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5 people shot in Detroit in 10 minutes : 2006-11-17 11:35:13   Read314
H.D.A.: If those were shot by a Muslim, media will be mobilized to describe the crime as act of terror !! But when others commit such crimes , they are always dealt with low profile as incidents !! We Deny U.S. selling arms openly ... More
Sri Lanka attack causes carnage : 2006-10-19 16:43:57   Read312
H.D.A.: Terrorism flourishes, in the world. We said already that it has no race nor faith . But Bush and new cons link all acts to Muslims . Today 67 killed at a time in Sri Lanka. We hope rivals will come together to round table for ... More
H.D.A.: Terrorism flourishes in US . Such crime of killing three girls after lining them up in a classroom is not only criminal, but terrorist barbaric act. If a Muslim commits such crime, media will revolt against Islam and Muslims . ... More
Manhattan mayhem: crash, police shooting : 2006-09-27 15:26:17   Read348
H.D.A.: Terrorism flourishes even inside USA. But a non Muslim terror act is only classified as simple crime. US today is not safe at night particularly in New York and Washington. Terror gangs march openly and freely . What a country ?! ... More
Mayhem and murder on Montreal campus, again : 2006-09-14 14:42:51   Read395
H.D.A.: So it happens again , terror in the campus !! Who is behind such terror for the second time ? As we said terror has no race or faith- This time in Canada . We express our deep sorrow, hoping an end to such terror. ... More
Bombs kill at least 32 in India : 2006-09-09 18:15:05   Read360
H.D.A: Terrorism has no faith or race. Today in India 32 are killed and surely more are wounded. Without deep look in reasons behind terrorism, and how to treat them, we think terrorism will continue. US/ UK focus only on Muslims and mobilize their media to convince their people that Islam and ... More
H.D.A.: Terrorism flourishes inside US. But when committed by non-Muslims , it is simply a fresh start. If a Muslim committed such crime , the media will mobilize the whole nation against Islam and Muslims . ... More
Chicago fire kills six children : 2006-09-04 12:36:39   Read259
H.D.A.: Six Children killed at a time , this time in Chicago !! If a Muslim commits such a crime the media will call for expulsion of all Muslims from US. Of course Koran will be accused and the Prophet peace be upon him. But for non-Muslims such terrorist crimes are not terrorist at all. ... More
Two killed in Vermont school shooting: police : 2006-08-25 13:01:30   Read293
H.D.A.: Terrorism in US is a daily act. US sells arms in groceries for any person who wants. US children are always victims of irresponsible shooting particularly is schools. If a Muslim commits such act, it is terrorism, ... More
H.D.A.: Here Muslims are victims of terrorism. They are targeted by both government and rebel forces, mostly unintended. We believe dialogue is better than force. Crises will never settled by force but by peaceful dialogue . ... More
Man confesses to killing 7 in Missouri : 2006-08-21 14:04:07   Read325
H.D.A.: Terrorism in America is called crimes unless a Muslim or an Arab commits such crimes, then it s called terrorism. We believe terrorism has no faith or race, and US is more terrorist than others as arms are openly sold to every body . That is why four US Presidents were killed. ... More
Indian temple blast kills 5 : 2006-08-17 14:28:57   Read328
H.D.A.: Terrorism is not a Muslim product . It has no race and no faith . We express our deep condolences for relatives of victims, hoping Muslims there to adopt peaceful ways and dialogue to settle their disputes . ... More
H.D.A: Terrorism is flourishing every where . It has no race or faith. It needs serious treatment from UN. The most dangerous is the intended mix between terrorism and resistance by axe of evil US/Israel. ... More
New Orleans cops probe 6 killings in 1 day : 2006-07-31 09:31:01   Read251
H.D.A.: Terrorism in US is flourishing , but under heading of social crimes. US sells arms in shops for Americans, meanwhile US calls for limitation of small arms business !! ... More
H.D.A.: US  is always under terrorism . US adopts a policy of free arms selling. Killing in US is a habit. The people are aquatinted with it. But US never admits killing as terrorist acts, but criminal acts. ... More
Maoist raid kills 25 in Chhattisgarh : 2006-07-19 10:50:18   Read322
H.D.A.: 25 victims due to Maoist rebels in India, among them 3 women and 3 children !! More over 460 people have been killed in Maoist- related violence in January – June this year. ... More
Mich. man pleads guilty to 2 killings : 2006-07-16 11:59:35   Read313
H.D.A.: A man with his wife had been bound in plastic wrap and duct tape and covered with a tarpaulin . The killer is not even classified as a terrorist , not even his faith is mentioned nor his race. ... More
Italy Arrests 2 in Kidnapping of Imam in '03 : 2006-07-07 10:30:39   Read295
H.D.A: US mocked Italy twice. Firstly by killing intentionaly their officer in Iraq. Secondly by kidnapping the Imam without even notifying Italian authorities or presenting any file to Italian Justice. Such humiliating act by neglecting Italy souvereignity is a big scandal. The third is humiliating ... More
Five youths dead in New Orleans shooting : 2006-06-18 08:33:45   Read302
H.D.A. : Again terrorism is spreading. This time in US !! What is surprising US is keen to fight small arms in the world including Yemen. But for US citizens as per constitution small arms are under free sale like apple and orange in open markets in USA . Terrorism is not a Muslim product. It is a ... More
H.D.A: Terrorism if flourishing everywhere. This time in Colombo. A landmine killed 64 civilians and injured 39 passengers of the bus!! Why always civilians are targetted?! We think dialogue will bring rights more than force. UN should help SriLanka to settle its crises through peaceful dialogue to ... More
Police: 7 killed in Indianapolis home : 2006-06-02 17:02:23   Read273
HDA : Terrorism and small arms as means is flourishing in U.S. We appeal Congress before advising others to take measures against small arms distribution. U.S. is the most country that needs new laws prohibit free sale of arms. Such crimes carried by non-Muslims , the media again do not focus on ... More
2 Dead, 3 Hurt in Milwaukee Park Shooting : 2006-05-30 11:06:54   Read559
HDA : Again terrorism is flourishing, this time in US. One of the main reasons is that selling arms to individuals is free as per constitution !! Others are called to fight personal arms , but US although four presidents were killed , is a free country for selling arms !! We hope US one day ... More
HDA : Again terrorism is flourishing . Today in Srilanka 18 dead at a time. We believe world community should work as one body to fight terrorism as well as its roots of poverty , unemployment, injustice , dictatorship , and human rights among others. After all terrorism is not a Muslim ... More
Wash. Teen Convicted of Killing Playmate : 2006-04-29 16:05:24   Read297
HDA : A boy 12 years old slayed a 13 years old who was found beaten, and stabbed to death 34 times !! Why such boys have tendency towards crimes ?! Is it the media ? or the movie ?! Even the TV passes series and films full of crimes, killing , poisoning, stabbing, and all sorts of torture and death. ... More
HDA : Terrorism is a world- wide reality . This time in Srilanka with 16 victims at a time. UN needs to deal with the problem to look deeply in reasons behind it, and define first terrorism itself and define means with which world community puts hand in hand to fight terrorism. Among reasons ... More
HDA : Terroism is everywhere. It takes different forms but the result is the same. Today in Canada 8 bodies at a time, surely not by Muslims , the proof is the media . Such atrocities are only put in light on large scale, when committed by a Muslim. Immediately Koran and Prophet peace be upon him ... More
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