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Bad girls : 2005-05-16 10:25:45   Read444
HDA: Another sign of USA down fall : family destruction. One thousand nine hundred girls between seven and fifteen became bad girls in 2002 only. How many are they today ? All feel unsecured , need to have an arm to protect themselves, where Bush is taking American people? To hell as instructed by ... More
Canada-U.S. goodwill slipping: poll : 2005-05-16 09:04:12   Read269
HDA: The Canadians are US neighbours. They know better than any other country about US. The poll revealed only 53% of Canadians consider US as closest friend and ally , down from 60% in 2002. But the Canadians are not alone . All over the world credibility of US is going down except British ... More
South American, Arab leaders end summit : 2005-05-16 08:58:56   Read279
HDA: It is enough for 12 South American Leaders with 22 Arab Leaders to urge Israel to abandon Palestinian territory away from US vito . Also enough to insist that free trade must benefit the world’s poor away from “ITO” International Trade Organisation so as to press hard on this issue ... More
Threat to former Russian Nuclear Minister : 2005-05-16 08:48:57   Read255
HDA: America arrested the Russian expert through Swiss. The Russians now want to kidnap him back or to kill him so as to avoid giving secrets of USSR. We ask here about Iraqi experts men and women where are they now? What US and Israel did to them ? Are they alive? Do they live normal life? Do they ... More
DID JIABAO PROMISE THE UN TO INDIA? : 2005-05-16 08:41:28   Read232
HDA: We are for India to have a seat in Security Council in a permanent manner. That will distribute power and bring equilibrium, also thirld world will be heared . We hope aslo others will join in particular those who pay first for UN namely Germany and Japan. Those countries against their ... More
The bigger picture : 2005-05-15 19:04:46   Read258
HDA: Colonization is always bad, as it takes priority of colonizing state interests on expense of conolized one. That is why every where in the world they celebrate their independance.On the other hand South America is living as second calss compared to the North. Diseases, poverty , and ... More
Girl paraded naked by father : 2005-05-15 18:57:32   Read434
HDA: Forcing a girl to marry a man without willingness and acceptance from the girl is against the Law World Wide. United Nation should take action against those fathers or relatives who force their daughters to marry un wanted man . All as happened here by this father who distroyed his daoughter ... More
Pessimism growing about Saito's chances : 2005-05-15 18:14:49   Read287
HDA: Japan interests should push their government to with draw from Iraq as Poland, Italy and others who are intending to leave. Mr.Saito is wounded, so better if he is still alive should accept the opportunity to talk to his people and government to know about his health first. We stress here that ... More
German parliament approves EU constitution : 2005-05-15 17:57:04   Read271
HDA: Falicitation for Germany as well as Ell and world Commanity for constitution approval. We hope other main countries will follow namely France and Holland. Ell unity is a basic element for world stability and equilibriam . The world should not forget that Ell unity will a void andy crises such ... More
China and Japan seek to smooth relations : 2005-05-15 17:20:39   Read278
HDA: China and Japan should smooth relations, since both are Asians, both have development rate top record, both are neighbours, both need to work together . To start with economic cooperation inforcment is the best way to smooth relation. Also historical dramatic relation should through ... More
HDA: Nazi espirit runs in Zionist blood as this ignorant lawyer, who must respect laws of the country he works in. By what logic he takes others by the guilt of another ? what the families have done so as to kill them ? How dare he to call for killing women and children of ... More
Secure grain supply in 2005 : 2005-05-12 16:13:44   Read265
HDA: China population is incomparable, but still the state secures  its needs, with grain as priority . They have 120-130 Million Tons in stock of more than 25% of their need for 2005. We have on the contrary no stock at all.We import all our nead nearly from  United States!!  and We ... More
China will not yield to U.S. on RMB reform : 2005-05-12 13:47:27   Read287
HDA: United Stated currency in reality has 17% of inflation. The dollar today is more than its real value. Why US demands China to increase its currency value the RMB? There is no reason  for US demand , unless US  interests come first as Bush the father said .   China News ... More
Pedophile trade : 2005-05-10 10:18:26   Read601
HDA: The Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) discussed Women Rights as well as children care, but no concrete action was adopted. All delegations denied expolitation of women and children , demanding their protection, and full rights in all fields ,but still talking without positive results. Childern ... More
Bush Regrets Treaty That Split Europe : 2005-05-09 14:07:48   Read244
HDA:No doubt that Nazi defeat is a big victory. But now can we avoid such attrocities in future ? Not only that but today Nazism is under practice in Palestine as well as in Iraq and Afghanistan ! As to Baltic region namely Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania, the West supported strongly their ... More
'What have I got tolook forward to?' : 2005-05-09 13:47:06   Read270
HDA :Lynndie England is innocent. She was surely ordered by her officers. Again American justice committed a crime here. How can a new young lady under money need , accepted to join the army that fights in Iraq to be guilty? She is not military at all. She was victim for enjoyment of officers ... More
Security comesat high cost : 2005-05-09 13:23:41   Read337
H D A :When you read about all these costs in billions, you think that US has no preventive security means before 9/11!! Spending more than thirty billion dollars on security service before 9/11for what then? What was the seeurity service  doing? In fact they knew about 9/11 being foretold by ... More
Galloway ousts Oona King : 2005-05-08 12:48:52   Read268
HDA: Galloway was dismissed from Labour Party due to his position against war in Iraq , against following US as a dog , also for independent policy from US. So he gained elections just for his views away from Blair indecent fabricated Iraq WMD!! Also it shows British awakening against Blair ... More
HDA: We also stand firm with the Pope VS. Abortion and Euthanasia. Abortion is only accepted if mother heath and life is threatened . All other cases before spirit is blown in feutous i.e. within four months of age is possible depending on the case and circumstances and the situation , with onekey ... More
'SORRY' BUSH'S BLOC-BUSTER TRIP : 2005-05-08 12:26:31   Read251
HDA: All these celebrations of WWII, what about Germany and Japan? These people are victims of the fashist regimes . Even  who participated in those attrocities are no longer alive, why the blame continues to new generations? But a question for Mr.Bush: Do you think it was right to bombard ... More
Norway 'world leader' in drug related crime : 2005-05-08 12:06:16   Read267
HDA: DRUG is one of the most dangerous phenomina of our time. It needs severe fighting in a peaceful way . But why it spreads in rich countries as well as poor ones? What is the motive behind it ? Has it any relation with lack of sprituality ? Is it  due to despair and lack of confidence in ... More
Suicide bombs claim dozens more in Iraq : 2005-05-08 11:51:25   Read267
HDA :United States Likude hidden agenda , of new cons dictated by Israel started to give fruit. Although US is occuping Iraq with 150000 military forces , it left the country in a pool of blood. This time Iraqi blood alone. This is for creating a civil war between sheeittes and Sunnites. With ... More
Labour MPs urge Blair to quit : 2005-05-08 11:41:22   Read298
HDA :It is not surprising that labour MPs demand Blair to quit as soon as possible. Blair is a lier in the eyes of British people. He brought a thesis of Iraqi student as a proof for WMD in Iraq !! Blair Party lost already sixty seats in parliament .For us: Blair is a partner with Bush for all ... More
Japan to pull troops from Iraq by Dec. 14 : 2005-05-08 10:31:21   Read254
HDA :Thanks a lot to Japan, Italy, and Poland to pull out from Iraq by end of 2005, beginning of 2006. The Iraqi transitional government is formed under American occupation of more than 150000 army forces. So election and elected government are all unacceptable. We think pull out of foreign forces ... More
ANALYSIS / THE UNITED STATES : 2005-05-08 10:11:33   Read1713
H D A:US foreign policy caused a mess in United States . All coming to US, either students, academic delegations , business men . etc… all are under suspension, and badly treated in airports, also difficulty in obtaining entry visa . All lead to degradation in tourism, foreign investment, fall of ... More
UN Urges Action on Afghan Slayings : 2005-05-07 18:47:39   Read273
HDA :Women rape. Women slaying. Women, trafficking. Women slavery . Women Killing. Women beating, Women Unrespected. Etc,… All such acts are shameful for human race, laws must be reinforced. Laws must be developed, laws with new vision to stop such crimes denied by all nations , all civilizations ... More
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