Iraq. US invaded Iraq for Israel agenda, under pretext of WMD, ... More
Bush says more troops heading to Baghdad : 2006-07-26 13:15:36   Read227
H.D.A.: Where is Alqaeda ? What are they doing in Iraq ?! In fact till now all operations of Alqaeda are illegal and damaged seriously Islam image in the world, whether those abroad or those in Arab and Muslim world , and above all 9/11 , if they really did it. ... More
H.D.A.: With lack of peace and security in Iraq, it is a must that Iraqis must arm to defend their houses as individuals . ... More
Maliki and Bush to push 'civil peace' in Iraq : 2006-07-25 13:41:37   Read228
H.D.A.: How can civil peace be achieved under colonization ? How Iraqis will be free under 160000 US troops ? Why security of Iraqis is degrading ? Why only civilians are targeted ?! ... More
U.S. Troops Clash With Shiite Militiamen : 2006-07-23 17:23:53   Read307
H.D.A: All Iraqis Shiites and Sunni will always have clashes with US/ UK troops. That is normal, and a dulty fo all Iraqis to fight against colonization of their country. That is their full right and duty as per UN charter, that any country has full right to defend its souvereignity and lands . ... More
Saddam Pins War on Bush, Pro-Israel Lobby : 2006-07-22 16:35:47   Read229
H.D.A: Saddam is the last to talk about Americans in Iraq. He is the one who brought them, and served them. Saddam as a dictator decided to invade Kuwait, Saddam decided alone to fight Iran for eight years , causing too much damage and loss in human life and billions of dollars. ... More
H.D.A.: Without dissolve of militias in Iraq, without dissolve of Iraq army built by Americans in the south and Israel in the North, peace will never the top factor for disability of Iraq. So it is a must for Iraq to be liberated . ... More
H.D.A.:Cheney personal company Halliburton got big deals in Iraq in an illegal way, with prices tripled compared to market price. Cheney exploited his position to make profit as war trader in Iraq on expense of American interests, ... More
Mosque targeted in Iraq bombing : 2006-07-11 16:43:52   Read218
H.D.A:  Without dismantle arms of militians, no security of Iraqis will be guaranteed even in holy places. Without stopping Mousad and CIA from manipulation of operations against civilians to encourage civil war, Iraqis security will never be attained. Without expelling US troops from Iraq, and ... More
H.D.A: Iraq resistance is flourishing against  American occupation. As we said in Tehran targetting American troops, will force US to leave Iraq under American nation opinion. Already more than 60% of Americans are against Iraq war, feeling that it is not their war. It is far Israel. ... More
H.D.A: Still victims of Nazi Bush are increasing in Iraq. Civil war as planned by axe of evil , is spreading in Iraq. How can on occupied country fight each other and leaves colonization forces to live in peace?! How six giant military bases are under construction are not attacked ?! Why US troops ... More
H.D.A: Finally Iraqi PM waked up on crimes of US troops against civilians. Why Iraq authorities till today did not charge US troops and deny vigorously and put US troops on trial for crimes of Abu- Ghraib against innocent women and men, humiliating them, abusing them, and torturing them, well ... More
H.D.A: 24 Iraqis killed all civilians , in Haditha alone!! How many are killed secretary among ................................... hundred thousand civilians killed by US troops? US is not telling the truth. Bush himself is a big lier, claiming Iraq invasion for WMD which was lie of April. UN ... More
H.D.A: How an army built by US troops and Mousad will be sincere to Iraqi people?! Violence today is always among Iraqis, while US troops are living safely!! The big problem facing Iraqi formed army of 30000 troops is working hand in hand with occupying forces, which is definitely built to fight ... More
Iraqi Leaders Question U.S. Troops' Immunity : 2006-07-07 10:07:31   Read233
H.D.A: After more than three years, Iraqi Leaders waked up to question US troops. Who is who in Iraq? Who is powerful in Iraq: Iraq leaders or US troops? Why till now Abu Ghraib prison is under US troops control? Who Iraq Leaders have net the right to enter the prison? We doubt Iraq freedom in ... More
Bush vows to stay course in Iraq : 2006-07-05 12:12:18   Read245
H.D.A.: Again Bush challenges the Americans . Although more than 60% are against Iraq war, Bush is sincere with new cons and Israel against Americans interests . ... More
Gunmen free kidnapped Iraqi deputy minister : 2006-07-05 12:07:28   Read241
H.D.A.: This is one of Bush Nazi crimes. Iraq lives in complete disorder !! Every day killing, kidnapping, wounded, in tens and hundreds, and Bush is happy. No security no peace for Iraqis, but all is made for US troops . ... More
H.D.A: After Zarqawi in Iraq, now Abu Ayyub al-Masri, as if Iraq is a country of foreigners! More than 20 million Iraqis are counted only as victims. They have nothing to do with resistance to free their country. US insists that destability and lack of peace in Iraq is due to foreigners, not to ... More
  • Romania PM orders Iraq pullout
  • Pakistan angrily reacts to Rice's comments
  • Australia probes fatal Iraq shooting
  • Deadly street battles prompt daytime Baghdad curfew
  • General sees troop cuts in Iraq this year
  • Gunmen kidnap more than 100 Iraqis
  • Iraq PM announces first coalition troop pullback
  • Japan pulling troops from Iraq
  • Wave of bombings rocks Baghdad as Al-Qaeda vows revenge
  • Bush urges nations to keep Iraq pledges
  • Iraq attacks kill 43
  • Missing US troops in area where many live in fear
  • Shoe bomber strikes Baghdad Shiite mosque despite clampdown
  • Senate Rejects U.S. Troop Pullout in Iraq
  • Bush sees progress but not ''zero violence'' in Iraq
  • Iraqi and US troops out in force for Baghdad security crackdown
  • Blasts rock Iraq following Al-Qaeda threats
  • Bush says Iraq's new al Qaeda chief in US sights
  • Bush summons war cabinet for post-Zarqawi session
  • Authorities release 200 Iraqi prisoners
  • US military in Iraq awaits FBI report on Zarqawi DNA
  • Iraq frees Sunni prisoners in reconciliation bid
  • Army officer says won't fight in ''unlawful'' Iraq war
  • US troops accused of new murders in Iraq
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