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End to Evil

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AN END TO EVIL : 2005-10-02 08:50:34   Read1120
III WORLD WAR MANIFESTO BY PERLE (LIKUD) & FRUM(CANADIAN) AN END TO EVIL *America should be free to use its unbridled power ( or military ) to promote its values arround the world. * Israel is the focal point to bring about Middle East stability . * United States is hampered unnecessarily by ... More
The Dogma of Richard Perle : 2005-10-02 08:46:36   Read951
 The Dogma of Richard PerleZionism and Legal Skepticism By WILLIAM JAMES MARTIN   Writing in the Guardian of London on March 21, 2003, under the title, "Thank God for the Death of the UN", just as the American invasion of Iraq was getting underway, Richard Perle, member of the ... More
COVERING THE WAR ON TERROR : 2005-10-02 08:44:39   Read989
 COVERING THE WAR ON TERROR By Thomas PowersFebruary 27, 2004 REVIEW OF AN END TO EVIL[b]Read this review of David Frum and Richard Perle's book An End to Evil. Find it on the New York Review of BooksTomorrow the WorldAn End to Evil: How to Win the War on Terrorby David Frum and Richard ... More
No End to War : 2005-10-02 08:41:52   Read791
 No End to War By Patrick J. Buchanan The Frum-Perle prescription would ensnare America in endless conflict.On the dust jacket of his book, Richard Perle appends a Washington Post depiction of himself as the “intellectual guru of the hard-line neoconservative movement in foreign ... More
An End To Evil ? : 2005-10-02 08:39:32   Read782
An End To Evil ? by JAMIE GLAZOV February 10, 2004 With the Dollar struggling against the Pound while I was in the Washington DC I went a bit mad in the Georgetown branch of Barnes & Noble.After splashing the plastic to pay for it and other books I read this on the plane back to London. It's ... More
 "An End to Evil" by David Frum and Richard Perle By Gary Kamiya Undaunted by the Iraq debacle, uber-hawks David Frum and Richard Perle air their fevered wet dream of a national-security superstate that slaps down uppity Muslims, bombs North Korea, slices and dices civil liberties and ... More
Evil is as Evil Does : 2005-10-02 08:34:25   Read906
Evil is as Evil Does Frum & Perle: Apologists for Pre-emption By RICHARD FORNO   Those unfamiliar with foreign policy and national security studies may interpret "An End To Evil" for what it claims to be: namely, a "manual for victory" [against all of America’s enemies.] Those familiar ... More
Neocon Pair Outlines a Strategy To End Evil’ By NATHANIEL POPPER   Two of Washington’s most famed neoconservatives — David Frum and Richard Perle — have issued a stinging critique of America’s fight against terrorism and are urging more aggressive action. In their new book, "An ... More
Advance Praise for ‘An End to Evil’ : 2005-10-02 08:31:48   Read545
 Advance Praise for ‘An End to Evil’ by Karen Kwiatkowski   Why are we occupying Iraq, bombing the living hell out of Afghanistan, pestering Iran and Syria, genuflecting to Sharon, failing to deal with real threats to our nation while piddling away our resources building an empire ... More
A NEOCONSERVATIVE END TO EVIL? : 2005-10-02 08:30:31   Read531
 A NEOCONSERVATIVE END TO EVIL? by DONALD DEVINE A Review of David Frum and Richard Perle, An End To Evil New York: Random House, 2003; 284 pp.   After the defiant op-ed in the Wall Street Journal and all of the media hype, "An End To Evil" is a disappointment to those who want to ... More
Quotes from Richard Perle’s new book, "An End to Evil" by DAILY NEWS HEADLINE DIGEST On Domestic Repression To stop terrorists before the strike, we must do three things: deny them entry into the country, curtail their freedom of action inside the country, and deprive them of material and ... More
The Nation : 2005-10-02 08:22:32   Read782
Zionism and Legal Skepticism   The Nation by MICHAEL LIND   This article can be found on the web at A Tragedy of Errors An End to Evil: How to Win the War on Terror by David Frum and Richard Perle [from the February 23, ... More
Reading ‘An End to Evil’ : 2005-05-01 16:31:21   Read680
HDA: Again "End to Evil " another aspect , to be added to the file which is considerd as  manifesto of declared WW III. Manifesto of declared WW III micah | January 7, 2004 A world at peace; a world governed by law; a world in which all peoples are free to find their own destinies: That ... More

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