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Iran's next vote to show power of regime : 2006-06-02 16:34:00   Read370
HDA : Iran is one of the best countries in its democratic process. Even U.S. and E.U. the media speculates the winner , and in most cases it happens as it ends with two candidates to choose one of them. Iran President Najadi came to power after real transparent elections !! No body expected his ... More
Corruption crackdown : 2006-06-01 11:49:47   Read214
HDA : Mayor carl Hutcherson convicted among other crimes for corruption !! Bush new cons regime is characterized by corruption, terrorism, human rights violation, lying to his people, and spying on them. What a history of new cons in White House ? Till when will they stay in power ? and what for ?! ... More
Is the elephant gaining on dragon? : 2006-05-29 14:02:20   Read225
HDA : The neighboring Asian friendly countries will work hard hand in hand in complementary roles to cover needs of Asia and the world . The Asians will never compete against each other. It is urgently demanded for Asians to work as one block such as EU. An economic group with common market among ... More
H . D .  A :    Why the government is devided ?! Why they solve their differences through  force ?! Why the country is subjected to open civil war?! How  did they come to such situation  ?! Who is responsible for every thing going there ?! The answer is Australia. ... More
Indian Prime Minister Ends Kashmir Talks : 2006-05-26 12:21:35   Read295
H.D.A: We think that Kashmir problem is in the hands of the two states Pakistan and India. We appreciate highly PM committment to live in harmony with neighbouring rival Pakistan and to resolve the issue of Kashmir with a lasting peace treaty. We hope both will come to an agreement through ... More
British Lawmaker Praises Cuba's Castro : 2006-05-26 12:18:22   Read257
H.D.A: George Galloway is swimming against the current. He is unique in his political ideas. He defends rights of developed countries of freedom, democracy, human rights, and real development. Today he praises Castro describing him as a lion of world politics. Meanwhile US beseigue Cuba for more ... More
HDA : It is not enough for IMF chief to call for multilateral approach . It is his duty to show the way out by concrete proposals and ways. ... More
HDA : World finance system is subjected to real shake as that U.S. .. based Long Term Capital Management ( LTCM) of 1998 !! The biggest risk lies with counterparties including brokers, and banks' prime brokerage divisions, which act as custodians !! ... More
Six countries plan Asian naval security drill : 2006-05-24 18:00:18   Read245
HDA : Such naval exercises among East and West are prefered and serve world peace. When Japan, China, South Korea , United States, Canada, and Russia go together in a common naval exercise , it helps and serves world peace and security , simply because East and West come together as one body. ... More
HDA : Manila is not in need of security more than economic support . Manila has a big financial and economic gap to fight poverty , unemployment, and promote its industry and agriculture . US looks only for wars, air bases , tension, as it extends its empire on the globe. War on terrorism is a ... More
HDA : As a man who spent 12 years of my best life in France I feel the poll is not fair at all . It seems that some polls are misleading . In fact in every nation there are rudes, and boring , but they are minority . We can not generalize rare attitude to a whole nation. ... More
Annan urges East Asia to end feuding : 2006-05-23 12:40:44   Read243
HDA : We appreciate highly UN secretary General for his call to heal East Asia wounds by working together to protect the environment and address other issues of common concern. We believe the world is too small today , like villages, so all must come nearer to each other, and try to solve their ... More
HDA : The only hurricane that affects oil prices is US monopole policy that threatens the world . Oil main producers Iraq, Iran, and Saudi Arabia are under US pressure and tension. Iraq is already invaded, Iran is under threat of strike, and Saudi is always provoked by new cons in White House, ... More
Bolivia's New President Vows Land Reform : 2006-05-22 11:50:37   Read311
HDA : Land reform is necessary for benefit of all, farmers, land owners and State. Since early stages farmers have the third, land owner the third , and one third for the land itself including fertilizers, machinery, diesel and petrol, seeds and plants , etc. Also unexploited land must be given to ... More
Greek Cypriots Back Governing Coalition : 2006-05-22 10:58:56   Read237
HDA : We wonder why Cypriots refuse till today UN plan to reunify this war devided Island . The world has changed. The cold war is ended. Germany is united, as well as Yemen also who lived in war and tension for more than two decades. Why not this small island to be united ?! We hope prosperous ... More
Liberia Joins Global Anti-Hunger March : 2006-05-22 10:45:23   Read228
HDA : West Africa, East Africa both are suffering from hunger. In Liberia alone , Tens of thousands of children marched against hunger. What the world will do ?! Where is UN,US,EU,G8,WB,IMF, OPEC, and all those who have the means !! Why should US and EU keep food surplus in their stores aiming to ... More
HDA : Nigerian court is fully right. Such big oil companies achieve billions as profit per year, meanwhile native people surrounding oil fields are deprived from minimum life necessities. More over ethnic Ijaws cause more sufferance to such people . Shell must pay the indimnity accorded by ... More
HDA : We appreciate highly Saudi-French cooperation. Total deal is one of the major urgent deals for world interest , rather than Saudi-French interest. The world suffers shortage in refinaries, up to the point that lead to oil price increase.  Bush is another reason for oil price increase by ... More
HDA : We hope new cons lead by Cheney and manipulated Bush will listen to AlGore, or even study his remark seriously . Americans today are victims of earth warming for sake of few capitalists who look only for their economic interests rather than Americans people . ... More
Top UN envoy meets Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi : 2006-05-21 11:40:36   Read257
HDA : UN is the right body for the right mission to settle democracy issues all over the world . We hope UN will take charge in Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, and all over the world to settle world crises. US and NATO are not qualified for such crises. ... More
HDA : We request the Pope after his emotional tribute at the Nazi death camp of Auschwitz, to a pay a tribute to new Nazi camp of alive Palestinians kicked out of their country by new Nazis of more than six million refugees. ... More
HDA : Thanks to Australian PM. We appreciate highly his optimistic view about development growth rate in China and India . We hope that PM will explain and convince his friend Mr.Bush who feels that any development in any country , with better rate than US is a threat for security of US !! What a ... More
HDA : Any claim of Occidental must be presented first to Ecuador Justice . The file must be looked deeply since first day of oil exploitation by Occidental company . How much money is invested, and how must profit has been gained . On such logic, Occidental can be compensated. But demanding a ... More
HDA : US is becoming more and more a police state. Why CIA director is a military man ? why spying is necessary against American people . New cons in White House who approved before torture and abuse of detainees, insist to spy in flagrant violation of American constitution . If shows clearly how ... More
HDA : That is the best way to convince Iran . EU must go in agreement with Iran for cooperation on civil use of energy, with the same size as Bush signed with India. But Israel WMD arsenal must be dismantled to save Middle East. Israel must obey UN laws by hook or crook , so that all countries ... More
Oduor Ong’wen / The world would be safer : 2006-05-15 16:29:09   Read262
HDA : "The world will be safer if the US did at home what it requires of the rest of the world" . Oduor Ong’wen.   THE STANDARD, May 10.2006 Oduor Ong’wen / The world would be safer if the US did at home what is requires of the rest of the world The writer is a development expert ... More
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  • Life sentence for German cannibal
  • Thousands in South Korea urge US troops to leave
  • Brazil and Bolivia vow to settle energy differences
  • Indonesia, Iran to build multi-billion dollar oil refinery
  • Russia needs to be strong against ’fortress’ US: Putin
  • AU insists Darfur peace accord must be implemented
  • Iran Letter to Bush Criticizes U.S. Govt
  • US Episcopals avert schism as gays lose bishops’ race
  • Fed to hike US rates this week, but then what?
  • US backs Albania, Croatia, Macedonia NATO bid
  • US job creation hits the brakes
  • India calls for vast Asian free trade area at ADB meeting start
  • French Leader: Don't Fight Iran
  • France, Britain propose binding UN resolution against Iran
  • Bank of England to keep interest rates on ice: analysts
  • Bolivia troops seize gas installations
  • Congress, states look to tax oil firms' profits
  • Nepal back plans to curb king's power as PM sworn in
  • Austrian Lawmakers Honor Victims of Nazis
  • U.N. Pays $248 Million to Kuwait Victims
  • British PM Blair shaken after
  • Iraqi PM-designate: U.S. could start pullout in 18 months
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