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Victims Of Nazi Bush

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H.D.A.: Nazi Bush crimes multiply in Iraq. Axe of Evil is carrying out its hidden agenda that were planned in Israel. Civil war is widening, and deaths are increasing. Even University doctors are assassinated by Mossad !! ... More
Baghdad body count hits 46 : 2006-11-14 13:16:29   Read302
H.D.A.: Again Nazi Bush continues his crimes in Iraq. 64 civilians in 24 hours are too much for Iraq. Bloodshed should come to an end, not through U.S. troops who are responsible of 80% of violence there, not through Iraqi ... More
H.D.A.: Nazi Bush continues his crimes in Iraq. In addition to dividing Iraq into three cantons since lines 32 and 36 were forced under Saddam regime, reinforced by constitution and elections under American colonization. Today ... More
At least 16 killed in Baghdad market blasts : 2006-11-10 12:07:44   Read277
H.D.A: Bush is continuing his crimes in Iraq. He is fully responsible for all deaths and wounded civilians in Iraq. More than 200000 deaths and million wounded is more than enough for Bush to leave immediately. British Army Leader  ... More
H.D.A.: US deaths are neglected to Iraq deaths that toll to more than 200000. If five soldiers die today , then 100 die from Iraq civilians . There is no doubt of Bush goals as he confessed that oil and Israel protection are priority ... More
OVER 1,000 KIDNAPPED EVERY WEEK IN IRAQ : 2006-11-02 12:22:01   Read305
H.D.A.: Since beginning of the year NGO's confirm that 1000 are kidnapped per week, most of them are tortured and killed !! All happens under US colonization with 130000 troops !! It seems that Iraq security is not priority . ... More
Iraq bombs kill dozens, US toll passes 100 : 2006-11-01 12:14:11   Read271
H.D.A.: This is a strong evidence that Iraq PM is executing US plan. Iraq deaths by dozens daily meanwhile US deaths do not exceed 100 by month . Why should US troops stay in Iraq ?! The British army leader said 80% of ... More
Iraqi PM hands Sadr victory over US blockade : 2006-11-01 11:56:08   Read263
H.D.A.: US is masterminding everything in Iraq. US built the army in South and Israel in North at the same time encouraged militias all over the country . The purpose is to torn Iraq into fragments and immerse Iraq into ... More
Many casualties in Baghdad blast : 2006-10-31 17:53:17   Read289
H.D.A: Just 30 are killed in Baghdad only. All under US troops eyes, who are supposed to keep peace there as they officially colonize Iraq. So Bush continues his Nazi crimes against Iraqi civilians!! In principle US forces ... More
H.D.A: If they were Americans, situation will be overturned up side down. Bush will resign , and Americans will call back their troops. Bush Nazi nature makes him happy as deaths are Iraqis who worth less than White race. Again ... More
Militants Kill 44 in Attacks Across Iraq : 2006-10-23 17:40:17   Read397
H.D.A: Crimes of Nazi Bush continue in Iraq. We wonder what victory is he claiming!! Deaths increase in Iraq for both Iraqis and Americans, what for?! Bush says he will stay till job is terminated. What is his job in reality in ... More
H.D.A.: This fundamentalist Anglo Protestant prozionist Bush who insists to colonize Iraq in spite of hundreds of civilian Iraqi deaths is really a blood sucker. If those who are killed every day are American troops, Bush will not ... More
H.D.A.: What a reassurance . Bush troops will stay longer in Iraq. That means more bloodshed and civil war in Iraq. Nazi Bush already more than 200000 civil Iraqis were killed under his troops protection. Today more than ... More
New surge of violence hits Iraq : 2006-10-16 22:44:11   Read304
H.D.A.: Ten died, dozens wounded in Kirkuk plus 40 corpuses in Balad plus 30 in Baghdad, what a massacre, just for one day under US troops occupation. So Bush continues his Nazi crimes while world is keeping silent . ... More
26 Sunnis killed in Iraq sectarian attacks : 2006-10-15 22:25:39   Read301
H.D.A: Nazi Bush continues his crimes with Moussad and CIA. We urge UN to take measures against US for immediate withdrawal, so that UN peace forces take responsibility there to keep Iraq unity and stop bloodshed that ... More
H.D.A: Bush, Blair, EU, UN all are worried about Dar-fur in Sudan. They claim civil barbaric war in the region. Paradoxally Iraq is living a serious civil war with 6000 deaths in two months, due to US,UK colonization since ... More
'All-time high' in Baghdad violence : 2006-10-12 18:14:21   Read298
H.D.A.: The newspaper confirms that number of sectarian killing triples in 2006 !! So who is responsible of such disaster ?! He is Nazi Bush who planned such sectarian war with his deciple Israel !! The world shouts loudly for ... More
Iraq deaths put at 655,000 : 2006-10-11 22:22:38   Read393
H.D.A.: A study claims 655000 Iraqis have died as a result of the March 2003 U.S. led invasion. That is why Bush deserves the title Nazi . We wonder why new cons insist to stay in Iraq in spite of American nation opposition. It is ... More
Gunmen kill brother of Sunni Arab leader : 2006-10-10 18:29:35   Read297
H.D.A.: Now Nazi Bush attained the apex in his plot to push Iraq into civil war. When it comes to leaders, It means the plot is successful . But where is UN ? Why all focus on Darfur and drop down Iraq ?! Is it an international ... More
Hundreds of Iraq police sick from poison : 2006-10-09 17:11:49   Read288
H.D.A.: Hundreds, poisoned , in Ramadan , When they were eating breakfast. Eleven already died, others bleeding from ears who is responsible ? Of course Bush the Nazi who occupied Iraq brought all the bloodshed in Iraq. Rice ... More
25 killed in latest bout of Iraq violence : 2006-10-08 17:59:38   Read314
H.D.A.: Nazi Bush continues his crimes in Iraq. It is not enough to kill 6000 civilians in two months. It is not enough to kill 200000 civilians in three years. All under US occupation !! What a model for Arab states ?! ... More
Truck bomb kills eight in northern Iraq : 2006-10-07 17:43:35   Read313
H.D.A.: As long as deaths and causalities are among Iraqi civilians, US will stay in Iraq, as its plot with Israel is to create civil war there . without targeting American troops, Bush will never leave Iraq !! Bush the Nazi is very happy ... More
H.D.A.: Iraq declred emergency under US colonization. US democracy lead to mass kidnapping, dozens of corpuses on the streets , and the assassination of a high ranking officer !! So Bush continues his Nazi crimes in Iraq under ... More
Police find 13 bodies across Baghdad : 2006-09-27 15:05:05   Read294
H.D.A.: Victims of Nazi Bush continue in Iraq. With hundred civil victims daily , Bush insists to stay in Iraq with his troops. What for ?! Iraqis are dying, lacking security and peace under US occupation . Moussad+ CIA are manipulating terror in Iraq. ... More
32 killed in Baghdad blast : 2006-09-24 12:46:00   Read390
H.D.A.: Nazi Bush crimes continue in Iraq. Today 32 deaths in one blast in Baghdad. Of course all victims are Iraqi civilians . US troops are always safe busy in building their military bases . The lier Bush promised Iraq to be the example for Arabs in democracy and freedom !! ... More
Bombings Kill 28 in Baghdad, Mosul : 2006-09-21 11:37:44   Read250
H.D.A.: Again Nazi Bush continues his plot to push Iraq into civil war !! Hundred victims per day against one or two American troops !! We appreciated Secretary General Koffi Annan call for intervention in Iraq to stop bloodshed !! ... More
  • Wave of insurgent bombs kill 23 in Iraq's Kirkuk
  • Dozens of corpses found as US pledges more troops for Baghdad
  • Bush argues terrorism case after Republican revolt
  • Bombs, abductors kill dozens in Iraq
  • Baghdad car bombs kill 28 as dozens of corpses found
  • Gunmen kill 7 at Shiite mosque
  • Mini Bus Explodes in Baghdad, Killing 12
  • Baghdad bomb kills eight
  • Bush, in political mode, warns of Qaeda threat
  • Iraq captures local al Qaeda deputy
  • Asian pilgrims killed as Bush denies civil war in Iraq
  • Sixty-one killed as Iraq prepares to take charge of military
  • Iraqi Hospitals Are War's New 'Killing Fields'
  • Defiant insurgent gangs kill 59 in war-torn Iraq
  • Baghdad suicide car bomber kills 11
  • Insurgents kill 14 as Iraq violence rages
  • Snipers Kill 16 Pilgrims in Baghdad
  • Report: Marines may have foiled evidence
  • Baghdad blasts leave 47 dead
  • Iraq violence claims more lives
  • Series of blasts kill 20 people in southern Baghdad
  • Marines: Carroll was held near Iraq base
  • Tense day of prayers in Iraq after deadly shrine attack
  • Bank Robbery and Bombs Kill 24 in Iraq
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