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Victims Of Nazi Bush

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US military hearing on Iraq rape case starts : 2006-08-09 18:49:42   Read230
H.D.A: 14 year old girl raped by US soldiers, who also killed the whole family: the girl, her father, her mother, and six year old sister. They were five Americans who committed the crime!! ... More
At Least 9 Dead in Baghdad Bombing : 2006-08-04 10:12:21   Read255
H.D.A: Nazi Bush continues his atrocities in Iraq. Even British Embassy wrote to Blair about danger of civil war in Iraq. Axe of evil US/Israel are going on in their hidden agenda to push Iraq into bloodshed of civil war. ... More
Sunni mosques attacked in Baghdad : 2006-07-30 13:25:19   Read236
H.D.A.: 4 Iraqis and 4 Americans killed, that is the beginning of the end. Unfortunately hundred Iraqis are killed everyday against One or two Americans. ... More
Violence forcing more U.S. troops in Iraq : 2006-07-29 17:04:50   Read269
H.D.A: Bush is sincere to serve hidden agenda that were conceived in Israel, rather than serving US interests. New cons in their WWIII manifesto already planned six giant military bases in Iraq, ... More
Bombs batter Baghdad as PM ends US visit : 2006-07-28 09:37:52   Read248
H.D.A.: Civil war in Iraq will never end till all foreign troops leave Iraq. Moussad +CIA + US troops are the main manipulators of Iraq civil war. So why Iraq PM demanded more US troops ?! ... More
Civil war won’t end until troops leave Iraq : 2006-07-26 13:08:51   Read228
H.D.A.: Exactly and absolutely true. Without leave of foreign troops from Iraq, civil war won’t end. That is simply because of the fact that before invasion, there was no civil war and no terrorism . ... More
H.D.A: Nazi Bush is still carrying out genocide in Iraq. Everyday tens die of civilians. But US troops are always untargeted why?! How can a colonizer live peacefully more than Iraqi citizens!! Bush is behind civil war in Iraq, with the help of Moussad, CIA, and US troops!! ... More
Car bomb explodes in Kirkuk, killing 17 : 2006-07-23 17:11:39   Read270
H.D.A: Victims of Nazi Bush are increasing daily in Iraq by tens and hundreds, if wounded are included. Their nasty develish agenda that were concieved in Israel continue. They want to finish with Iraqi nation in civil war, as the best example for Arabs to follow. ... More
Mother, 3 children slaughtered in Basra : 2006-07-21 09:13:03   Read238
H.D.A: Civil war in Iraq is going on in a very serious dangerous way. American troops are safe. Victims there are all Iraqi civilians? Who is behind it?! Of course Nazi Bush is the first to be blamed with his disciple Blair . Those liers invaded Iraq without any reason. They put Iraq in civil war, ... More
H.D.A.: Killing 6000 civilians in Iraq within two months is a very high record attained by Nazi Bush !! Meanwhile US troops are always safe !! In fact presence of such troops is the main reason behind Iraq atrocities. ... More
Massacre at Market in Iraq : 2006-07-19 08:57:03   Read230
H.D.A.: Again 48 dead, including women and children in Baghdad !! But foreign troops are all safe !! Who can imagine such criminal deeds. All over the world , when a country is occupied, the nation rises for resistance . ... More
48 killed in Iraq market massacre : 2006-07-18 19:06:03   Read252
H.D.A: As long as Mousad + CIA+ US troops are occupying Iraq, such killing will increase. It is already planned before Iraq invasion that one of main goals is Iraq civil war!! All in preparing the region for Great Middle East, otherwise all will face the same destiny. Israel must control , and lead ... More
H.D.A.: Nazi Bush continues his crimes in Iraq and refuses to withdraw from Iraq. If those 61 killed are US troops , sure Bush will be forced to leave Iraq. We call resistance in Iraq to focus on US troops that manipulate Iraq civil war by Mousad and CIA. ... More
Dozens killed in Baghdad attacks : 2006-07-11 12:05:57   Read211
H.D.A.: Again new victims in Iraq, all Iraqis , with no one of US troops. Who is responsible for such criminal acts?! All takes place under US troops supervision. US invaded Iraq and colonized it . ... More
8 killed, 41 hurt in Baghdad car bombings : 2006-07-10 15:41:18   Read223
H.D.A:Victims of Nazi Bush continue in Iraq. Every day victims in large number due to Iraq invasion and occupation. What Bush is exactly fighting in Iraq. Terrorism today is targetting Iraqis not Americans, then who is behind terrorism? We appeal UN to take seriously Iraq crisis, to settle ... More
Dozens killed in Baghdad attacks : 2006-07-10 12:39:27   Read253
H.D.A.: Again Nazi Bush victims in Iraq continue. Bush the lier tells the Americans that Iraq is quite good, democratic , and free country . Iraq is under occupation, Iraq lacks security and peace. ... More
Blasts Target Iraqi Market : 2006-07-04 18:15:19   Read238
H.D.A: Again 5 killed in a Market, and 11 deaths else where. All due to Iraq invasion and US troops in Iraq. Bush as well as Congress and House of Representatives insist to stay in Iraq against Americans will expressed in Polls of more than 60% against Iraq war. It seems that Zionists are governing ... More
H.D.A: Nazi Bush victims continue. Today 11 victims under US occupation in Iraq. Yesterday 64 victims and 114 wounded, all under US concept of freedom and democracy . Axe of evil with CIA and Mousad continue their crime of civil war among Iraqis, to open the way for Greater Middle East under ... More
H.D.A: 66 Iraqis killed ,and 114 wounded , without any American causalities. Zarqawi died, but the senario continues. Bush spent years telling the world that Zarqawi is the one to be blamed of all civilian victims!! Now who works in his place? It is Zarqawi II. US troops +CIA+ Mousad are very ... More
Violence in Iraq leaves 25 dead : 2006-06-27 11:33:30   Read1427
H.D.A. : So more civilian victims in Iraq under US claimed democracy and freedom . Zarqawi left but civil war continues . The Americans will never leave Iraq till their victims are more than Iraqis. ... More
Iraq bomb attacks leave 16 dead : 2006-06-25 12:26:02   Read245
H.D.A. :Again 16 victims of freedom adn democracy of US troops in Iraq. Who is responsible for civil war going on in Iraq ?! Congress insisted for US troops stay in Iraq to finish their agenda by toring Iraq and emerging it into bloodshed. US troops are safe and well protected, meanwhile Iraqi ... More
Iraqi Shiite mosque bombing kills 26 : 2006-04-13 10:49:38   Read221
HDA : Sectarian attacks are continuing in Iraq. Always inside mosques or beside, always with Iraqi victims, but not even a single soldier !! American troops of 160000 plus British troops are all safe enjoying Iraqis killing lraqis, meanwhile occupation troops are busy in building six giant military ... More
H.D.A: New bilan of 79 Iraqi deaths, against zero of US troops occupying Iraq. Who did it? And why? In fact US/Israel axe of evil planned since long time civil war in Iraq. It started in1992 when US imposed the lines 32? and 36? as limits beyond which Iraqi regime should not cross. So already three ... More
Suicide bombers kill 40 at Baghdad mosque : 2006-04-07 15:47:25   Read227
H.D.A: US / Israel axe of evil plan is going on in Iraq. The Whole nation is pushed towards civil war. CIA / Mossad are manipulating bombers in Mosques and holy places to reinforce civil war. The American troops there protect oil fields and build military bases in Iraq. So they are bussy with US ... More
Bombing near Najaf shrine kills 10 : 2006-04-06 18:24:11   Read218
HDA : Killing Iraqis continues. Today 10 Iraqis are killed at a holy place. Why holy places are targeted ? Who is behind such evil operations ? We believe strongly that the answer is always related to who benetit from such crimes ?! Clearly Moosad and CIA , together with FBI are the ... More
Iraq shelves political talks despite US pressure  H . D A : The warning must be addressed to US and UK. They are behind all atrocities and killing in Iraq. Today 23 died at a time due to US/UK policy of invading Iraq. What their troops are doing there?! We demand immediate withdrawal. And ... More
  • Car bomb kills at least seven in Baghdad: police
  • U.S. Says 9 More Soldiers Killed in Iraq
  • US military deaths in Iraq drop as Iraqis targeted
  • Gunmen in Iraqi uniform kill 8
  • Forty killed in suicide attack on Iraqi army base
  • Seventeen Iraqi Shiites killed in US clashes
  • Iraq unrest claims more lives amid quest for government
  • Three Western hostages rescued in Iraq
  • New probe into US killing of civilians in Iraq
  • Gunmen target Shiite pilgrims in Baghdad
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