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H.D.A.: What a nice ban. Smoking by Jan.2008 will be illegal in cafes and restaurants. We hope EU will take initiative to generalize such a law as it is for human interest . In our constitution, it is either prohibited or ... More
H.D.A.: Where is press freedom ? Just one journalist who writes critic of Kremlin polices in Chechen war was shot. No doubt that Kremlin is involved in this crime through its security services. We think Chechen affair is to ... More
Muslim Worker Sues N.Y. : 2006-10-07 17:17:41   Read249
H.D.A.: The West went too far to criticize clothing and dressing of foreign communities living there. It is a question of freedom of individuals . How naturalists are free to be naked under pretext of freedom and those who wear are ... More
Pentagon to Probe Gitmo Beatings Claim : 2006-10-07 17:10:52   Read250
H.D.A.: If it was only beating , it is not a problem. Detainees were abused and tortured. Not only that but some were killed. There are till now detainees for years without any charges. They were not even trailed. US violated ... More
H.D.A.: We congratulate President Lula of surely great victory, as he represents the poor. Brazil needs to work hard with neighboring countries particularly Venezuela, Peru, among others to creat South America Common ... More
H.D.A.: What a strange PM ?! He reminds us of Thailand PM who was the main cause of military coup. The Hungarian PM must resign for democracy to work, otherwise a military coup is expected there, with return ... More
H.D.A: So even Senate approves human rights violations particularly Geneva Conventions, why?! Americans must think of their detainees also. God knows when US detainees will be in hands of others!! ... More
H.D.A.: We were honored by Venezuelan minister in Teheran conference for ALQODOS. We think US intends to insult and humiliate political leaders who adopt opposite agenda to US. Detaining a Minster happened only in Israel. ... More
H.D.A.: Muslims in US under Bush regime are suspected terrorists. They will be all under focus . Gathering every night for mass prayer is a strong reason for Bush to accuse them for encouraging terrorism . Why praying late at night ? ... More
H.D.A.: Senate Republicans were near a deal on legislation setting out rules for interrogating and trying foreign terrorism suspects !! After all US is declining in respect to human rights . Americans have no right at all to violate Geneva conventions concerning detainees and suspected persons. ... More
H.D.A.: No way out except new elections based on transparency and decency . It is normal for protests to continue since PM recognized manipulations in election process . We hope stability and prosperous life for this friendly country . ... More
H.D.A.: In fact PM Mr.Thaksin in the main cause of what is happening today in Thailand. His dictatorship and fanatism, forcing his ideas , and neglecting Parliament power, lead to collapse of democratic regime. ... More
H.D.A.: When a President admits lying to win re election, it is reasonable to act positively towards protests. Using force against civilians is another crime. East Europe should go slowly but firmly towards democracy which is far better than monopole communist regimes of the past. ... More
H.D.A.: It seems that America is in decline on all grounds. Congress, White House, House of Reprelativy American Justice all are in a state of disability and live a mood of opposition to human rights. How can prisoners be tortured or abused ?! ... More
U.S. Holds AP Photographer in Iraq 5 Mos : 2006-09-18 11:24:47   Read253
H.D.A.: Bush is putting the world in peril !! All values and concepts of civilized free world were dropped down under his shoes. Today freedom of the press is another scandal of Mr.Bush. Who can imagine that a photographer is imprisoned under pretext of security threat !! ... More
U.S. war prisons legal vacuum for 14,000 : 2006-09-18 11:21:02   Read265
H.D.A.: 14000 detainees in prisons far away from being checked . All are against American justice and in violation to US constitution. Geneva conventions already rejected by Bush simply because they are vague !! For Nazi Bush and new cosn , all is authorized, as if they are in a jungle !! ... More
Nun who saved Jews in WWII is beatified : 2006-09-18 11:04:23   Read400
H.D.A.: We appreciate highly what Nun has done in saving 1000 Jew, in WWII. Nazi atrocities were a big crime in history especially the holocaust. We should never forget such crime, but also we should not allow it to be repeated. Today those who were victims of the past, ... More
Geneva conventions vague, says Bush : 2006-09-17 11:58:42   Read211
H.D.A.: Why should US be a member of UN? Bush is not only marginalizing UN, today he challenges UN. Bush already withdraw from international agreements of WMD as ex President Carter said. Bush is challenging UN in Iraq. ... More
The President's Argument for Withdrawal : 2006-09-16 14:58:48   Read237
H.D.A.: Nazi style of investigation with torture and abuse of detainees will never yield good results and exact information. Violation of Geneva conventions is a strong evidence of US decline. In our civilization force is not allowed, ... More
Man Who Killed 5 Gets Life in Prison : 2006-09-15 13:20:55   Read255
H.D.A: After killing 5, raping 4, in addition to numerous other crimes, was sentenced only to life prison. We wonder why not to be killed immediately according to the law eye by eye, tooth by tooth!! We again appeal the West to reconsider death penalty and look to victims rather than the criminal . ... More
U.S. Senators Visit Guantanamo Bay : 2006-09-11 13:34:00   Read400
H.D.A.: After five years the Congress discovered that Al-qaida has no relation with Saddam. After five years Senators will visit Guantanamo Bay . What a sleeping Congress in US ?! ... More
Gorbachev: 'Americans Have a Severe Disease' : 2006-09-09 14:34:17   Read265
H.D.A.: We agree fully with Gorbachef that Americans are arrogant and try to impose their way of life on other nations. Americans really have the disease of " winner's comlex" ... More
Mixed response to prison admission : 2006-09-07 12:15:39   Read263
H.D.A.: What a shame for both Bush and Blair ?!! . Western civilization is coming down, declining sharply by such atrocities of detainees in prisons of Abu-Ghraib in Iraq, Guantanamo camp in Cuba, andBagram in Kaboul. ... More
H.D.A.: Jakarta is absolutely right for capital punishment against drug trafficking . All Muslim world apply same penalty against drug trafficking . That is the best way to protect societies against evil. ... More
Israel To Try Captured Palestinian Officials : 2006-08-31 20:10:28   Read304
H.D.A: What happened to the West? Where are their values of democracy and human rights? Is it acceptable to try diplomatic core of another country? Is it acceptable to capture Ministers and Parliament members of another country? Or is it agreed to wipe Palestine from world map? If the opposite ... More
H.D.A.: It is a firm law that protects human life and ensure peace and security of world community. An eye by eye, tooth by tooth. Those criminals who kill innocent people without any reason must be killed. ... More
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  • Wiretap Project Ruled Illegal
  • Britain releases one suspect in planes plot
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  • Rights groups fear refugees will be tortured
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  • Traditional beliefs put many Indian women at risk
  • Man seeks execution in South Dakota
  • Ongoing heavy civilian toll in Lebanon 'unacceptable': Red Cross
  • Sri Lankan air force bombs rebel-held areas: reports
  • British Muslims fear arrest backlash
  • Blast damages tomb of Bosnian Muslim president
  • Anti-Israeli Rally Dispersed in Baku
  • New U.N. rights body to meet Friday on Lebanon
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