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11 September

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H.D.A : Again a new reveal of CIA role in fabricating 911!!Infowars says KITTY HISTORY EXPOSES TRUTH BEHIND ... More
H.D.A.: As black boxes an found, everybody wants to know about their contents. Why till now , nothing announced about those boxes ?! What exactly happened in last moment, between pilots and air control officers ?! The mystery ... More
911 a saga of deceit and lies : 2006-11-09 11:02:16   Read599
H.D.A.: Still Americans wonder how 9/11 came to happen ? Who was behind it ? 81% do not believe the official story . Here you find (1) saga of deceit, (2) Atta father who insists that his son is still alive, and (3) an Israeli's ... More
H.D.A.: We deny vigorously such trial in Guantanamo by military court. We want an open trial in front of American Justice of Khalid Shiekh !! Otherwise UN should intervene for sake of detainees human rights. Guantanamo is famous of torture and abuse !! ... More
H.D.A.: Whether dead or alive , it changes nothing in the situation. Zarqawi is the example . He was killed and Iraq situation became worse . The problem is not the individuals , it concerns the principles and concepts . Both Bush and Alqaida , ... More
Pentagon: Secret unit couldn't stop 9/11 : 2006-09-23 13:19:15   Read477
H.D.A.: When you read Sept.1 , Setp.II , and Osama files together with American 500 questions unanswered , you come to know how Bush and new cons lie !! Germany, Russia , Egypt , among others warned US but all White House staff wished it to happen !! ... More
H.D.A.: Bin Laden story will never end till new cons finish their plot in End of Evil. Although they demanded Mr.Clinton in 1998 to invade Iraq under pretext of WMD, they couldn't dare to invade Iraq till events of 9/11. Although Sudan proposed to give Bin Laden to US, ... More
H.D.A: So now 9/11 sad criminal events are for entertainment !! What a media and what hearts have owners of those media?! How can deaths of 4000 innocent people can be an entertainment ?! We need more investigation on mysteries of 9/11. Why no Jews were killed at all in Trade Center? Why black boxes ... More
Bin Laden's trail cold : 2006-09-10 12:30:44   Read503
H.D.A.: We wonder with too much surprise as the article here says, Bin Laden trial cold. Bush on 9/11 declared that Osama is enemy no.1., then he said that a big reward will be accorded for any one who brings Osama dead or dive !! ... More
False Accusation Creates a 9/11 Footnote : 2006-09-09 14:16:08   Read442
H.D.A.: 9/11 events are still a mystery. When seven of the accused 19, are still alive. The day 9/11, they were in Saudi Arabia, who took their identities and published them ?! When no Arabs at all were there in the claimed planes, who committed the crime ?! ... More
Al-Jazeera Airs Pre-9/11 Bin Laden Tape : 2006-09-08 11:57:39   Read428
H.D.A.: Why now such tape is broadcasted ?! As we said before Bush and Republicans want to use terrorism card to gain elections. The more elections approach, the more stories will be fabricated. Without catching Osama, or even trial in his absence, ... More
Bush: Sept 11 architect to face trial : 2006-09-07 11:22:31   Read461
H.D.A.: As far as we know and the world as a whole that the architect was Osama. Bush himself declared that he wanted Osama dead or alive. Then he forgot Osama for years. Now he mobilizes all media to talk about terrorism as elections oblige. ... More
H.D.A.: So it became true. The Americans said Alqaeda Nr.2 will talk soon in a video, and we said the elections in US oblige. Also Al-jazeera will never broadcast any claimed Al-qaeda video unless it is approved first by CIA or FBI. ... More
The stories of 9/11 lie beneath Brooklyn : 2006-09-02 12:32:39   Read408
H.D.A.: The big lie is really about those behind 9/11. No body believes official story of White House . Dr.Albert , Western thinkers and Osama himself denied his relation with 9/11. Even Hykel denied the accusation of Osama. First because Alqaeda is infiltrated , ... More
Claim: 9/11 Dust Tests Misleading : 2006-08-26 11:43:11   Read416
H.D.A.: Another evidence of 9/11 atrocity manipulation. The story till now is mysterious . Sept.I , Sept, II, Osama , and 500 questions unanswered , all give doubtful unbelievable White House story of 9/11. ... More
H.D.A: The nearer the elections in US, the more the discovery of terrorist acts. This shows clearly what we say, that teh Republicans have no card for coming elections, except terrorism. Either the Republicans or Alqaeda will come to finish all Americans!! What a very funny logic!! Why Osama is not ... More
H.D.A: As it is released the full recordings of about 130 telephone calls made to emergency operators from the twin towers that day; we hope recordings of dialogue between the four kidnapped airoplanes and airports towers to be released to know how it began, and how it ended. Sure two much ... More
H.D.A: It seems that Aemrican Justice is freeing itself gradually from influence of new cons. Such optimistic gest from American Justice gives hope that all detainees will be fairly trialed. We hope Justice will say its word with respect to civil courts instead of military for detainees except for ... More
Army Charges 7 With Having Sex on Video : 2006-02-25 17:41:15   Read380
H.D.A: Now we understand well why US troops are fond of nacked prisoners!! Why they abuse prisoners sexualy men and women detainees?! If seven of them already appeared in sex website, that means culture of the army is realy degraded. How can they respect human rights of detainees? ... More
H.D.A: Actor and Director of three films against White House policy. Immediately he was stamped as 'traitor'!! Simply because he is against Iraq invasion since 2003!! We believe that Bush and new cons are crazy. Who said that those Americans against Iraqi war are traitors?! Where is freedom of ... More
H.D.A: Bush should read this remark stated by FBI. Scince 9/11/2001 criminal attacks , much of the domestic spying conducted by the National Security Agency was unproductive and led the FBI to dead ends or innocent Americans !! ... More
U.S. not 'well-prepared' for terrorism : 2005-12-06 16:05:55   Read483
H.D.A: We hope that U.S. will not face again  any attack at home . But we are surprised to new cons policy by claiming that attacking terrorists abroad, better than waiting till they attack us. US today is challenging UN by occupying Iraq without any real  motive. Iraq invasion has ... More
Flights on 11/9 : 2005-11-27 12:47:58   Read409
Flight number :1   Thursday September 13, 2001   Some 81 passengers and 11 crew were on board when American Airlines flight AA11, en route from Boston to Los Angeles, crashed into the north tower of the World Trade Centre.   This is a preliminary, partial list of passengers ... More
Why did the 9/11 Commission ignore : 2005-11-23 12:17:56   Read461
HDA : Able Danger team had identified Atta and three other 911  hijackers by mid- 2000 but were prevented by military lawyers from giving this information to the FBI !! Defence Department officials stated that "documents and electronic files created by ... Able Danger Program were destroyed ... More
H.D.A: We confirm here that Rumsfeld was one of the leading new cons who advocated invasion of Iraq. It is gang includes Dich Cheney, Wolvoitz, Perle , Faith, Forum, among others. The US new cons administration know very well before invading Iraq that there are no WMD in Iraq, simply from UN team ... More
9/11 panel faults government: NYT : 2005-10-20 13:24:30   Read403
H.D.A: This accusation is not new stating that FBI failed to act, and Bush government is not doing enough to defend civil liberties in the post sept.11, era.. And even now people died in Kathrina Hurricane. But the question is why should this government continue in power?! 9/11 is still a mystry ... More
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  • Seven of the WTC Hijackers found alive!
  • Saudi Suspects in U.S. Attacks Were Not in the U.S.
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