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The death of Dr. Abdulrahman bafdl because of a traffic accident ... More
Dozens die in Spanish crash : 2006-11-10 13:06:59   Read311
H.D.A: We express our deep condelences for friendly Spanish people particularly those who lost their relatives. We hope this will be the last accident, wishing Spanish nation prosperous ... More
Ex-Turkish Prime Minister Ecevit Dies : 2006-11-06 17:09:04   Read236
H.D.A: We express our deep condolences for his family as well as Turkish people. We demand God to bless him. In fact he worked for his country for decades without fatigue. With out best wishes for Turkey progress ... More
H.D.A.: We express our sincere condolences for this Muslim country, particularly to relatives of victims. We hope Nigeria will never face such an accident in future. Deep condolences for Sultan of Sokoto , Alhaji Muhammad ... More
At Least 5 Killed In France Train Crash : 2006-10-12 18:03:57   Read302
H.D.A.: We express our sincere condolences for France , and relatives of victims in particular . Although it is rare such train accident, we hope France will never have such a case, along its history . Also we thank God that only two ... More
4 killed in Norwegian airport plane fire : 2006-10-11 18:26:18   Read286
H.D.A.: We express our sincere condolences for Norwegian friendly country , and particularly the relatives of the victims. We hope that no such sad event take place in future . ... More
H.D.A.: We express our sincere condolences to Brazilian people , particularly relatives of victims. We hope such dramatic catastroph never happens again. We hope investigation will lead why such collision in air ?! ... More
No survivors in wreckage of Nepal crash : 2006-09-27 15:13:57   Read309
H.D.A.: We express our sincere condolences for Nepal and victims relatives in particular. We hope such event never happens again. The crash might be due to overloading or weather reasons. But investigation will reveal the reality and circumstances of the crash . ... More
H.D.A.: The people in fact were more in number than capacity of the stadium. More over some were hanging with their hands to metallic bar that dropped from the top and caused mass killing of 50 persons. Something unexpected. ... More
H.D.A: We wish all success for summit, so as to reinforce cooperation and relatiosn in all fields between Asia and Europe. In regard to climate change that caused serious damage world-wide, US must respond positively to world call dictated in Kyoto Protocol. US odd policy even in field of ... More
UN approves counter-terrorism plan : 2006-09-09 18:08:52   Read324
H.D.A: When UN violates its charter, what is left for world peace and security?! Resistance against occupation as in Palestine and Iraq is terrorism!! That is American concept which is very dangerous for world stability, freedom, and democracy !! what is freedom if a country is occupied?! ... More
H.D.A: We express our deep condolences for relatives of those died in plain crash. We were worried of terrorist act against civilians. We thank God that the reason was the short runway . Hoping no future accidents particularly of civilians.  ... More
No survivors in Ukraine plane crash : 2006-08-22 20:42:02   Read266
H.D.A: We express our deep condolences to relatives of crash victims. We hope no such accident rakes place in Ukrainia, wishing more attention to up grade of services and maintenance. ... More
Train crash in northern Egypt kills 51 : 2006-08-21 14:19:15   Read260
H.D.A.: We express our deep sorrow of this unusual train crash. We present our sincere condolences to relatives of victims, hoping those martyrs to be pardoned by God, to enter paradise. We hope more care for railway to avoid such accidents in future . ... More
AIDS war could last decades, UN chief warns : 2006-08-14 18:49:45   Read257
H.D.A: A famous proverb says: " precaution is better than cure." Aids spread out in the world after illegal sexual relations and gay life together with unisex marriage. ... More
H.D.A.: We represent our deep condolences to relatives of Ethiopian victims that was a record of about lives lost in flash floods. We hope that the world will stand with Ethiopia and support families with food and shelter. ... More
N Korean flood toll thought to be 10,000 : 2006-08-03 17:09:32   Read285
H.D.A: We express our deep sorrow for victims of floods in NKorea. We also present our deep condolences to relative of victims, hoping no future victims for what so ever happens their. We hope government will take protective measures to avoid such accidents in future. ... More
Tsunami hits Java : 2006-07-19 09:02:59   Read286
H.D.A.: We express our deep condolences to brothers in Indonesia, hoping world community to support families of victims . We also appreciate technical assistance from UN, US,EU, and G8 to enable Indonesia to predict such catastrophe to minimize victims . ... More
Pakistani plane carrying 45 crashes : 2006-07-10 15:46:12   Read288
H.D.A: We express deep sorrow for relatives of victims of crashed airoplane. We hope for all martyrs forgiveness and pardon from the Creator, to enter paradise . We hope Pakistan toface no man. Such desasters, nor any continue............................. ... More
118 Killed in Siberian Airplane Crash : 2006-07-09 11:54:12   Read1011
H.D.A.: We express sincere condolences to friendly Russia, particularly the relatives of the victims. We also hope that such accidents will not take place through serious checking of airplanes by civil aviation authorities. We hope deeply that Russia won’t face such disasters in future. ... More
H.D.A: We express our deep sorrow for relatives of victims. We hope such an accident will never happen again. We send our condolences to friendly Spanish people as victims score 30 killed, hoping that wounded are not much. ... More
More Than 200 Dead in Indonesian Floods : 2006-06-22 18:27:39   Read304
H.D.A. : We express once again our deep condolences to brothers in Indonesia, for all desastors namely earthquakes , floods , and poverty with lack of shelter for victims. It is the duty of Muslim world, OPEC , EU, US, UN , WB, and IMF among others. All should move to help Indonesia to face natural ... More
H.D.A: Central Asian nations together with China and Russia are friendly countries with Iran. It is Israel nuclear program that threatens to crowd out agenda, as well as Iraq occupation. Asia is not America. Their agenda is far from US agenda . Rumsfeld absurd declaration that Iran is a leading ... More
H.D.A: Bolton is the last man to talk about UN reform. A Zionist pro Israelite, new con, since long time used to attack UN . He said it by his tongue that nobody will care if UN buidling is attacked or destroyed . End to Evil stated clearly that there is no need at all for UN. It is better to ... More
  • Indonesia declares emergency as quake toll nears 5,000
  • At least 15 dead, hundreds hurt in Indonesia quake
  • Soldiers Search for Thai Flood Victims
  • Blaze engulfs Istanbul airport
  • Huge Pacific earthquake sparks tsunami panic
  • Armenian aircraft crashes into Black Sea off Russia
  • Massive earthquake rocks Russia's Kamchatka peninsula
  • Mexican Bus Plunges Off Cliff, Killing 57
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