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H.D.A: What a civilization ! The U.S. general threatens of brutal force and more civilian causalties in future wars!! To defend U.S. interests is normal, but U.S. should respect interests of others, not on their expense. Who said Iraqi ... More
Fears of jihad in Horn of Africa : 2006-10-24 18:24:15   Read406
H.D.A: It is fear of civil war, once again in Somalia. After decades of war, Somalia needs peace and stability. Unfortunately under pretext of jihad and terrorism, U.S. pushes Ethiopia to carry war in Somalia to split unity and ... More
H.D.A: For success of UN mission, it must be fair and neutral towards rivals. Accusing the government means full support of rebels. UN should look first who is behind rebels?! Who is supporting them? Who is supplying them with ... More
Ex-S. Korean leader: North may use force : 2006-10-22 15:30:46   Read273
H.D.A: No body understands Korean nature better than Koreans themselves. What Korean leader says is very important to think of . Instead of urging and following sanctions application , it will be more fruitful to urge direct ... More
France hits Israeli flights over Lebanon : 2006-10-21 13:21:23   Read288
H.D.A.: UNIFIL started to carry out its mission on the ground. It is not there for Israel protection, it is for guarantee of peace on both sides and protect Lebanon. We appreciate highly French Defense Minister Michele ... More
U.N. agency says 38 killed in Sudan : 2006-10-21 12:53:41   Read276
H.D.A.: It seems that U.S. will never leave Sudan to live in peace. When Sudan came to an agreement with rebels in the East, also near to an agreement in the West , U.S. pushed the South again to violence after years of peace . ... More
H.D.A.: Too much squeezing might lead to the opposite as the proverb says : Far east is west. We believe dialogue is better than sanctions. More over why should Seoul review its policy of economic engagement with Pyongyang ?! ... More
H.D.A.: Pakistan authorities should be firm towards sectarian violence. Muslims should live together peacefully with full respect of each other. The only way for unity is peaceful dialogue to approach each other with mutual ... More
H.D.A.: Rice knows very well, that US presence in Korea peninsula is the main reason behind all tensions and nuclear tests . Rice knows very well that Bush provocation by classifying NKorea as axe of evil , with continuous ... More
Kofi Annan tells Eritrea to remove troops : 2006-10-17 17:45:04   Read256
H.D.A.: with deep thanks to Kofi Annan, the secretary General of UN, why not the same advise for Ethiopia to remove its troops from Somalia Lands. Peace and security in the region oblige. We are afraid that such advise ... More
Envoy in Sri Lanka after bombing : 2006-10-17 17:38:28   Read252
H.D.A.: We think mediation between rivals should multiply. War will never end dispute . We hope that the Norwegian Envoy will coordinate with Japanese Envoy to work together to convince rivals to sit around table to ... More
H.D.A: Rebels and Government know well that force will never settle the crises. So both should admit that negotiation and dialogue is the best way to solve their dispute. As their views are still far from each other, a ... More
H.D.A: If Gorbachev knows that U.S. would squander the opportunity to improve global politics, he would not have ended cold war. The world regrets today a monopole regime of U.S. that lead to disequilibrium in world politics. ... More
H.D.A: If Bush listens to his friends, and abandon monopole policy, world crises will be settled . Here Ex S.Korean leader urges direct negotiation between US and NKorea. We support such advise as sanctions will lead to more ... More
H.D.A: When US is standing behind such sanctions, and not UN, it will be immediately rejected by N.Korea. That is why Russia and China objected. A UN resolution is expected to calm the crises, not to push it further in a way to ... More
How to make US schools safer : 2006-10-13 17:32:51   Read270
H.D.A: US policy towards small arms business is flourishing . Why should arms be sold like apple and orange to citizens?! Even school boys get arms very easily. When four US presidents were killed, when school boy shoot at ... More
N.Korea Threatens Japan Over Sanctions : 2006-10-12 18:23:45   Read251
H.D.A.: Those two neighboring Asian countries should come to a peaceful agreement . History of the past must be turned over. EU is the example. Although Europe lived two world wars, today they are united , and depassed ... More
Bush seeks action from U.N., 6 parties : 2006-10-10 18:22:05   Read259
H.D.A.: Now Bush needs UN and 6 parties. As Mr.Bolton said when US needs UN it will demand its involvement. But when UN is not needed , US will go alone with its monopole policy . In fact NKorea crises is due to US ... More
NATO commander in Afghanistan asks Pakistani : 2006-10-10 18:09:17   Read262
H.D.A.: Why should Pakistan help in the time that Pakistan itself needs help- more than a million without shelter or food for one year now as a result of the earthquake. Pakistan has sectarian civil war among Shiites and Sunni that ... More
Fear of U.S. attack may be behind test : 2006-10-10 17:38:58   Read251
H.D.A: Washington University Professor confirmed the reason behind NKorea test. It is due to fear of US attack . The professor is an expert on Korean affairs. Then again it is US policy of force pushed NKorea to improve its defense means. ... More
H.D.A.: Sudan is only keen that UN forces should not intervene in his country without prior authorization from Sudan. Why should Darfur crises be internationalised ?! It is more than enough to give all means to African Units so ... More
U.S. cites deal to punish Iran : 2006-10-08 17:05:19   Read231
H.D.A.: US is provoking Muslim world , not only towards Iran, but also Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon , and Afghanistan. Any attack against Iran will be considered against all Muslim world . The game of Shiites and Sunni ... More
H.D.A.: We bless PM visit with full success as it is for fence- mending trip to China and South Korea. We hope extension of visit to North Korea for fence – mending also, why not ? At least to discuss Japanese detainees and ... More
H.D.A.: Why should UN Security Council put sanctions against Iran ?! It is Israel who must be punished by rejecting more than 60 UN resolutions,by rejecting approve of Nuclear treaty, by rejecting inspection of its reactor in Dimona, by having a big WMD arsenal ... More
H.D.A.: Why should Uganda solve disputes by force ?! Who is manipulating rebels as well as government ? Who provides arms for both sides ? Who is behind disability and civil war in Africa ?! It seems that Africa nations must ... More
Asian diplomacy kicks into high gear : 2006-10-04 18:39:10   Read360
H.D.A.: We appreciate highly strong ties and normalization between Asian Giants China and Japan. NKorea is always threatened by US, that pushed NKorea to improve its defense capability . More worse provoking NKorea ... More
  • U.S. pilots' passports seized as Brazil crash probed
  • Iran opens nuke plant to foreign tourists
  • S. Korea sends relief goods to N. Korea
  • Lebanon army deploys on border as Israel leaves
  • Norwegian envoy resumes Sri Lanka peace bid
  • Islamists extend authority in Somalia
  • Russian suspends planning for further troop,
  • Russia takes row with Georgia to UN Security Council
  • U.S.: Afghan Attacks Tripled In Recent Weeks
  • Japan Resumes Diplomatic Relations with China
  • Islamists Calm Somali Capital With Restraint
  • Chavez takes on Bush during U.N. trip
  • Hizbollah leader refuses to disarm in 'victory' speech
  • Annan pleads for Middle East peace, Bush defends US stance
  • Israel delays Lebanon pullout
  • New Iran deadline as Bush watches clock
  • Hopes high as Paulson touches down in China
  • EU's Solana to hold pivotal talks with Iran on nuclear crisis
  • Annan warns Iraq on brink of civil war
  • What war with Iran would look like
  • Worldwide protests of Darfur violence
  • Five killed as Yemen foils suicide attacks on oil plants
  • 2 West Bank Churches Hit by Firebombs
  • Pakistani Parliament slams Pope's comments
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