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H.D.A.: If it is for Al-Zawahiri, what happened to him ? How can 80 people be targeted just for one suspect who was not there at all. It is not the first time that US strikes civilians under claim of targeting one suspect who is not ... More
Yemen Arrest Australians On Terror Suspicions : 2006-10-30 09:56:36   Read246
H.D.A.: Involvement of Europeans and Australians in trafficking arms to Somalia via Yemen is a very dangerous threat to peace and security of the region. More over being related to Al-Qaeda , gives another dangerous dimension. ... More
H.D.A: We in Muslim world are against terrorism. We can even join such agreement against liquid explosives. Our civilization detests such degraded means against humanity. Our question is firstly. What is terrorism? Why should the west keep big amounts of liquid explosives? We can sigh all ... More
Suspected Terrorists to Face Hearings : 2006-10-26 19:17:41   Read254
H.D.A: After reveals of most suspects with no charge at all, those claimed terrorists should be trialed by American Justice. . Guantanamo military courts are unfair and illegal. That is what American Justice said. Rumsfeld intentionally took detainees far away from U.S. so as to deprive them ... More
H.D.A.: We are not alone in criticizing US anti-terror law signed recently by fundamentalist Bush . The nternational Committee of the Red Cross said that a controversial new anti-terror law approved by Bush this week undermined ... More
Sulawesi Christian priest killed : 2006-10-19 17:21:38   Read245
H.D.A.: It is the duty of Indonesian authorities to protect minorities so as to live normal free safe life like others and even more . We deny vigorously such criminal attack. Islam success is based on minorities respect and full rights better than any minority in the world.All religions ... More
Dutch terror suspects go on trial : 2006-10-19 17:08:31   Read237
H.D.A.: Dutch authorities are absolutely free to judge suspects and protect their country with tough new anti-terror laws. But we are afraid of Islamic concepts to be misunderstood . Jihad for example is only authorized against colonizing ... More
Bush space policy puts priority on defense : 2006-10-18 23:15:59   Read336
H.D.A.: Nazi Bush signed newly revised space policy with defense as priority !! More over his Nazi thinking took him to the point that he rejects any future negotiations that might limit US flexibility in space !! This will lead to ... More
Brown unveils rules against terror funds : 2006-10-11 18:49:21   Read266
H.D.A.: Brown is free to impose his rules, but what is Brown concept of terrorism ?! Palestinians fight since 50 years to liberate their country , why should they be classified as terrorists ?! Iraq resistance against occupation , ... More
Heathrow evacuated over bomb fear : 2006-10-11 18:39:26   Read291
H.D.A.: Why should Westerns be frightened with fictitious terror false warnings. The story of liquid and scissors, the story of a paper on which war written a terror act would happen , the story of the women with vesline, the story of ... More
Feds indict Pa. man on terror charges : 2006-10-04 17:55:57   Read232
H.D.A.: A man convicted of arson in 1978 in connection with an a attempt to blow up his parents house in New York, is he a normal man ? Doesn't he need to be checked by Doctors ? Is he mindly O.K. ? How can he work with ... More
2 QAEDA FUGITIVES KILLED IN YEMEN : 2006-10-02 18:02:44   Read253
H.D.A.: Although we appreciate fighting terrorism, but this is not the way. Without courts, lawyers, defense, transparent trial, we protest state terrorism . ... More
Yemen hails arrest of French hostage-takers : 2006-10-01 17:33:51   Read279
H.D.A.: Now after elections, what the opposition relation is with terrorism ?! Ma'areb, Hadhrmaout ,Shabwa, terrorist acts, opposition has nothing in relation with, but Govt. accused opposition of terrorism during election process. ... More
H.D.A: In fact Anthrax affair lead even to closure of Congress five years ago. Some dead, others wounded , but why FBI kept silent for five years?! US in the beginning accused Muslims, Iraq, among others, but when FBI found that Muslims have no relation at all with the anthrax, ... More
Terrorists Could Target the Food Supply : 2006-09-26 17:07:23   Read321
H.D.A.: We do not know where Republican will take terrorism to ?! Elections oblige frightening the US nation because Republicans are loosing . There is no choice for Americans either Republicans or terrorists !! Today they talk about food from the farm to the table . ... More
H.D.A.: How can they work together ?! And what for ?! If it concerns fighting terrorism , their concepts are totally different . For Bush Iraq, Palestine , Lebanon resistance is terrorism !! meanwhile Israel terrorism in Palestine and Lebanon is self defense .Also US terrorism in Iraq is self ... More
H.D.A.: No more radical than Bush and new cons on earth. He invaded Iraq under false motivations. He lied to American people as Blair lied to British people . They challenged UN. They claimed WMD, then claimed freedom and democracy , ... More
Iraq War 'Made World More Dangerous' : 2006-09-25 12:41:35   Read223
H.D.A.: It is not radicals, it is Islamic Jihad that all Muslims approve . When an enemy attacks the country , Muslims must adopt Jihad to defend against the invader . So Iraq, it is a must for Iraqis , and Palestine a must for Palestinians to liberate their country . ... More
Feds seek to block Oregon spying case : 2006-09-24 15:39:19   Read294
H.D.A.: Oregon is a very beautiful region that we were honored to visit as minister of trade in 1998, where we bought 500.000 MT of wheat. US Justice Department will open the file of accused Al-Haramain Islamic Foundation classified by Bush as a global terrorist organization . ... More
War price on U.S. lives equal to 9/11 : 2006-09-24 13:11:59   Read317
H.D.A.: To begin with we denounce hundred times now and before 9/11 criminal acts, but still we need an independent investigation by UN to find out who was behind it. Bush and new cons say Alqaida, meanwhileOsama denied next day any relation with 9/11 asDr.Albert claimed !! ... More
H.D.A.: The president accuse Al-qaida, but Islamic courts accuse Ethiopia . So an urgent investigation is necessary to find out the reality . Who is who in this criminal terrorist act targeting Somali president . ... More
al-Qaida Joins Algerians Against France : 2006-09-15 13:26:09   Read298
H.D.A: We wonder about al-Qaida declarations and videos there days. It is more than enough the damage and distorted concepts of Islam. We urge alqaida to stop all its deeds, strategy, and thinking. Islam is for dialogue and peace. We call alqaida to adopt resistance style of Palestinians and ... More
Syria 'foils' US embassy attack : 2006-09-12 13:30:59   Read339
H.D.A.: The sinario continues. America as well as its embassies are under attack. Why now ? Because Bush is in need to help him in frightening the American nation that they have no choice either Republicans or Terrorists will invade US. What an idiot fanny logic?! ... More
Nation Marks Fifth Anniversary of 9/11 : 2006-09-11 16:56:39   Read374
H.D.A.: We hope that Islam is not classified as promoter for 9/11. Bush the Anglican pro-Zionist stamps Islam with terrorism and fascism !! Bush and new cons under pretext of 9/11, they declare war against Muslim world . The Americans themselves like Francis Boyle, ... More
al-Qaida No. 2 Al-Zawahri Issues Video : 2006-09-11 13:18:15   Read351
H.D.A.: As we said, with US elections approaching, more videos will be broadcasted, and more terror plots will be revealed . Bush and new cons together with collapsing Republicans , are motivating the Americans with terror card !! ... More
Pakistan Denies Helping Militants : 2006-09-08 12:34:31   Read268
H.D.A.: It is not enough for Pakistan to adopt US agenda . It is not enough for Pakistan to fight its tribes under pretext of fighting terrorists. Pakistan today lives in war with its people , ... More
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