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 H . D . A : Afghanistan is Iraq, and Iraq is Afghanistan. In both countries civilians and innocent people including women and children are victims of wars there. ... More
H . D . A : It seems Afghanistan will be another Iraq . We are not worried about Taliban, ... More
HDA : It is very surprising that American troops were shooting civilians demonstrating shouting "Death for America" . It is a clear message to US that Afghans want to be free. They dislike foreign troops in their country . Why not UN peace forces to take charge in Afghanistan not US or NATO. ... More
U.S. lockdown after Afghan riot : 2006-05-29 14:09:19   Read243
HDA : Afghans are human beings like others. They like to be free without any presence of foreign troops . The only accepted peace force is UN. Such a truck breaks with sudden echec that lead to crush against a stand by crowd will make all angry . US must appologize and compensate victims . ... More
HDA : Why should US troops open fire against demonstrators ?! Why US troops kill four civilians ?! What about human rights of free expression ?! It seems US troops not only violate Geneva conventions in prisons with detainees, but also openly in the streets, US troops neglect human rights of Afghan ... More
HDA : How NATO bombards a village, instead of besieging it ?! We are sure such a number of Taliban will not stay in one village . Most of killed people are civilians . NATO must compensate Afghan families with one million dollar for each family as US demanded ten million for each American died in ... More
HDA : We protest first against involvement of women in armies fighting enemies. Women role must be optional in second raw behind men to serve normally civil work . In case men are in danger, with no one left to fight, then women can be engaged in war. As to Afghanistan, UN peace forces should take ... More
More than 100 dead in Afghanistan violence : 2006-05-20 08:57:07   Read264
HDA : Now Afghanistan is becoming another Iraq. But here US/ NATO are both colonizing the country . Bloodshed will continue till UN peace forces take place of colonizing forces. ... More
US helicopter crashes in Afghanistan : 2006-05-08 10:54:04   Read253
HDA : Afghanistan is becoming another Iraq.Neither US nor NATO will settle the crises there. UN is the right body to solve World crises including Afghanistan. In World of freedom and democracy today ,no country accepts colonisation or foreign troops except UN that bring troops of peace and give ... More
HDA : We believe Canada , NATO, and US are not qualified to control Afghanistan. This is simply because they take the role of colonizing States, particularly America. We suggest that all forces there must yield to United Nations and under its flag as forces of peace and not colonizing States !! ... More
Japan to Extend Support in Afghanistan : 2006-04-21 11:22:06   Read244
H.D.A: Japan is a very generous country. It is among the first with Germany who pay for UN, but the last to be consulted in political issues!! We hope Japan support is financial that will go to Afghan development in infrastructure, education mainly women, and health services besides pure water for ... More
Afghan Soldiers Detain 19 Militants : 2006-04-21 11:16:21   Read258
H.D.A: We are afraid that Afghanistan becomes another Iraq with citizins killing each other. We think situation will be far better there if US and NATO give way to UN and its peace forces. We believe majority of Afghans do not like colonisation forces particularly US troops. Bagram Camp must be ... More
3 Americans hurt in Afghan blast : 2006-04-07 15:53:30   Read243
H.D.A: Another Iraq is going on in Afghanistan. Afghans are devided in kill each other due to American policy there and mentality of colonisation. We believe UN is the right body to settle crises in Iraq and Afghanistan. American monopole policy will never yield democracy nor secuirty of the world. ... More
H.D.A: In communities of multiple ethenic and religious races, such conversion happens in a very low rate even negligible. But in Afghanistan 100 percent Muslims conversion is not understandable. What reason behind conversion? Is he an intelctuel ? Is he an academic man? A reseacher? Or a simple ... More
HDA : Another Iraq in Afghanistan. NATO this time is taking control under US leadership . Even Afghan President is American to guarantee US control on everything. ... More
Details of Some Guantanamo Hearings : 2006-03-06 19:04:44   Read269
H.D.A: We call everybody to read hearings of detainees of Guantanamo. You will discover how rediculous the accusations are!! Most of detainees are innocent . The military courts are incapable to judge detainees. American Justice should take charge to guarantee fair and just trial. More over those ... More
H.D.A: That is the consequence of Bush visit. Civil war in Pakistan on behalf of America. Talban affair must be dealt with the Americans and their allies in Afghanistan. It is not a Pakistani problem. Why should Pakistan fight for US agenda? ... More
Bush hails Afghanistan's democracy : 2006-03-01 18:21:34   Read231
H.D.A: Bush declarations are so many, to the point that he forgets today what he said yesterday. For years Bush expressed his desire to capture Bin Laden. Yesterday he thanked Bin Laden as he helped him in polls. Bush is not serious at all. Bin Ladin capture was priority since 11 Sept.2001 But one ... More
U.S. Military Defends Detentions in Afghan : 2006-02-27 18:51:27   Read255
H.D.A: Again violation of human rights are repeated in Afghanistan as in Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib . NYT confirms that inmates are held by the dozen in wire ages at the Bagram Air Base, some for as long as two or three years without access to lawyers or the chance to hear the allegations against ... More
Troops await orders after Afghan prison riot : 2006-02-27 16:02:51   Read251
H.D.A: What a scandal? A women section in prison that signifies still US troops are fond of capturing women in prison for torture and abuse!! More than one thousand rioters have taken over women section, perhaps to free women there if any. We request UN to take role of mediator to investigate the ... More
H.D.A: We support fully the senior Anglican of Church of England that Guantanamo Bay detention centre reflected a society that is heading towards George Orwell's "Animal Farm". ... More
H.D.A: We support fully SBS TV. as it gives the world a clear picture of US Nazism and Holocaust of Iraqi people. Today in Iraq , to morrow in Europe, why not? So we hope Australian people will support Iraq by demanding their government to immediate withdraw from Iraq. ... More
H.D.A: What Australia authorities think of Abu Ghraib photos? What is the difference of those photos from Holocaust? Why Australia supports such crimes against humanity by sending its troops there? What is the relation between human rights and those photos? What message is meant by such ... More
Taliban say attacks will increase : 2006-02-14 19:09:00   Read218
H.D.A: Again it shows absolute failure of Bush policy in Afghanistan. It is becoming another Iraq!! We believe U.S. can not solve world affairs alone, particularly terrorism. The world family should put hand in hand through United Nations to take over in Iraq and Afghanistan. ... More
H.D.A: What a democracy in US? What human rights do they have? More than half of prisoners in Guantanamo are innocent. They did not commit anything against US. There only crime is that they were there when US troops decided to capture all people under suspect!! The lawyers are surprised to find this ... More
Four killed in new Afghan cartoon protests : 2006-02-08 18:36:26   Read266
H.D.A: Again new deaths in Afghanistan due to Danish cartoons. IF PM of Denmark will listen to a friend , who have good relation with Denish team who work in Sanaa, PM is kindly requested to apologize like Norway and other countries. This will settle the Problem and open widely doors for dialogue. ... More
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  • Afghanistan opens first parliament in three decades
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  • NATO to send thousands more troops to Afghanistan
  • Afghan political turmoil
  • In Afghanistan: Poverty, Women's Rights and Civil
  • (A) UK deaths in Afghanistan surpass toll in Iraq
  • A first for Afghan women: the governor
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