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Poverty and Debts

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World 'failing on hunger pledges' : 2006-10-31 17:46:47   Read304
H.D.A: About 820 million people were hungry in 2001-2003!! They are only 3 million less than those of 1990-1992!! This indicates how poor the ability and means of (FAO) and (UN). Of course if reflects the limited ... More
Indian minister to quit WTO talks : 2006-07-02 18:21:55   Read399
H.D.A: When India quits WTO talks , it means all developed and underdeveloped countries will quit. It shows clearly failure of negotiations in Doha Conference. The main obstacle is US , as it holds 80% of WTO decisions. As Mubarek, President of Egypt, said : if needs of developed and underdeveloped ... More
Warren Buffett donates $37 billion to charity : 2006-06-27 13:03:56   Read298
H.D.A. : Deep thanks to Billionaire investor Warien Beffelt who donates 37 billion dollars to Bill Gates charity foundation . We call all Billionaires, and multi-millionaires to support Gates charity so as to face needs of Africa . ... More
Blair promises more aid for Africa : 2006-06-27 13:00:58   Read309
H.D.A. : It is a kind look to Africa, with the help of Bill Gates.  Africa  suffers since decades of debts, poverty , unemployment, instability , and civil wars together with sickness and aids in particular . ... More
 H . D. A : The G8 must think twice of developed countries interests. Trade Liberalization with G8 concept will lead poor countries to be poorer and rich countries to be richer. When you have a tanker, a rocket, a machine gun, and sophisticated arms, ... More
World's who's who hold secret talks in Ottawa : 2006-06-10 14:41:15   Read393
 H . D . A : Peace and security is responsibility of all nations. UN is the right body to deal with. We demand how those  in Ottawa are selected ?! On which criteria ?! and for what kind of peace ?! US concept is so dangerous for world peace as it is based on force and monopole policy. ... More
HDA : Africa is suffering from all . Famine , civil wars, AIDS, Malaria , poverty , unemployment, and corruption among others. Millions are dying including women and children . Conferences held more than hundreds in name of Africa , and International UN debates , committees, delegations, in harmony ... More
HDA : Congo where millions died in civil war, is facing another death of millions, this time due to famine !! Although Congo lives crises, blird eyes of G8, EU , US , IMF, WB, and OPEC with all countries who hare the means , no one listened to Gongo. So eyes are ears are both closed, ... More
North Korea Could Face Food Crisis : 2006-05-05 09:31:07   Read307
HDA : Why should Korea face such crises ?! Even food is polities ?! Where is UN and its efforts against hunger ?! Has UN a selective policy or works for all humanity ? It is UN duty to help all countries facing food crisis and hunger . ... More
Growing polarization between rich, : 2006-04-30 12:33:38   Read330
HDA : UN is not able till now to narrow the gap between rich and poor. On the contrary the gap is increasing in a dramatic way. Even today millions are dying every year as victims as those of WWII . So it is normal of growing polarization between rich and poor nations over management reforms. ... More
HDA : A crime in face of humanity . It is a big shame for donors to uphold providing food for starving millions in Sudan . Why only half the required food amount ? Do donors prefer millions to die in 21st century ?! We hope not !! ... More
HDA : This is the lie of April announced by world Bank headed by wolvotz, who masterminded Iraq war among others. A man of failure how can be manage to halve poverty in the world, not be double it ?! All nations today in Africa and Asia feel increase in poverty that leads to death of thousands daily ... More
H.D.A: Principle of interest is damaging seriously World Economy. Most of underdeveloped countries are endebted in a way that most of their riches go to interest payment of fixed debts. Sometime it goes to millions dollars, that weakens economy and increase poverty. WB,IMF, and international money ... More
Africa now a frontline in war on bird flu: UN : 2006-04-04 18:32:56   Read284
H.D.A: If this is the case, what G8, IMF, WB, UN, EU, OPEC and others will do? What kind of aid? Medical, Financial, Social , and all aspects of life are needed in Africa. World Community should give a hind to help them fighting bird flu. We hope not a single person is damaged with bird flu. ... More
H.D.A: Israel gets three billions aid every year from US! Palestinians how much do they get as aid every year? The West called for democratic elections in Palestine, witnessed by Western Experts and political leaders. All approved the results, and now donners will stop aid because they are not ... More
Jobs, poverty taint Turkey's star performance : 2006-02-19 19:23:55   Read314
H.D.A: If it is true, Turkey should pay more effort to face the gap of widening poverty and unemployment. The Turkish government made a miracle towards currency policy in a way that pushed back the inflation. ... More
H.D.A: The Finance Minister of Britain admitted failure to meet global poverty objectives under British presidency of G8. We hope that Russia , the new president of G8 to do much effort in colaboration with Britain ex president of G8 to achieve poverty fighting. As long as millions are dying, it ... More
U.N. Adviser: Poverty Threatens Africa : 2006-01-10 17:41:27   Read289
H.D.A: Millions will die confirms Jeffrey Sachs director of UN Millennium project. 2005 is the year of promises, where world wealthiest countries promised to double aid to Africa. So 2006 must be the year of real action on the ground. After this declaration of UN Advisor, we hope US,EU, ... More
Kuwait to post 23-billion-dollar surplus : 2006-01-08 12:31:44   Read602
HDA : With congratulations for Kuwait that achieves surplus in its economy in billions . No doubt that financial and economical policy of Kuwait is very successful . We hope and request the authorities there to help FOW to support Africans suffering from starvation . We all should help to minimize ... More
H.D.A: No civilised world, no world progress, no developments and no human feeling at all, when millions die and the world stand still!! UN, EU, US, G8, WB, IMF, OPEC and other rich countries are responsible and guilty of this crime where people die of hunger!! ... More
Rain, snow disrupt Pakistan quake relief : 2006-01-02 17:01:55   Read327
H.D.A: EU and US have helicopters just few miles from the region affected by earthquake, inside Afghanistan. But not even a single one moved, although they knew that no transportation was possible except with helicopters!! ... More
Inmates Skip Lunch to Feed Fellow Kenyans : 2006-01-02 10:48:10   Read331
HDA : When fifty thousand prisoners give up their food for those who suffer from draught in a national disaster of food shortage, is really a big shame for world community . Prisoners are more human than world community and human rights foundations. Where are UN,EU,US,WB,IMF,and G8?!Where is ... More
H.D.A: It is realy a big job. France today gives the example for others. The French Parliament approved a tax on air tickets that will aid developing countries. That will save 200 million euros (240 million dollars) for improving health in poor countries.   ... More
H.D.A: The Independent quoted aid workers expressing disappointment that there had been scant progress made on promises made at the Group of Eight richest nations meeting in Scotland in July. If this is true, it is a big shame for G8. How they do not hold their promises. It is impossible today to ... More
H.D.A: Deep thanks to EU to remember poorest countries in Africa and announced an aid package of 166 million Euros about 196.9 million U$D, on the occasion of first anniversary of the tsunami in Asia. We believe Muslim World should be in the front as Islam gives right of poors in wealth of the ... More
HDA : Just 31 million victims of disasters around the World in 2006. Their need minimum is 4.7 billion dollars !! Doners should respond positively to Kofi Annan appeal. It is a duty of all able nations regardless to whom this money will go. World family should put hand in hand to help victims of ... More
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