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Parents report teacher for a dirty lesson : 2005-05-30 09:54:08   Read368
HDA : Teaching sex is a normal thing . It is a must for sake of nature and human desire. The question is when ? and how ? Teens are the most to be educated within the frame work of the family life between husband and wife . Also medicine doctors should outline problems and dangers of free  sex ... More
Galloway and the mother of all invective : 2005-05-29 13:42:53   Read1683
HDA : Galloway is a respected courageous , independet, and attractive personality . When he talks, you feel that somebody you know expresses what you can not dare to , particularly our leaders vis America. He is very famous for criticising American foreign policy . He criticises Blair following Bush ... More
Denmark prods UN onto new course : 2005-05-30 09:30:12   Read296
HDA : We hope deebly from Heart that US will accept such Peacebuilding Commission . If fact US today is challenging the whole world . They stated clearly in their master plan of new cons : End of Evil that United Nations is not needed at all . Only if and only if it will serve their agenda . The ... More
Bush in message to Israel, Hamas : 2005-05-29 13:27:06   Read235
HDA : Mr. Bush must respect democracy . Palestineans are free to elect whom they like . Accusing Palestinean people of electing terrorists is impolite and a big insult for Palestinean Nation. Hamas is a faction of Palestinean resistance against Israel occupation of their country . What Bush think of ... More
HDA : We support fully Cabinet Minister Ema Solberg in her effort to stop forced marriage and female circumcision. In fact Islamic Laws go in parallel to her efforts. Islam rejects forced marriage, it is illeagal , also circumcision is not carried in most Muslim world . In fact it is a choice and ... More
Court cracks down on forced marriage : 2005-05-29 09:39:09   Read338
HDA : We approve fully court measures . We are against forced marriage . It is not legal and aganist Islamic Laws. We request the government in Sweden to carry a large condense discour among the Muslim community , particularly in education in the schools, to stress that forced marriage is a crime ... More
Nab Neo-Nazis in bomb plot : 2005-05-29 09:30:17   Read1118
HDA: When we say terrorism has no religion , nor place, it can be understood here. Nazis prepaing a bomb, both Americans belonging to World Church of the Creator. So the whole world should work together to fight terrorism . The only strait way is via United Nation , where terrorism must be defined ... More
Sex perv nabbed - in prison : 2005-05-29 09:05:43   Read416
HDA : Again rape for ten , eleven , years old girls. This time in America ! first rape in July 29,1997, two girls 10 and 17 , with pair of scissors at the throat !! Another time he raped another victim less than 12 years . A third time on 28/10/2000 he raped a young child !! The question in why the ... More
HDA : The Americans ivaded Iraq , bombarded Afghanistan,  Constructing giant military bases everywhere , the last in Iraq . All under the pretext of fighting terrorism , and imposing democracy through occupation . US is frightening Philippine , so as to convince them with American military ... More
HDA: Dismantling trade barriers, exemption from debts, cancellation of interest policy . Taxation on capital only as commodities taxes are always paid by the poor. The rich puts tax on price and find his way out not to pay tax for the state . We agree fully with Mr. Drilon argument . Pour South with ... More
HDA : We approve JDV proposal . As he said clash of religions is threatening global security and the existance of mankind. That is why Israel being established on religous false criteria, is leading the world to instability , insecurity , and may end with world war. We are for dialogue of all faiths ... More
Talks with MILF to resume despite US warning : 2005-05-28 17:10:23   Read265
HDA : We appreciate Mme AUREA CALICA article. It reflects the independence of Philippine away from United States policy . US unfortunately looks at the world with 9/11 glasses , forgetting that it happened only in US, and not in any other place . So Philippine case is very different from US problems ... More
HDA : During IPU meetings , I used to follow Philippine press distributed in the Hotel. Here Mr. Max V. Soliven gives his point of view , that seems positive in the sense that dialogue is the best to solve problems . We hope deeply from heart , that such dialogue will be fruitful for the benefit of ... More
ISRAEL 1967-1991UN ZIONISM RESOLUTION : 2005-05-28 13:42:09   Read297
HDA : UN after long discussion came to issue a resolution with big  majority that zionism is equating Racism?! But the Americans called UN to cancel this resolution for the sake of Israel !! Americans have no history at all , but today they make history in their way . Will US force and ... More
HDA : This article confirms US intention to stay for long in Iraq. As End of Evil mentioned that those bases will be used inside and outside Iraq against other countries , without taking any authorisation from Iraqi Government !! So those who say US came to free Iraq must shut uptheir mouths . ... More
HDA: It is clear now , that it  is a must for Iraqis to continue their resistance, for other Arab countries to be ready for resistance. But where is UNITED NATIONS  ROLE  IN THE REGION? Military Bases , and not less than five years to impose peace, all this means that ... More
HDA : Now the hidden agenda of Iraq war planned by the new cons started to appear. Four new giant military bases will be constructed in Iraq , why ? So as to protect Iraqi freedom, democracy, and human rights, isn't it ? Who believes that ? Perhaps mad people will do. But Are the Arabs:Leaders ... More
EDITORIAL: De-radicalising the Muslim world : 2005-05-25 12:39:06   Read215
HDA: Isalm is always tolerent , human , and rejects extremism. Sheikh Izz-Eddine Al Tamimi said the right thing about Islam . We agree fully with his sermony . A regional Islamic conference is the right action to shed some light on what constitutes terrorism and what constitutes legitimate struggle ... More
In Manila, pills and condoms go underground : 2005-05-25 12:30:53   Read242
HDA : President Arroyo did the right thing in 2003, to use birth control pills as a young wife. In fact all wives have the full right for birth control in all its forms for birth regulation of course with harmony and agreement of both wife and husband. President Arroyo should give all women as men ... More
Shielding against incoming enemy : 2005-05-24 18:04:01   Read252
HDA: Where defense scientists are taking the world? After neutron prohibited bomb, now how to defend  against it  !! The question is who is the enemy ? The Westeren Civilisation will bring the world  to an end. A joke of course fictitious tells about today  scientific ... More
'Gender gap' is biggest in Egypt : 2005-05-24 16:56:15   Read349
HDA: Women rights all over the world are not satisfactory. United States is no.17, that claims women rights by talking only. The main step is to issue international laws for women rights, starting with the five mentioned in the article i.e. Salary equality , representation in decision making ... More
HDA: Same situation in Yemen and underdeveloped countries . It seems that corruption goes in parallel with poverty . We have 50% under poverty , Philipine  perhaps the same . African Countries , South Americans, all suffer from corruption  . But it reached the top when UN is accused with ... More
U.S. Blatant Blackmail Denounced : 2005-05-24 12:39:37   Read342
HDA: No doubt that Korean Unity is hindered by US intervention in the region. All tensions between Korea North and South is due to US military forces in the region. The day US withdraws, the Korean Unity will immediately be fulfiled. Korean News 23/5/2005 U.S. Blatant Blackmail ... More
World Will Judge Nuclear Criminal : 2005-05-24 12:28:06   Read351
HDA: US  double standards towards NPT treaty will lead the world to deadlock position . US non stop critics to Iran and North Korea , without unified vision to the whole world will complicate the issue. Through UN with peaceful dialgoue to get red of all WMD from all countries is the best ... More
Pictures show Saddam Hussein in his underwear : 2005-05-24 16:17:11   Read245
HDA : United States Administration is sending messages to Muslim world. For people photos of Guantenamo and Abu Ghareeb. For Governments and rulers, Photos of Saddam.  The message is clear that if you do not obey US  policy , and respond positively, you will face the same  in future . ... More
Japan and Malaysia reach free-trade deal : 2005-05-24 11:59:19   Read243
HDA: Deeply from heart, we wish more cooperation between the two Asian countries .Free trade deal is the begining . We hope Japan will join the Asian , for economic stronger ties, that  leads to Union as EU, with independent  currency away from dollar that caused instability in world ... More
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