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HDA : Although we agree with all UN resolutions a mechanism must be adopted to force all countries to respect such resolutions. So Israel challenged UN for more than sixty times , and UN kept silent due to US vito !! Then the best way to respect UN resolutions is to go back to General Assembly . ... More
U.N. Demands Iran Suspend Nuke Enrichment : 2006-03-30 10:48:15   Read257
HDA : UN ruled against Iran on suspicious intentions that is seeking nuclear weapons, but Israel who publicly announce possession of 200 nuclear heads, neutron bombs, chemical weapons , biological weapons as uncovered by Vanunu, UN keeps silent. Such double measures will not serve peace and security ... More
HDA : We wonder why Israel is never dealt with ?! Why Israel is above law ? Why Israel challenged UN is more than sixty resolutions and nothing was decided to force Israel to obey ?! Why Iran is under focus just based on intentions ? ... More
Arab leaders reach AU Darfur troops deal : 2006-03-29 15:51:07   Read267
HDA : Thanks to Arab leaders for their support to AU troops . AU did their best to keep peace in the region, but their problem was always the means and finance .As Arab leaders provide funding for cash-strapped AU troops, then AU will continue its mission far better than UN forces. ... More
Arab Summit Opens in Sudanese Capital : 2006-03-28 17:25:53   Read277
HDA : It is not true that absence of President Mubarak and Saudi Arabia King Abdulla, is intended to diminish the value of any resolutions adopted by the summit on sensitive issues like Iraq or the future of Middle East peace . ... More
HDA : It is quite evident that interests of rich North are in contradiction to interests of poor South . The world must come to a compromise for interests of both. The South has labour man power , and agricultural products to be encouraged meanwhile North wants South as market for its products ... More
HDA : If local governments are able to play the role in water access, no need for such Forum to be held. In fact it is the duty of those who have the means and technology to help deprived countries that suffer shortage in water. ... More
China accuses US of undermining world trade : 2006-03-23 11:19:50   Read263
HDA : US is blamed by world community not only China to its irrespect of WTO regulations. US today is acting against free trade as it closes its borders to foreign investors !! ... More
HDA : Japan is always generons. Japan aid is all over the world especially in underdeveloped countries . It is a kind jest to give ground in WTO talks, hoping that others will do the same . ... More
H.D.A: US rape in Philippine, US rape in Japan, US rape in Iraq, US rape in Vietnam, US rape in Latin America, US rape of US female officers!! Why all these crimes are committed by US marine troops?! Simply because those troops in their majority are illetrate,they fight for money,they fight with ... More
H.D.A: The question is not to hold militia leader. The question is how world community left Congo to go in deep vast inhuman civil war with huge and unacceptable atrocities that included women and children?! Three Million people were killed, then World Community intervened. Why not before? Why not ... More
HDA : Thanks to Russia , thanks to President Putin, and thanks to G8. We support their call for wider-scale development of nuclear power in countries that want it as a means of meeting the world’s long term energy needs. ... More
HDA : Trade liberalization should include free circulation of agriculture products without any restrictions. Also man power and skilled persons should not be hindered to look for work everywhere, ... More
HDA : It was not surprising at all . It is expected that US will reject right body, as US rejected International Criminal Court !! US knows well that its troops everywhere violate human rights. That is why US is afraid of any body concerned with human rights !! ... More
New UN fund to speed global disaster response : 2006-03-03 11:36:54   Read291
HDA : A permanent funding should be decided based on shares annually paid, by all members. Disasters today are numerous and on large scale . Earthquakes, Brids-flu, aids , poverty , among other unpredicted disasters need too much effort!! ... More
Iran Defends Planned Holocaust Conference : 2006-01-25 18:31:00   Read253
H.D.A: Why only the claimed holocaust of 6 million jews to be remembered? what about 20 million Soviets killed by Nazi? What about 50 millions died in Nazi WWII? What about Japanese bombarded by atomic bombs in thousands, all civil? All victims of WWII, must be remembered not only the Jews. ... More
U.S. finds California-Mexico tunnel : 2006-01-12 18:40:26   Read246
H.D.A: It is inhuman for U.S. to construct a wall against Mexico immigrants. Then what is globalism?! If U.S. and rich countries demand free  circulation of their goods without any restriction  in underdeveloped countries, they must allow free circulation of Labourers and agriculture ... More
Arab world's first parliament meets in Cairo : 2005-12-27 19:15:27   Read249
H.D.A: " It is a historical occasion which opens new horizons for Joint Arab action. " As President Mubarak said. 88 members, four from the parliaments or advisory councils of each Arab league member. ... More
Mexican Official Calls Fence Plan 'Stupid' : 2005-12-20 18:03:50   Read1070
H.D.A: We spent a beautiful time in Mexico city, under IPU conference there. We understood that Mexico wealth was taken to US, with debts that went up to 60 billions U$D only as interest of fixed debts!! Such criminal system of interests exploited Mexico wealths, with one hundred million working for ... More
WTO mounts fresh bid to break Doha deadlock : 2005-12-13 16:45:20   Read277
H.D.A: World Bank claims are not true at all. Abolition of tariffs, subsidies, and domestic agriculture, would yield 300 billion dollars in economic grains by 2015, with most of the grains going to developing countries!! Who said so?! Firstly the 300 billion dollars will go to home?! Secondly the ... More
H.D.A: Egypt today is unique in Arab history. Egypt is reinforcing human rights freedom , and democracy. Egypt is going forward towards institutions and indipendence of powers. Opposition is well presented this time. Democracy needs both Government and Opposition. Security forces played a neutral ... More
Dr. OURAS SULTAN : 2005-11-16 18:50:16   Read261
H.D.A: Once again after Mexico conference Yemen proposal in Manilla conference was not accepted. Why? God knows. Although women session was seperate and Dr. Ouras Sultan, member of Yemen Delegation did her best without any positive action from headquarters of IPU. It is very strange that Women ... More
BAFADEL ABDULRAHMAN, YEMEN : 2005-10-03 15:50:58   Read621
BAFADEL ABDULRAHMAN, YEMEN11th Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union Mexico City, 18-23 April, 2004Sustainable Development, Finance and Trade.Mr. Chairman,Dear Members,Ladies and GentlemenWith a glance to our actual situation on the globe, we find very poor south deprived nearly from all, and ... More
EVALUATION OF PROGRAMME : 2005-10-03 15:47:07   Read317
1 - 9 August 2004EVALUATION OF PROGRAMME (PLEASE COMPLETE BOTH SECTIONS)SECTION ONE(Your frank opinions will help us in the planning and execution of the next programme.(A) OVERALL COMMENTS1. Did the overall programme meet your expectations?If yes, How? If not, Why not?How differently would you ... More
 Inter-Parliamentary Union 112th Assembly and related meetings 3- 8April 2005, Philippine International Convention CenterManila, PhilippinesPeace and International SecurityYemen Fighting Terrorism Mr. Chairman, Honorable Delegates, First we express our grief condolence to all Christians and ... More

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