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Israel and Zionism

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HDA : They know each other very well. Olmert a leading Zionist following man of peace Sharon , while Bush is pro Zionist more than Olmert . Bush is a Christian. Zionist Protestant, who supports Israel goals more than Israelis , thinking that full support of Israel with right and wrong , will urge ... More
Italy's New Foreign Minister Affirms Ties : 2006-05-22 10:55:12   Read295
HDA : How powerful is Israel ? It poses its agenda on World Family . The holocaust of Palestinians today under world eyes by expelling six millions out of their country , by wipping Palestine from world map , by occupying 70% of Palestine with colonies in 50% of the rest 30% !! by constructing the ... More
HDA : Again under pretext of freedom, Jesus Christ is insulted and degraded by those who do not believe in him . Billions across the globe including more than one billion Muslims protest and refuse and deny vigorously and insult or degrade of all religions ,but Christ is top. Listed to be respected. ... More
HDA : Who should take care of who. The whole world knows that Israel has superiority over Iran. Israel with 200 nuclear heads+ neutron bombs + chemical weapons + biological weapons is in position to strike Iran than Iran that has only peaceful energy for electricity production. ... More
Israel raises profile in Iran fray : 2006-05-01 11:39:27   Read325
HDA : It seems that this journal has Christian-Zionism tendance . Israel is well armed with nuclear weapons of more than 200 nuclear heads, with neutron bombs, chemical weapons , and biological weapons. All revealed by Jewish Vanunu, who worked in Dimona reactor !! Meanwhile Iran has nothing at all, ... More
Bulgarians Protest Base Deal With U.S. : 2006-04-28 08:40:02   Read280
HDA : Why US is running after military bases everywhere? East Europe , Arab world, Middle East, Africa , Western Europe , Central Asia , Muslim world etc. Why US is creating an environment of cold war ? Is it only to fight terrorism ? Then why a new project to develop nuclear arms ? Why US is trying ... More
HDA : So major Israeli political parties join one government to face Palestinians. Although they are left and right parties, for Israel, they join each other. Why not the same takes place on Palestine side ? Why not Fatah and Hamas make a coalition for one strong government to face Israel, and ... More
H.D.A: We ask first who is responsible for a week bombarding of civilians in Palestine?! Israel considers Palestinians as a low class race that killing a thousand equals killing one Israeli!! For Israel it is normal to strike any where, any time, any civilians, that is for Israel security. When ... More
H.D.A: After attacking Areha, after threatening to kill Palestine PM, after threatening to strike Iran, after refusing to give Palestinians their money of taxes, after rejecting UN resolution of 4June, 1967 borders, after insisting to continue wall construction, after continuing implantation of ... More
HDA : Now who is the terrorist ? Israel and Zionism are the main cause of terrorism ? Palestinians demand dialogue and even proposed an agreement of non- violence to be approved by both sides , but Israel with its WMD arsenal , in addition to chemical and biological weapons , with American support ... More
Kadima-Labour Israeli coalition takes shape : 2006-04-05 18:37:22   Read278
H.D.A: It is very funny and sad that Olmert announces from time to time that he will fix borders of Jewish state within four years!! First it is not Jewish state but Israeli Zionist state as most of Jews are living peacefully, well adapted in their communities either in US or EU or anywhere in ... More
HDA : All Israel leaders and political parties do not represent Israeli people as only 22% were involved in elections. The proof is that a poll showed more than 60% were in favor of negotiation with Hammas . Most of Israeli people want peace according to UN resolution for borders of 4th June, ... More
Olmert wins mandate to set Israel's borders : 2006-03-29 16:03:27   Read303
HDA : Israel State borders and not Jewish as most of Jews are living abroad detesting and opposing Israel and Zionism . Carta movement claims Israel is against the holy book. Palestine is for Palestinians. ... More
Israel votes with future Mideast map at stake : 2006-03-28 10:33:18   Read290
HDA : Regardless to who succeeds in Israel , they must all know  that international borders of Israel are those already decided by United Nations. A resolution that all nations approved including US as Mr.Carter says. ... More
Olmert poised for victory in Israel poll : 2006-03-27 11:13:04   Read869
HDA : Fixing permanent borders for Israel within four years is nonsense !! UN already adopted a resolution approved by world community without exception including United States. ... More
Changing Mood Motivates Israelis at Polls : 2006-03-26 11:11:19   Read1302
HDA : The dream of Greater Israel from the Nite to Ephorate, evaporated once and for all .The reality today is that Israel will not extend more than 4th June, 1967 borders. This is International Resolution approved by all as Jimmy Carter says. ... More
H.D.A: Finally the Americans waked up. A study made by Harvard University and the University of Chicago showed that U.S. Middle East policy is motivated by pro-Israel lobby!! We said it before that new cons are controlling the White House, with Cheney as actual President. Their manifesto End of ... More
H.D.A: A deadful crime of devasting raid on a West Bank prison, as President Abbas says. We wonder if the Palestinians carry a similar raid on an Israeli prison, what Mr. Bush will say and his Condoleezza Rice?! Terrorism is back again, that is when Palestinians do. For Israel it is always self ... More
ISRAEL AND ZIONISM, pt. 9 : 2006-03-16 19:08:47   Read41682
HDA : What was the history of the birth of Israel ? Massacres, rapes, and atrocities against the Palestinians . The entire state of Israel was founded on such corruption, and world Jewry still bristles with allegiance to it !! This is historian Benny Morris, a Zionist against Zionism. His massive ... More
Israeli Soldier Killed in West Bank Raid : 2006-03-16 18:45:56   Read250
H.D.A: It is very surprising that only killed Israelis are counted!! So it is a raid after Palestinians, shooting everywhere, killing , wounding Palestinians is not so important. The only crime is to kill Israelis. As an Israeli officer said: if one Israeli dies, ten thousand of Palestinians must ... More
Mideast on edge after Israeli jail siege : 2006-03-15 18:31:08   Read247
H.D.A: Who is the terrorist today? Is it Israel or the Palestinians?! Israel threatens to strike Iran! Israel threatens to assassinate Palestinian Prime Minister! Israel attacked Aryha  prison in a very provocative manner, and kidnapped the prisoners. Israel also killed and wounded some of ... More
Israel raids West Bank prison : 2006-03-14 16:14:07   Read253
H.D.A: Sure it is a propaganda for Israeli elections! US and Britain both agreed to falicitate such operation to give a push for KADIMA party to gain elections!! All on the expense of Palestine prisoners including Palestinian Leaders!! ... More
Olmert sees permanent Israeli borders by 2010 : 2006-03-09 19:32:28   Read394
HDA : Israel is fooling the whole world. hand they demand urgent recognition of their state, on the other hand International borders will be defined by 2010 !! ... More
Israel will have to act on Iran if UN can't : 2006-03-08 18:18:24   Read272
H.D.A: The terrorist country in the world Israel with its WMD is adopting racist policy of zionism based on murder.Israel is threatening the UN and World Community by adopting monopole policy like US , intending to challenge UN and strike Iran!! We warn axe of evil US/Israel of marginalising UN and ... More
H.D.A: Israel is provoking Palestinians to draw them to terrorism against Israel terrorism. Why the whole world is keeping silent when Palestinians are killed even children and civilians and political persons!! ... More
H.D.A: Why Palestine is destroyed? What guilt Palestinians did for Holocaust? Why Palestinians should pay for Holocaust ? Why Palestinians today are under more than Holocaust carried by Israel? Why four million Palestinians are expelled from their native country? Why Europe is under Jewish Lobby? ... More
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