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Climate change fight 'can't wait' : 2006-11-05 13:11:13   Read311
H.D.A.: UK PM should advise his faithful friend Mr. Bush who rejects Kyoto Protocol till now. UK PM should tell his friend that US is the main country behind Earth pollution. US with Australia and few countries promised to find an alternative for pollution remedy.The world is waiting but it might be ... More
H.D.A.: Although the risk is increasing, and the world is more suffering, the climate change is very severe, with warns coming from every where , including US and UK, but still for Mr.Bush it is still early . He rejects Kyoto protocol ... More
H.D.A: What ever the difficulties are, there is no alternative now other than Kyoto Protocol. For those who disapprove and refuse to sign , should think seriously of the consequences, unless they have better remedies and solutions. ... More
Surprise storm leaves WNY reeling : 2006-10-15 23:33:38   Read365
H.D.A: US is facing storms , floods, and cyclones, due to climate charge. US lost even lives beside economic losses, but all is not enough to convince Bush to sign UN Kyoto Protocol against Earth worming and severe climate charge. ... More
H.D.A.: We appreciate highly such human great gests to save humanity . Global warming and energy alternatives are very important issues. We thank Mr.Branson and Mr.Clinton as well who fights for both issues . ... More
H.D.A.: Although US knows well of global warming risk and reality , although Catrina, and Rita caused too much damage in US. Although the whole world suffers from climate severe change, although UN came out with Kyoto protocol against Earth warming, US is still opposing world will. ... More
H.D.A: With our grief condolences against such disaster of floods, we request UN to help both India and Nepal in an urgent manner. But we stress here that most of catastrophes of floods and earthquakes are mainly due to climate change and Earth warming. ... More
H.D.A.: Unfortunately US is facing a serious environment threat . Instead of approving UN Kyoto Protocol, US talks of other alternatives. Climate severe change , ... More
Heat Wave Expected to Continue in Calif. : 2006-07-23 16:49:49   Read287
H.D.A: Bush till today refuses to join world Protocol fo Kyoto against Earth warming. Bush insists that he will find a better way to deal with Earth worming. Till now the whole world suffers fo severe climate change including US itself. Katrina, Rita, overfloods, severe heat, all lead to death fo ... More
Worst over in northeast floods : 2006-06-30 11:17:43   Read285
H.D.A. : Again thousands were forced out of their homes in New Jersey due to floods and storms !! But Bush and new cons are still unconvinced by climate change !! More victims , ... More
Top US court to take on CO2 case : 2006-06-27 11:29:01   Read317
H.D.A. : Isn’t it enough what world is suffering from climate change ? Disastors in Indonesia , same in America itself , dryness in Europe, high temperature on the globe, floods that kill thousands , ... More

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