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H.D.A : We regret NATO plan to maintain presence in Afghanistan after end of current mission.No Afghan what so ever would accept extention of colonizers to stay on Afghan lands after deadline defined in agreement!!Why should NATO maintain presence in Afghanistan after end of current mission ... More
H.D.A :As long as American troops are still in Afghanistan up to 1oooo troops,is an act of war!! ... More
H.D.A : We appreciate highly cooperation between Great China,and Afghanistan!!The best way to fight terrorism is to promote sustainable development,and exploit ... More
H.D.A : We denounce vigorously illegal pact for extension of American colonization after 2014!!This is anact of war which oblige Taliban to continue resistance till last foreign soldier leaves the country!!We are sure US imposed it as a condition for presidency,and in this case new president is a ... More
H.D.A : Ghani is named as president after endorsement by America on conditionhe approves US troops to stay in Afghanistan after dead line of leaving by end of 2014!! ... More
Afghan violence 'likely to rise' : 2006-11-16 12:20:40   Read1467
H.D.A.: It is quite evident that violence there will rise . The more victims of civilians, the more Afghans will join resistance factions. NATO talks about Taliban only , but in reality all factions that resisted against USSR, today ... More
H.D.A: Another nail in Bush coffin. Taliban seems to exist in a stronger way in Afghanistan. When they refuse proposal of talks by the president, it means that they are well  reestablished in Afghanistan. So Bush claim of ... More
Afghan civilian dead were 'human shields' : 2006-10-28 17:23:26   Read331
H.D.A: Although Taliban denied, we still feel that even if NATO claim is true about human shields, they have no right at all to kill civilians. NATO forgot that his goal in Afghanistan is to serve Afghan civilians, so how can NATO ... More
H.D.A: NATO confessed of killing 12 civilians, meanwhile Afghans say civilian victims are more than 90!! We request UN human rights council to send delegation for inquiry. Afghan crises are multiplying due to failure of NATO military mission. Air raids bombard regions without distingtion. The ... More
H.D.A: Afghanistan is becoming another Iraq. Civilians are the most victims of both NATO and Resistance. Why should civilians be targeted. It is more than enough for Afghans to live new wars. We deny vigorously NATO ... More
Afghans May Back Taliban, General Warns : 2006-10-09 17:18:53   Read302
H.D.A.: Afghans are suffering from hunger, poverty , unemployment, lack of infrastructure , bref nothing modern except arms. Afghans are fed up with wars, dislike foreign troops in their country. Afghans now are victims of this ... More
Taliban Revived in Southern Afghanistan : 2006-10-07 17:06:19   Read305
H.D.A.: It is not only Taliban, but also all factions who fought against USSR. Afghans dislike colonization whether from East or West . They want to be free. So after five years of US occupation Afghans are resisting everywhere ... More
NATO takes command across all of Afghanistan : 2006-10-05 17:45:24   Read279
H.D.A.: So US forced NATO into Afghan war according to US agenda of International war against International Terrorism !! The same claimed in Iraq , where US is trying to force NATO there also. EU should fight for US and ... More
Bomber kills at least 12 : 2006-10-01 16:23:34   Read283
H.D.A.: Victims of Nazi Bush are not only in Iraq, the same happens in Afghanistan under US/NATO colonization. Why should civilians be targeted ? Even if it happens that others carry such bombings, it takes place under their colonization. ... More
At least 12 dead in Afghan suicide blast : 2006-09-30 17:27:06   Read337
H.D.A.: 12 dead and 42 wounded in a blast in Kabul. All happened near to ministry of Interior supposed to keep security of the people . Afghanistan is transforming rapidly to a new Iraq. In both countries civilians are the most targeted. ... More
H.D.A :We regret NATO decision to expand its activities all over Afghanistan. It will be a new war, as that of USSR before in Afghanistan. Afghan nature is against foreigners, against occupation , against American Afghan president. We demand , ... More
H.D.A.: So total victims in those two operations 23 plus 18 that makes 41 victims. NATO claims killing Taliban, but they say suspects, that means they are not sure about the victims. We appeal UN to send human right Council team to investigate the situation. ... More
H.D.A.: How many civilian victims per day in Afghanistan ?! Isn't it enough what Afghans suffered in the past ?! When Afghans will have peace ?! We said it hundred times that Afghans need no more wars, they need food, shelter , employment , ... More
Taliban captures two districts : 2006-09-28 11:46:17   Read398
H.D.A.: Taliban entered Afghanistan through Taliban with support of US, UK among others, all against Rabbani, then in 2001 , US expeled  Taliban and supported loyal forces to Rabbani and brought him back !! What a chess !! US plays chess with the world . ... More
12 killed in Afghan suicide bombing : 2006-09-27 15:22:20   Read309
H.D.A.: Today Iraq is Afghanistan and Afghanistan is Iraq.Suicide bombs that target civilians are here and there !! Victims in both countries are civilians in tens and hundreds. As to occupying forces victims are negligible!! ... More
Afghans, NATO say dozens of Taliban killed : 2006-09-25 12:15:16   Read272
H.D.A.: Again we appeal UN to investigate the situation in Afghanistan . It seems that most victims are civilians . UN Human Rights Council should send a delegation to check the situation . Ex minister of information, ... More
No cut in U.S. force in Afghanistan soon : 2006-09-24 12:48:38   Read292
H.D.A.: US is not only marginalizing UN, but also decides as if UN is not existing at all. Iraq, Afghan , Lebanon , Palestine, US is imposing its agenda which is in fact Israel agenda that destabilize security of the whole world. Why should Nato follow US monopole policy ? ... More
H.D.A.: Afghanistan is another Iraq. But this time Afghans will never split as they all detest foreign troops in their country. Massive killing haphazardly targeting civilians in most cases will lead to increase the scope of war in Afghanistan . We advise Nato and US to leave. Afghanistan , and UN ... More
Taliban try to capture Afghan district : 2006-09-14 17:00:39   Read309
H.D.A: It seems that Afghan war is an endless one. Taliban is getting stronger. It captures districts one after the other. So it is better for UN to take over there in order to settle crises there away from colonization and forces with an American President Mr. Karazi. ... More
  • Poland Will Provide 1,000 Additional Troops for Afghanistan
  • Nearly 100 Taliban, governor killed on eve of 9/11 anniversary
  • Deadline to break Taliban: 6 months
  • British military probing fatal Afghanistan plane crash
  • Karzai asks for probe into drug claims
  • Afghans Who Fled Conflict Face Cultural Divide in U.S.
  • Afghan market blast kills 17
  • French soldiers, rebels killed in Afghan unrest
  • Around 90 killed in bloody Afghan weekend
  • Ex-CIA Contractor Found Guilty of Assaulting Afghan Detainee Who Later Died
  • Polio cases surge in insurgency-wracked southern Afghanistan
  • Afghan, NATO Forces Kill 18 Taleban in Southern Afghanistan
  • NATO takes over Afghan south
  • U.K. troops heading to south Afghanistan
  • 35 suspected Taliban killed in southern Afghanistan
  • 5 Afghan laborers killed in ambush
  • We face defeat in Afghanistan, Army chiefs warn Blair
  • Nearly 150 rebels killed in Afghanistan in a fortnight
  • Twenty-six dead in fresh Afghan violence
  • Taliban attacks leave 30 dead
  • Afghan insurgents toll rises to 85
  • British troops thrust into southern Afghanistan
  • U.S. steps up Afghan air strikes -report
  • US-led troops say kill 40 Taliban in Afghanistan
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