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Gold has seen its role as a form of money reduced significantly over time. The U.S. cut off its last link to the gold standard in 1971 under Nixon. There are no longer any significant currencies in this world that are fully or even partially backed by gold. ... More
H.D.A: Only within a month precisely August, the deficit hit a record of 69.9 billion dollars, due to imports of cheap goods from China, and expensive oil from abroad . Imagine the annual deficit that goes to around half trillion in ... More
H.D.A: Again the dollar is falling. We warn all countries mainly OPEC to versify their currencies, not only the dollar. US is in continuous war against the invisible. US is invading already Afghanistan and Iraq, and preparing with Israel to attack Iran and Syria. ... More
Dollar Falls Against Yen, Euro in Asia : 2006-08-15 18:58:44   Read503
H.D.A: US is not only threatened by oil prices, but also annual deficit and foreign debt of more than 9 Trillion dollars. Also wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and else where caused US billions from tax payers and Americans youth victims pushed in wars not their. ... More
H.D.A.: US passes a very difficult economic stage. A 6% decline commodity prices, and a sharp under performance of small cap stocks !! We stress once again our advise to world community to draw their reserves in US ... More
Dollar down but not out after modest payrolls : 2006-07-09 17:20:39   Read550
H.D.A: Again US dollar is down. We always demand who controls US dollar printing? An expected desastor of world economy soom, due to dollar inflation, foreign US debt, and annual deficit in US budget. US future is uncertain under its international war against terrorism. More funny US claim that ... More
Dollar woes seen continuing as Fed nears pause : 2006-06-30 11:14:26   Read1913
H.D.A. : The dollar suffers severe inflation. It is the 17th consecutive increase in two years !! The central bank raised the key federal funds rate by a quarter percentage point to 5.25% ... More
H.D.A. : The composition of capital inflows financing deficit, provides a mixed signal for the currency . The dollar lost more than 30% at its value against a basket of major currencies in 2002-2004 period, against low US interest rates. To avoid a further decline in the dollar, the US still needs ... More
H .  D . A :US is degrading economically. US  economy is in danger not only due to inflation,  but also  to deficit in budget and high external debts.  ... More
H . D . A : US in is trouble . Inflation is increasing . The situation is worse . New cons policy of wars absorbed treasury of tax payers in US. Unfortunately wars are not serving US interests. It is Israel agenda !!  Just today, House of representatives accorded dollars more for ... More
HDA :Again the dollar is sinking down VS euro and yen. In fact a country like US lagging behind in development growth, compared to China, Japan , and India among others, it is normal that its currency is shaking unstable. ... More
Inflation pickup worries Fed : 2006-02-26 11:20:48   Read438
H.D.A: Inflation may not be running out of control, but it is hot enough that the Federal Reserve’s campaign of interest rate hikes may end later rather than sooner We disagree with the newspaper as well as Federal authorities. Inflation is not less than 17% , but the problem is who controls ... More
The gravity-defying dollar : 2006-02-19 19:11:42   Read896
H.D.A: In fact US trade deficit was 726$ billion in 2005. But the dollar climbed again!! So is the dollar defying gravity or is something missing? what is missing is that Central Bank in China, around Asia and elsewhere persist in buying dollars to prevent a falling U.S. currency lifting the ... More
H.D.A: China accepts foreign investors from America. But America refused Chinese investment in oil field . Who is for openness and who is against? China is classified as communist country meanwhile America is classified as open free trade country!! ... More
GM loses $8.6 billion in 2005 : 2006-01-26 18:34:17   Read572
H.D.A: General Motors lost 8.6 billion dollars in 2005. This is another hint that U.S. economy is in decline. The GM loss came as the world's largest GM struggled with a host of financial woes and brutal compition in the U.S. market. ... More
H.D.A: It is always the case since Bush came to power . There is continual deficit of about half trillion every year. So if debt deficit is taken into consideration of about 9 trillion dollars, with inflation rate in dollar of not less than 17% , world should take precaution for alternatives, before ... More
Regulators hit ABN AMRO with $80M fine : 2005-12-20 18:07:30   Read579
H.D.A: Foreign Banks managers are not employed in CIA, or FBI, or American Administration. Money Control is only US job. So Bankers are so busy with their own accounts and clients. It is more than enough to inform US central bank by all money transfer either in or out of the bank, through daily ... More
H.D.A: Even White House corruption affects the dollar negatively. Here is another article about dollar sliding!! In fact all indications show dollar droping down to its destiny. New Cons will not only couse serious damage to US economy, but infact it is continuously declining. ... More
H.D.A: Again Inflation is continuing  in American dollar. World should find alternative policy for Monetary System before World Economy Collapse. ... More
Trade deficit widens in Aug to $59 bln : 2005-10-13 08:34:01   Read483
H.D.A: American deficit for one month is fifty nine billion that indicates very strongly the inflation rapid rate of the dollar. Iraq so early transfered all reserves from dollar to Euro. That was one of the reasons for invading Iraq. The World should take precautions to avoid thirtys ... More
Dollar decline accelerates as US Treasury abandons “strong” currency policy By Nick Beams21 May 2003   The potential for a major crisis in global financial markets has markedly increased over the past few days amid growing concerns that the Bush administration has adopted a policy of ... More
Get Ready to Meet the Euro : 2005-09-22 17:05:02   Read357
HDA : America is in war with the world . The world must take precautions for its reserves. Many countries and soon the Arabs will transfer to Euro instead of Dollar . ... More
What You Didn't Know About the Dollar & Iraq : 2005-09-22 17:01:31   Read363
 What You Didn't Know About the Dollar & Iraq by Mark Owen The Federal Reserve is a system of private banks separate and distinct from the U.S. government. This banking system was originally conceived by John D. Rockefeller and J.P. Morgan. The FED, as it it known, is listed in the white ... More
U.S. Dollar vs. the Euro: : 2005-09-22 12:29:02   Read379
 U.S. Dollar vs. the Euro: Sources: THE SIERRA TIMES, February 9, 2003Title: "The Real Reasons for the Upcoming War with Iraq"Author: William ClarkFEASTA, January 2003Title: "Oil, Currency, and the War on Iraq"Author: Cóilín NunanTHE NATION, September 23, 2002Title: The End of ... More
Dollar Inflation : 2005-07-16 16:37:02   Read412
HDA : Robert Kurz is a specialised person in economic affairs. Although he wrote this article long time ago, still the facts indicated here are becoming more convincing . The Alert with red card must be raised vis a vis the dollar. All countries are concerned mainly OPEC. Diversity is a must for ... More
Michael C.Ruppert Alert : 2005-06-12 10:22:07   Read366
HDA:  His alert is very important. Not only that but also he gives alternatives for the Dollar. He believes as we do that one day the dollar will fall down to its destiny. What shall we do then ? If might be very late to take action. Michael C.Ruppert Alert Recently, FromTheWilderness ... More
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